How to Pick the Right Wedding Shoe

By Olaoulwa Olowu

For any bride preparing for her big day, picking the right pair of wedding shoes is just as important as the dress! After all, no detail whether big or small should be out of place on that day, not even your shoes!

Obviously, choosing the perfect wedding dress will probably be your utmost priority but don’t forget that you’ll need to pair it with some beautiful wedding shoes!

However, when you’re choosing the pair of shoes to go with the dream gown, there are a few things you need consider to enable you pick the right wedding shoe.

Here is how to pick the right wedding shoe for your big day:

1. Wedding shoes before or after the dress?

Though it depends on which is more of a priority to you either the dress or the shoes.

But then, it’s advisable you choose the wedding dress first so that you can pick your wedding shoes accordingly. The dress will dictate the mood, colour, embellishment and heel height of your wedding shoes.

2. Make sure that the colour complements your dress

Consider the colour of your shoes in relation to your dress if you want them to be matching or contrasting in colour.

But if the colours don’t match exactly, try to match the embellishment on your dress, jewellery, or bouquet with your shoes.

3. Consider the heels
On one hand, do not attempt to wear heels of any kind if you will be having a beach wedding ceremony, they will sink in the beach sand. On the other, if you are having the ceremony on a lawn, wearing heels on a lawn can be almost as tricky as well, especially if it just rained.

Not only will any of these make you be uncomfortable, you'll destroy those beautiful shoes. Instead, choose wedges or go for the inch of heels that you feel most comfy with.

4. Hem your gown
What’s a bride in a too-long dress walking down the aisle, kicking it out in front of her to do?

It’s also important to consider the length of your wedding dress since you don’t want any tripping disasters as you walk down the aisle.

5. Get the size right
When shopping for your wedding shoes, be sure to try on several sizes to see the one that fits you best. Trust you don’t want to end up like Cinderella and losing a shoe walking down the aisle.

6. Cost
Just like many things requires money, the cost of anything depends on what you can afford, what fits your budget and your lifestyle.

But in this case, it also depends on how important your wedding shoes are to you. Some women see their wedding as the perfect occasion to be extravagant.

However, it’s advisable to be honest with yourself about what you can afford, because sometimes, price does reflect quality. So, don’t be afraid to check the sale section for your shoe purchase.

7. Afterwards
Most often than not, some women prefer wedding shoes they can wear again long after the big day, while others just prefer to wear them once. If the case is the former, then it might influence your decision to buy something more simple and practical.

Consider the sole

Have you ever noticed that flexible soles let your toes bend naturally? And they cushion your heel to help keep your foot in place.

8. Comfort and Fit
There are chances that you will be wearing your wedding shoes from early in the morning until very late at night. This is why you should find a pair of wedding shoes that are not only beautiful but comfortable.

By the way, a good pair of wedding shoes should always be both!

When you try them on, imagine yourself wearing them all day and night while standing, dancing, and walking around? If not, you might have to keep looking.

More so, the level of comfort your wedding shoes offer is largely dependent on how they fit. If they feel too small, too tight, or too big, you may need to reconsider your choice.

9. Choose a pair you love

Most importantly of all, choose a pair of wedding shoes that you love. They will always be a reminder of your special day, just like everything else you wear on your wedding day.

On a final note, when shopping for your wedding shoes, never forsake comfort for beauty and style, you have to be comfortable and be able to walk around effortlessly while wearing them.

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