Is Your Wedding Color Important?

Unwana Umosen

Are you confused as to why you have to choose a color for your wedding? Are you tired of people asking what the color theme is for your wedding when you don't have one? This is the place for you! You may be wondering why it seems so important for some couples to choose a color because you just want to say your vows and get going. There are a few things you must know.

First of all, colors portray different things. People like to go for colors that have great meanings: white signifies purity; red shows confidence; blue is for serenity and peace; pink brings a feminine tone to a wedding etc.

However, you may want to go through different reasons why 
people make it important for their wedding ceremonies.

Why Are They Important?

1. Your wedding color indirectly says a lot about your personality. It may not seem so, but it does. It always depends on you as a person. However, it represents you as a whole. It is an easy way to understand the kind of person you are from your wedding.

2. It sets a tone and mood: Your choice of colors creates a mood for your wedding. It also has a great way of inviting your guests. It could create a happy, calm or wild tone for your event. For example, gold is usually chosen for a sense of royalty and class, as yellow is for sunshine and happiness.

3. Organization and aesthetics:
Your wedding scenery would look pleasing as soon as it has a color theme. Having a variety of colors makes it look disorganized. Colors are more inviting and it shows a sense of welcoming and well-planning for your wedding ceremony. You can decide to go simple and choose just one color, but it’s totally your choice.

Steps to Choosing your Colors

1. Put your standards in mind

If you personally don’t like bright colors, you could go for a black-tie event. It’s absolutely you to decide, but it has to be something your spouse agrees with. Most people think of their wedding colors a long time before the wedding, so everyone should have an idea of what they want their wedding to look like.

2. Practice research
Look through a variety of magazines, pictures, and posts for inspiration. Many times, during the planning process of a wedding, there are a series of choices made before landing at a conclusion. Ensure you go through all options till you finally decide. Don’t forget to work with time, because your color sets the theme for how your wedding invitation may look like and your decorations.

3. Try choosing your color according to your location
Bright colors always look better outdoors. They bring out the decorations to blend with nature and make the wedding beautiful. Colors like gold and black look great indoors. Also, if you’re looking to have great lighting at your event, pink or purple would be fantastic.

Colors bring life to your wedding, so enjoy picking what you want. However, do not forget to make the right decisions and consult your wedding planner if you’re confused at any point.

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