5 wedding dresses with detachable skirts

Olaoluwa Olowu

A unique wedding dress is every bride's ultimate dream. No one wants to walk down the aisle in a dress that looks like every other wedding dress in the catalogues. Although the search for the perfect dress and/or the perfect designer can be exhausting, most brides don't mind the stress if it means they'll be wearing a one-of-a-kind dress when they say 'I do.' 

Today, a lot of brides shop for two wedding dresses— one for the wedding ceremony and the second for the reception. It is an obvious fact that not every wedding dress allows the bride to dance comfortably but, buying two gowns could be a huge budget sinker because of how expensive wedding gowns have become. 

If you're stuck in this position where you know you need two gowns but you're being held back by your budget, then we have the perfect solution for you – a convertible wedding dress! This is basically a wedding dress that has two different styles, usually a sheath or a short reception dress with an overskirt that turns it into a ball gown for the wedding ceremony. 

Getting a convertible dress will be a lifesaver for your budget while ensuring that you have the best of both worlds! Removable skirts are dramatic yet romantic and above all, they create two completely different wedding day looks with just one dress! 
We've listed 5 types of wedding dresses with detachable skirts below so check them out and see which fits your idea of the perfect dress for you wedding! 

Short wedding dress
Like short wedding dresses but want a more formal look for the wedding ceremony? Try a short gown with an overskirt. These are usually chic dresses with different styles of necklines and a flowing detachable skirt. You can have the overskirt made to look very full, giving it a ball gown look and when it's time to party at the reception, you can easily detach it and swipe your heels for something more party style. 

Sheath Wedding Dress
This type of two-in-one dress will definitely highlight your curves in the best angles, with an overskirt or a detachable skirt it is the perfect idea for a wedding ceremony. You can have a dress with lace material or a plain dress with embroidery, or both, with different necklines. As for the skirt – it’s often a tulle overskirt that makes the real one not seen, so everyone thinks that you are wearing an A-line gown. When it is time for the reception, you can simply remove it and stun everyone in your new dress. Another option is to cover the whole dress, not only the skirt, with a cape so that when you take it off you’ll really have two different gowns!

Mermaid wedding dress 
Similar to the sheath wedding dress, this style adapts a slim fit in the torso and maintains it to a few inches below or above mid-thigh. For the wedding ceremony, you can add a detachable skirt to a shorter mermaid dress which can be easily remover for the reception. Plus, you can use the original skirt as a part and add a detachable skirt, so the dress looks more impressive and layered. You can also decide that the overskirt or a detachable skirt is made to match the dress, so nobody will be able to guess that it’s a detachable piece.

Dresses with a Slit front
Another lovely way to rock a wedding dress with a detachable skirt is to do it with an overskirt that has a slit, which will show off your legs. Some detachable skirt designs feature overskirts that reveal your legs and your short dress slightly and this becomes quite fashionable when mixed with pockets, beading which would definitely fit a modest ceremony. When it's time for the reception you can easily slip off the over skirt and stun your guests in a new style
High-low dresses 
This is one of the most exciting ways to wear a detachable skirt for your wedding dress. Rather than having the full over skirt cover your legs completely for the formal ceremony then detach the entire thing afterwards, you can make a half detachable skirt. As you get ready for your reception party, you can just detach the front of the over skirt so it will transform your beautiful wedding dress into a beautiful high-low reception dress! 
With a two-for-one dress you can easily switch up your look from the wedding ceremony to the reception party. Begin the day with a fuller silhouette for the wedding vows, and end it with a sleeker style that's just right for dancing!

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