2016 Wedding Food Trends in Nigeria

By Olaoluwa Olowu
If there is one thing Nigerians absolutely love about weddings, it’s food.

It’s the most important aspect of a memorable Nigerian wedding experience every guest look forward to.

However, we all know that the main food menu is usually the everyday staples such as soup varieties with swallows, yam porridge, and the highly esteemed party, Jollof rice and fried rice, garnished with the tasty moi-moi, salad or coleslaw – and of course with the usual fusion of chicken, turkey, fish or beef dish.

Interestingly, 2016 took a mouth-watering turn in the wedding food trends in Nigeria. It was epic!

Here are the mouth-watering delicacies that were part of the unforgettable wedding experience in 2016.

Yam Chips (Dundun)

This delicacy is the revolutionized version of the roadside crispy and crunchy fried yam (dundun). Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, this delicacy is eaten with a wide range of stews and sauces.

Kebabs (Suya)
Wow! This totally rocked every wedding guest’s boat in 2016. It was one of the best delicacy couples entertained their guests with. This time, this popular Aboki suya came with more colours as red bell peppers and green peppers were used to garnish this tasty dish.

Grilled fish
Call it simply tasty and spicy! Every unforgettable wedding in 2016 would not be found wanting when it comes to this delicacy. It was really mouth-watering!

Fish and chips
This crispy fried fish and hot crunch chips left many guests salivating even before they got served their portion of the dish.
Chinese Fried Rice
This Chinese fried rice is a slight diversion from the usual party fried rice, and it comes with a different flavor and tastes like great.

Peppered Snails
Have you ever gone to a wedding late and your friends hinted you how you just missed a delicious plate of crunchy peppered snails? This was the case as this spicy dish were always the first to finish at 2016 wedding parties in Nigeria.

This was another trend in 2016 that couples used as a great way got to serve their favourite libations at the wedding without having to deal with the huge amount of bill at bars. Cocktails, especially, got ladies attention, all thanks to the mixologists. They provided a wide selection, ranging from Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Daiquiris and the of course, the most popular of all cocktails – Chapman. Trust Nigerians, their love for chapman is immeasurable.

This time, many couples incorporated dessert tables, which allowed a larger varieties of sweet treats like cookies, milkshakes, cream caramel, and ice-cream flavoured with berries.

Small Chops
When you hear that some foods never goes out of style, this category needs no introductions. Who dares throw a party without small chops in the menu? Even with the barest budget, these small delicacies were never left out!

It typically includes puff-puff, mosa, spring rolls, samosa, chicken, and gizzard.

Ayamashe Stew

If you didn’t hear of this spicy stew in 2016, then you didn’t attend weddings in 2016 or you attended a “so yesterday”wedding. This stew made of red tomato and pepper added with kpomo, shaki, cowleg – and the aromatic seasoning of locust beans. The taste is fantastic with a slight tinge of hotness on your taste bud – It makes you want to eat and eat more and more Ofada rice non-stop.

Meet Asun the Spicy Barbecued Goat Meat
Irresistibly delicious, the smell of asun is undeniably distinct. Sautéed with oil, onions and lots of fresh pepper.

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