Necessary essentials to look for when tying the knot abroad

 Numerous reasons why wedding videography and the wedding destination are crucial for a perfect wedding day is a Guest Post put together by Helen Clark.

Did you know that every 1 of 4 weddings is a destination wedding? Weddings abroad have slowly become quite popular because they give you the euphoric feeling of “eloping”, only with your whole family and all your friends.

However, the process of tying the knot in a different country differs from the accustomed traditions at home, so understanding the wedding destination and its wedding requirements is crucial for organizing a beautiful and carefree wedding.

Otherwise, brides can expect the unexpected to occur since, as it usually goes, one thing pulls the other until the chain reaction affects the whole wedding procedure. So what are the essentials to look after when going for a wedding abroad?

Selecting the Location
Don’t get stuck on one location only. Selecting the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony means finding the place that, apart from its beauty, also has the charm which suits your personality the most. It should carry a personal connection with you and your future spouse, but it should also have a lot of room for the wedding activities and invitees comfort.

Likewise, time is of the essence. Many problems may arise if you decide to get married in the tourist season. Venues and hotel choices will be limited and unless booked a year up front, the chances are you will end up with poor service and a low-grade hotel packed with tourists.

On the other hand, if going with a safer “off season” option, and then by all means check out the weather conditions and prognosis for the days of the wedding. Ensuring that the wedding goes smoothly and according to plan is the only way to prepare a destination wedding.

See First-Hand
Not only do you need to choose a location, but you need to go there and inspect it yourself. Actually, the one trip is not enough, two or preferably three trips are considered ideal. On the first trip, you will need to secure the venue, hotel, reception, ceremony, legal requirements, and the rehearsal dinner. The second is to find the right activities for the guests, hair and makeup, flowers, and other little necessities.

If you fail to do so, you might experience a disaster once you get there expecting a joyous ceremony. First of all, the law differs, which means that without previous research and a single trip to that country to obtain papers, you might not even have a wedding.

Furthermore, the currency and exchange rates vary and there is also an issue of spoken language. The language barrier may negatively affect the ceremony. Since sending directions online may not be conveyed in a proper manner, you can get what you didn’t ask for.

What about the Vendors?

A destination wedding is a once in a lifetime event, but hiring vendors without references and a mutual agreement on what you expect from the wedding can deprive you of the immortal wedding memories.

The perfect examples are the wedding videographers and the final footage you will get after the wedding. It is highly important to conduct an interview and discuss your desires and wedding goals. Though, the best approach when organizing a destination wedding is to hire a quality wedding videographer at home and bring him along for the adventure.

On the other hand, if going with a local destination vendor, make sure to avoid cheap and inexperienced individuals. And whatever happens, you can always count on professional video editing companies to fix imperfections and assure your video has the grace and style it deserves.

Understanding the wedding destination is half the job done. From there on, the wedding planning is easier and the overall ceremony safe from harm. Avoid common wedding destination mistakes and don’t forget to have fun and make the most of your wedding day.

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