How to find Designer Wedding Dress Rental

Olaoluwa Olowu

Getting married? Congratulations!
Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? We understand! While getting married is a once in a lifetime event for some people, everyone expects it to be absolutely magical- something straight out of a fairytale or a romance novel.
What most people don't anticipate is the amount of behind-the-scenes work that has to be put in to have the perfect wedding ceremony.
Planning a wedding ceremony is truly exhausting regardless of how excited you are about it. There are decisions to be made and it can all get overwhelming. Hence, cold feet in some brides.
However, one major thing that remains on your mind, as a bride, is the wedding dress! Yes, the object of your fantasies and various daydreams.
Most wedding dresses are a reflection of the bride's personality and if you're leaning towards being a glam, luxurious bride, then designer wedding dresses are definitely at the top of your thoughts.
Buying a wedding dress is easier said than done, especially if it has to be designer. You have to visit several bridal stores and consult several designers. Sounds like more to add to your to-do doesn't it?
Worry not! We have the perfect solution for your wedding dress dilemma, Designer wedding dress rentals!

Wedding magazines
Wedding magazines are basically the best friends of a bride-to-be. Any and all information pertaining to pre- and post-wedding plans are all available within the glossy pages.
Most brides-to-be indulge in several copies from several brands. So, if you haven't gotten your packs yet, subscribe to some right now. Most wedding magazines, if not all, have information and details on where and  how to get the perfect designer wedding dress for your big day.
Check out the bridal stores that are listed for any dress that catches your eyes, chances are that the store also offers rental services.

Bridal stores
To rent the best designer wedding dress for your wedding, create a list of bridal stores around your location which are likely to have designer dresses. Some stores exclusively offer designer dresses for their collections and your dress is most likely waiting on one of their racks. While venturing on your tour of stores, always remember to enquire if they have options for rental  before skimming through the racks- just to avoid disappointment.

Wedding exhibitions 
Designer bridal stores and collections are always present at exhibitions and bridal shows so you have to make it a point of duty to attend as many as you can. At exhibitions you will definitely find a place to rent a beautiful designer dress for your wedding and if you don't, you'll be pointed in the right direction to where you can.

It's almost impossible for a bride to figure everything out on her own without seeking assistance – even if you are/were a wedding planner.
Making inquiries from other brides and stores for references will really narrow down the search for stores that offer rental services for designer wedding dresses. Getting references and referrals is an important aspect in planning a wedding to avoid any and all errors.

Online shopping
One of the most stress-free and efficient ways to shop is to go online.
Rather than visit stores one by one, you can have their websites and online stores opened on several tabs on one computer. When you enter the appropriate key words, you will find several designer wedding dress rentals on the Internet.
All that will be left  to do is to  select one that offers your choice of style, within your location and at the right price you'll have your dream dress. 

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