2016 Wedding flower trends in the U.S.

By Olaoluwa Olowu
2016 was a very good year for weddings – for designers, event planners and for brides especially. Everyone tried to push the frontiers with planning, designs, dresses – and brides around the United States were the beneficiaries of all those awesomeness.

Flowers and floral design were a big part of the wedding scene in 2016, but that’s no surprise, given that they’ve always been part of weddings for as long as we can remember.

Long before horticulture became the art and science that it is now, people would often make garlands and bouquets out of locally grown flowers that they handpicked themselves. Nowadays, people are starting to use flowers in more creative ways than ever at their weddings. From centrepieces to bouquets to hanging fixtures and even garlands worn on the head – flowers were a big trends in wedding ceremonies in the U.S.

Here are our favorite flower trends from weddings all over the U.S.

1. Accessories
Floral accessories were a great complement for outdoor weddings set in scenic areas with lots of
vegetation and floral decorations.

Crowns & Vines
Flower crowns and vines became a preferred choice among brides in place of a traditional veil in 2016, thanks to their fun and natural look. Small delicate headpieces and vines woven into the wedding hairstyle were especially a popular trend with only a few opting for the extra-large floral crowns that were once the rave.

Earrings, Corsages, Bracelets and other accessories
Not to be left behind, bridesmaids also spotted floral earrings, necklaces, wrist corsages, bracelets and other accessories. They were beautiful and a great accompaniment to the bride’s crown without taking away her spotlight.

Floral Walls
This time, brides ditched the idea of finding the perfect venue to exchange their vows in favour of creating their own backdrop with a floral wall. All year round, designers created romantic spots that were perfect for all types of couples, infusing a personal touch for each type of couple – whether it was monogrammed initials or a particular choice of flower – that made it even more special.

Foliage Focused Backdrop
These floral walls were amazing but quite expensive, they require extensive work to put together. The quick, easy-to-install alternative featured the use of leaves, vines and branches in very creative ways to make charming backdrops for wedding.

2. Bouquets
Weddings may have dramatically changed since organizing ceremonies became a thing, but a bride walking up the aisle with a bouquet of flowers in hand is timeless.

Organic, Wide and Wild
Gone was structured and perfect symmetrical bouquets of the past with their rounded ball shapes. Brides rather opted for natural-looking bouquets that looked like they were just freshly gathered from the garden and took on a variety of textures, shapes and dimensions.

Foliage was a very big part of most bouquets and non-flowering plants like vines were able to feature more often in bride’s bouquets.

Composite Bouquets
Simplicity without sacrificing creativity – composite bouquets offered brides a way to remain modern while still hearkening to old values. An over-sized single flower, often in the shape of a rose, is composed from a number of individual rose petals.

If you’re interested in using a composite bouquet, ensure you get a professional to handle creating this, rather than trying to do it yourself.

Cascade bouquets
Not all bouquets need to be held “up”, these was the wedding trend in 2016 because of how dramatic they looked cascading down from the hand of the brides. They’re taking on new shapes and form and designers are moving away from tighter structures to looser ones.

The combination of the right color mix and a splendid long drop help to create an impressive image that more and more people are starting to catch on to.

Boho chic
Boho chic designs were a continuing flower wedding trend in the U.S in 2016 – with brides sprucing up their bouquets with interesting and exotic natural objects. Whether it was feathers or jeweled brooches, the accessories added a touch of class to beautiful bouquets.

Smack dab in the middle of the tables, getting the centerpiece right was crucial to getting the decorations right.

Out with the rustic
Seems like the trend of rustic glass containers and homey d├ęcor may finally be coming to an end as
brides wanted dramatic centrepieces that made a visual statement. This ushered in the era of “vintage vibes” with the increasing selection of antique vases and metallic containers in matter copper or gold.

Angular vases, mercury glass, crystal containers as well as richer textures and accessories with more bling were also an increasingly popular choice.

Eclectic Table Groupings
2016 was the year people finally realized that beautiful centrepieces didn’t have to stop at one per table and with the right selection and arrangement, you could have multiple vases on each table in different sizes, materials and shapes.

This groupings allowed for a greater deal of customization and the choice of vases and arrangement was often based on the bride’s preferences rather than a traditional template.

Flower Runners
What if all your centerpieces were replaced by one? Flower runners are a modern take on the use of garlands. Running the length of the table and taking up all the space at the center, they were a fresh new way to decorate tables and didn’t take long to becoming a trend at many weddings all over.

Brides either chose one kind of flower in a solid color for a streamlined look or a tradition blend that was very sophisticated and tasteful.

Color Palettes
There’s not enough that can be said about colors and how one wrong selection could ruin an entire wedding design.

Monochromatic Designs
A well-done monochrome can do no wrong. It’s elegant in design and is very easy on the eyes. This palette highlighted the beauty of each bloom anytime designers went it – which as it turns out was a lot of times.

Pink Palettes
Pink is a very pretty color and various shades of it were a huge hit last year. Blush made a resurgence last year, blending well with deeper colors including berry toned blooms, and earthy Merlot browns – creating a certain amount of richness and complexity.

A soft Rose shade was also a popular trend for flower colors, pairing well with various shades of blue to create a beautiful bouquet or centrepiece.

At the end of the day, you’ve first gotta select what type of plants you’d like before you can consider everything else – whether it’s roses or hydrangeas, the type of flower plays a huge part.

Seasonal blooms & Local Flowers
Seasonal blooms made an impression last year, especially among stylish yet green couples. They were a major floral selection as more and more couples requested farm grown local flowers that were freshly cut.

Lush green foliage
Last year in the floral scene was all about natural looks, which meant that florists packed a lot more green into their overall wedding scene.

Mixing edible plants with decorative ones in creating floral designs is helping reshape the understanding of flora and how we use them. Herbs, fruits, and other edibles can give a refreshing new feel to a centerpiece and can either add a visual element or provide interesting aromas.

Old favourites are coming back
Everyone usually tries to avoid the cliches. Thankfully, those old hackneyed favorites made a comeback due to the discovery of new varieties that come in unusual shapes and beautiful colors.

Since humans discovered a way to suspends things in the air, we’ve not stopped being ceaselessly amazed by it. It’s why the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” became a wonder of the ancient world.

Hanging Pieces & Ceiling Treatments
Recreating something similar on a smaller scale was a way to up the stakes and blow your guests away and floral chandeliers and flower curtains are the way to go.

Floral Ceiling Treatments
There was also the eye-catching trend of covering entire ceilings with an assortment of flowers that complemented not just the design but the building architecture as well.

Flowers continue to take front and centre stage at weddings year after year, and florists are becoming more sophisticated with their designs. Expect even more amazing floral trends in 2017, and a lot of unconventional designs.


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