5 Locations for Your Honeymoon

After an eventful day, and when all the wedding plans are over, you and your spouse can finally have a special time. You will need somewhere unique and exciting for your big night. Spend your time resting and celebrating your marriage in a beautiful environment. There are some examples to help you make a decision. Go on an adventure and try out somewhere you’ve never been before for your special honeymoon. 

1. Kenya

Kenya is an amazing location in Africa! It is where you can always find the popular BIG Five which consists of the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard. It is a tourist attraction because of its wildlife and safari. Going into Kenya is always easy, you don’t have to break the bank or go through rigorous processes of getting a VISA. The safari is guided with tourist instructors, accompanied by wonderful lodges and hotels around the attraction. Kenya also has ancient sites that excite people, it is educating and entertaining. Be sure t have a great time for a wonderful African feeling!

2. Bali: 

With its exceptional infrastructure and natural surroundings, Bali could not miss this list. It is one of the places every couple would love to visit for their honeymoon or a private vacation. It is best for relaxation, luxury, and romance. This Indonesian island is captivating from the pictures and videos but is even better when you are at the location.

 3. Dubai:

Dubai has the best luxurious packages for you. If yours falls between January and February, get ready to shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival. The weather in Dubai is at its best from November through March. Enjoy walks or rides on the desert, cruises and couple treats. Visit Dubai’s most popular places such as Burg Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Aquarium. Make sure you eat lots of different dishes and don’t forget to buy gold for your mum at home! 

 4. Paris:

As we all know; Paris is the city of love. There are many main attractions you must see if you’re going to Paris with the love of your life. From the Louvre to the Temple of Love and even spend some time being young again at Disneyland. Take lovely pictures at a view from the Eiffel Tower, lodge into the best hotels and go for an eventful dinner under the moonlight afterward. For a more sophisticated and expensive honeymoon, go to Paris and have the time of your life. 

 5. Hawaii:

There are a number of islands in Hawaii to choose from to go for your honeymoon. For lovers, Oahu and Maui are great islands to visit. From interesting cocktails, and beach vibes and natural attractions, your honeymoon will take a new turn, especially if you’ve never been somewhere like it before. At Maui, there are great accommodations available, to sun-kissed beaches and couple packages. It never gets enough. Get ready after your wedding party with your beach wears, flip flops and sunglasses and let Hawaii welcome you. 

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