10 Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride

Olaoluwa Olowu

Finding the best gift for the bridal shower you were invited to can be both exciting and hectic. The bridal shower is usually a private event and more often than not, the bride is handed the gift directly and opens it immediately. This means your gift will come under scrutiny from everyone at the party and finding the perfect gift is very important.

The perfect bridal shower is not quite as grand or expensive as the wedding gift that follows, but it is often more personal and thoughtful. It can also be something very cheeky or playful that might not offer much functionality but will be appreciated nevertheless.

Sometimes, there might be a registry the bride would rather you select from, or she might have a themed party and would like you to stick to the theme with your gift-giving. In the absence of these however, here’s our definitive list of 10 bridal shower gifts that will leave your host blushing with appreciation.

1. Jewellery Box 
It’s hard to go wrong with a jewellery box as a bridal shower gift. Every bride wants their precious baubles kept safe and protected from dust, dirt and scratches. The box not only keeps her pearl necklaces and diamond earrings well, it also looks beautiful to look at. Filled with drawers and winged sides opening where you can hang necklaces, this is a gift that the bride can use for many years to come.

2. Lingerie
This is a delicate gift to give at a bridal shower, so it’s important that you’re careful not to go
overboard with it. Save the raunchy sexy wear for the bachelorette party and just opt for an erotic yet not overtly sexual ‘nightwear’ negligee. A sassy sheer chic romper is another option you’ve got if you’re trying to thread that fine line between “appropriate for the bridal shower” but “suggestive enough for the boudoir”. You want to strike a nice balance between romantic and sexy.

3. Copper Cooking Ware
One of the oldest gifts in the book, cookware is a very common bridal shower gift that has been given since bridal showers became a thing. Up the ante by giving a Copper cookware that has a stylish finish, a healthy ceramic non-stick interior and is safe for her dishwasher. You can throw in a few ladles and cooking spoons for good measure.

4. Vanity Kit
Want to leave the bride feeling good and looking good? Then grab her a top-of-line vanity kit filled with her favorite makeup items. A good makeup kit is never out of style and you can customize the kit you purchase with a few extra items that show that you put quite some thought into picking out the gift.

5. Coffeemaker
It’s practical with just the right amount of sentimental value to make it an amazing gift. A lot of us – brides included – can’t start the day without our cup of coffee and helping the bride save on getting a coffeemaker herself is sure to leave an impression.

6. Wine Opener + Decanter
This is a gift that you and the bride can enjoy. A functional set that plays a part in your bride enjoying date night at home with her spouse or hosting a wine and cheese tasting with her friends is always a good choice. Select quirky wine openers and classy, edgy decanter that have personality as well as add to the allure of your gift.

7. Shopping Gift Cards
It’s easy to hit-or-miss with a shopping gift card at a bridal shower so this requires a little extra effort from you. Don’t just go with your basic run-of-mill fashion store, select a shopping gift card that plays into the bride’s interests. You can even get multiple gift cards for a spa treatment and tasty ice cream – now that’s a day anyone would enjoy. Whatever you get, the goal is to give the bride a gift card that doesn’t come off as though you were too lazy to come up with an actual gift.

8. Cookbook
Food brings people together and a romantic cookbook can be a great gift idea that helps the bride and her partner get closer. It’s also an amazing way for the bride or her partner to learn how to cook if they don’t already know how to. Delicious recipes, explained in simple steps that two people can carry out together, this is a solid gift idea for any bridal shower.

9. Bed Sheet Set + Duvet
It’s a simple yet very sweet gift. Bed sheets are an essential part of making a new home and being a part of that through your bridal shower gift is the kind of personal touch that makes any gift special.

10. Picture Frames
Every picture is a memory. So why don’t you get some beautiful picture frames to help them hold their best memories. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with the frame designs, and make sure to really infuse it with your personality.

There’s a lot of gifts you can give for a bridal shower so don’t stop here. Take advantage of your knowledge of the bride and really get something you’re sure she’ll love.

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