Designing Jewelry for a Legacy

Empowering women and men alike, in addition to leaving a legacy for her children led Florida based jeweler, Nakishia Freeman launch her dream jewelry business called The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC in 2016. In this interview with Weddings Trends, she share some of her custom made designs, while she reveals that connecting with the right kinds of people in the jewelry industry has helped built her small business.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Nakishia Freeman, a Jewelry owner and designer. I reside in sunny south Florida with my husband Clarence Freeman Jr. of 25 years. I’m the mother of two gorgeous children, Champayne and Romeo. I followed my creative senses exploring many facets of the “World of Handcrafted Jewelry”.

In late 2008, my dreams of creating beautiful things fell into place, Frees Classy Beads was established. Now known as The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC, I registered my business in 2016. It was a longtime dream that became reality. I am always studying and exploring different types of crystals, beads, tools, components, and wires.

I enjoy using Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver/Gold-filled components, mixed metals, wires, silk threads and polymer clay in my creations. Some designs are delicate and some are edgy, yet still classy. My absolute favorite jewelry techniques are wire wrapping and polymer clay. All of my creations are inspired from everyday life, love, and happiness. I have something for everyone. The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC designs exquisite jewelry for Men and Women that creates long lasting memories.

When I’m not creating jewelry, I’m undoubtedly spending time with family, cooking, baking, gardening or sketching new jewelry ideas. I believe handcrafted jewelry absolutely has no rules. I enjoy collaborating with other artists, and I have several future plans - one becoming a bead instructor, and educating young people about beading, teaching them how to create their very own pieces so that they too can become jewelry business owners (Freeprenuers). My goal is for them to be creative and not afraid of artistic expression.

What informed the idea of The Freeman Jewelry Collection?
The Freeman Jewelry Collection was formed from the desire of leaving a legacy for my children and their children, as well as empowering other women through the jewelry designs that I create. I personally learn from experience. You may not know what a Woman may be going through on a daily basis, however, if you build her up, encourage her and adorn her with custom designs, just for her, she is now empowered and can conquer the world. But interestingly enough, I have also discovered that men love having jewelry designed for themselves as well.

How long have you been in jewelry business?
In late 2008, I started designing jewelry under the business name of Frees Classy Beads. However, in 2014, I changed the name of my business to The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC, and became

LLC in 2016.

Who are your customers?
My customers are men, women, brides and other business owners.

Do you carry specific wedding and engagement rings?

The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC, carries a very limited selection of wedding designs, because we design jewelry upon request. Nonetheless, there are wedding creations on our website to view. I don’t currently carry engagement rings.

What are the challenges you experience as a jeweler in the U.S.?
When I first started creating jewelry, I thought I just needed to make a few necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and the money was going to automatically flow. Unfortunately, that was not the case, because it did not happen like that. I’m still a small business. I have not had major challenges, however, when I first started designing jewelry, I was faced with not knowing how to properly set up my business, I didn’t know how to set up systems that are needed to be in place in order for my business to have a continual flow as it should have in order to run efficiently. I’m happy to say that connecting with the right people has helped my jewelry business to shift in the right direction for growth to becoming globally known.

Any word of advice for interested or upcoming jewelers?
The advice I would give to upcoming jewelers is to do your research in the industry. Get your business registered, get all the licenses that you may need and never stop learning about your craft. It makes you more confident in sales, networking and collaborating with people from different walks of life. Connect with like minded individuals who will assist you with building your business.

Do you have any last words?
I would like to take this time out to thank you for considering to feature my business in your magazine. I’m thankful and grateful for such an awesome and blessed opportunity.

How can customers find you?
I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my website.
Facebook: The Freeman Jewelry Collection
Twitter: @FreemanJewelry
Instagram: Freeman_jewelry
Business number: (561) 704-2628.

Picture Credit: All pictures submitted by Nakishia Freeman.

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