2016 Wedding dress trends in the U.K

By Olaoluwa Olowu
What do you think makes a woman’s day at her wedding? The first thing a young girl dreaming of her wedding day imagines is her dress even before the decorations, the venue, and the number of guests. The dress always comes first. It’s one of the first things about wedding plans that gets nailed down.

Brides know what color it will be, how long it will be, what material it will be made of, and what style it will come in. There may be a few tweaks here and there a few times before the big day, but for the most past, all that needs to be done is fitting.

However, the United Kingdom has its fair share of wedding dress designers and every year, they’re spoiling brides all across the country with styles, shapes and textures – that are stunning and wonderful to wear.

They consistently redefine the wedding scene, creating styles that are modern, yet romantic, and classic. Some designs stood out from others, however, and were all the rage at various weddings -featuring diverse personalities and tastes.

From country sides to bustling cities, brides everywhere were getting hitched in these stunners and leaving their grooms breathless.

Here were the top dress trends from the U.K. in 2016.

Off Shoulder
The hottest trend in 2016, the off-shoulder was queen of bridal dresses. It’s beloved for how well it treads the line between sexy and conservative, showing off just enough skin while still retaining the elegance of conservative dresses.

Sheer Skirts
For the ladies who want to show off some skin yet leave even much more to the imagination, sheers skirts were an excellent choice. The result is a demure look with just enough of a risqué touch.

Illusion Bodices
Illusion necklines and backs are old news now. Full-on illusion bodices are the new thing. A tightly woven lace bodice with layers or ultra-sexy sheer tops with lace appliqués that cover just enough, the designing are turning heads everywhere.

Thigh-high Slits
Chic. Sexy. Sophisticated. Thigh-high slits exude just the right amount of sexy from what would otherwise be a simple romantic number. Feel like a diva while looking the part of a bride in the many various designs.

Mini Dresses
A choice for the true modern chic, short dresses turns the concept of a wedding dress completely on its head and are a great option for brides looking to step away from the traditional full length dresses. They’re usually reserved for the reception, but more brides were willing to bust them out for their wedding ceremonies – from beaded shifts to adorable A-line numbers that hit mid-thigh.

Plunging Necklines
Plunging necklines are not for everyone but they’re making an impression everywhere nevertheless. They reveal a generous amount of cleavage and are an all-out sexy look for brides looking to make a bold statement. There are also less severe scalloped slits for a more modest yet alluring look.

Keyhole Neckline
Simple yet sexy while still maintaining a very quaint charm, keyhole necklines ruled last year. The smaller traditional keyholes and long thin slits were also very popular.

So technically, it’s not a “dress” trend but pants were still an unusually hot commodity at 2016. From tailored tuxedos to wide-leg pairs, these unconventional take on the idea of what to wear to your wedding was a refreshing sight.

Floral Appliqué
Flowers are very beautiful things, but flowers on dresses are even more so. These three-dimensional embellishments are great for bring romantic traditional gowns into the 21st century. They were in different forms, from beaded blooms to laser-cut appliqués.

Feathers are the kind of delicate touch that any bride would like to have on her dress. They create movement and fluidity that lends to the allusion of gracefulness – whether underneath a peplum, as a waist embellishment or at the hemline. Forget the class and sophistication for a moment though, feathers can also add a bit of whimsy to your dress – for those edgy, fun-loving brides

Wave Details
Dresses are more than just clothing these days, they’re becoming a canvas. Using swirling embroideries, scrolling patterns as well as diagonally pleated skirts, designers were able to add the illusion of waves on many dresses – and the brides loved it. They’re unique, out-of-this-world and are very refined.

There’s a lot to love about over-skirts and designers as well as brides were very aware of this. Sheer layers of A-line cut tulle or thick-cut satin, these extra pieces added a lot of dynamism to otherwise simple dresses.

Tiered Skirts
We’re absolutely excited by how big tiered skirts were last year on the wedding scene. They’re fun to wear and come in so many different shapes and sizes. From layers of tulle to flowing organza, this was one trend a lot of people were delighted to jump on.

It’s another year and designers have already begun to wow us on the runways while helping brides across the country look resplendent. It’s a promising and exciting 2017 for bridal dresses in the U.K.

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