2016 Wedding Food Trends in Nigeria

By Olaoluwa Olowu
If there is one thing Nigerians absolutely love about weddings, it’s food.

It’s the most important aspect of a memorable Nigerian wedding experience every guest look forward to.

However, we all know that the main food menu is usually the everyday staples such as soup varieties with swallows, yam porridge, and the highly esteemed party, Jollof rice and fried rice, garnished with the tasty moi-moi, salad or coleslaw – and of course with the usual fusion of chicken, turkey, fish or beef dish.

Interestingly, 2016 took a mouth-watering turn in the wedding food trends in Nigeria. It was epic!

Here are the mouth-watering delicacies that were part of the unforgettable wedding experience in 2016.

Yam Chips (Dundun)

This delicacy is the revolutionized version of the roadside crispy and crunchy fried yam (dundun). Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, this delicacy is eaten with a wide range of stews and sauces.

Kebabs (Suya)
Wow! This totally rocked every wedding guest’s boat in 2016. It was one of the best delicacy couples entertained their guests with. This time, this popular Aboki suya came with more colours as red bell peppers and green peppers were used to garnish this tasty dish.

Grilled fish
Call it simply tasty and spicy! Every unforgettable wedding in 2016 would not be found wanting when it comes to this delicacy. It was really mouth-watering!

Fish and chips
This crispy fried fish and hot crunch chips left many guests salivating even before they got served their portion of the dish.
Chinese Fried Rice
This Chinese fried rice is a slight diversion from the usual party fried rice, and it comes with a different flavor and tastes like great.

Peppered Snails
Have you ever gone to a wedding late and your friends hinted you how you just missed a delicious plate of crunchy peppered snails? This was the case as this spicy dish were always the first to finish at 2016 wedding parties in Nigeria.

This was another trend in 2016 that couples used as a great way got to serve their favourite libations at the wedding without having to deal with the huge amount of bill at bars. Cocktails, especially, got ladies attention, all thanks to the mixologists. They provided a wide selection, ranging from Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Daiquiris and the of course, the most popular of all cocktails – Chapman. Trust Nigerians, their love for chapman is immeasurable.

This time, many couples incorporated dessert tables, which allowed a larger varieties of sweet treats like cookies, milkshakes, cream caramel, and ice-cream flavoured with berries.

Small Chops
When you hear that some foods never goes out of style, this category needs no introductions. Who dares throw a party without small chops in the menu? Even with the barest budget, these small delicacies were never left out!

It typically includes puff-puff, mosa, spring rolls, samosa, chicken, and gizzard.

Ayamashe Stew

If you didn’t hear of this spicy stew in 2016, then you didn’t attend weddings in 2016 or you attended a “so yesterday”wedding. This stew made of red tomato and pepper added with kpomo, shaki, cowleg – and the aromatic seasoning of locust beans. The taste is fantastic with a slight tinge of hotness on your taste bud – It makes you want to eat and eat more and more Ofada rice non-stop.

Meet Asun the Spicy Barbecued Goat Meat
Irresistibly delicious, the smell of asun is undeniably distinct. Sautéed with oil, onions and lots of fresh pepper.

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How to Post Your Wedding Pictures on YouTube

By Olaoluwa Olowu 
Just like the opera isn’t complete until the fat lady sings, your wedding isn’t complete until you have captured every last moment of happiness in a tiny pixelated frame. Starting from the pre-wedding pictures to the engagement photos to the images from the grand ceremony and reception, every event gets complete coverage - you simply cannot miss any moment.

Good wedding pictures are worth a thousand stories. They’re usually perfect, glossing all over the troubled preparations that went into your wedding and preserving the memories of some of your most important moments.

Once you’ve got the pictures, the question of what to do with them - how to put them together in the most incredible, soul-touching, lasting way possible must be answered. The old-fashioned way is to put them in a leather-bound album that everyone who visits your home can leaf through. Some even take it a step further and make a few extra copies for their truly special circle of close friends and family.

However, you’re not the traditional bride. You’re chic, modern and above else, you live on the
internet. So ditch the old and mouldy laminated pages for a digital experience.

Sharing your wedding photos with a couple strangers might have seemed downright absurd a decade or two ago, but now it feels pretty normal and can even make for a more fulfilling reception. As social media continues to grow and become a larger part of our lives, we’re starting to spend more and more time connected to a group of tentative strangers who follow our moves – as much we allow.

So fully embrace the spirit of the media age and don’t just share your pictures on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, open a channel on YouTube for just your wedding photos – trust the internet to preserve them for you for generations, maybe.

Then, create a beautiful slideshow that captures not just your wedding day, but the days leading up to it. Choose a theme that’s best suited and blow away your audience with an amazing picture-story.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, most of us probably don’t know how to post photos on YouTube yet – at least I didn’t until I began putting this piece together.

So for all of you who want to really knock the socks off your pals with a stunning wedding montage, here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Create an account on YouTube. It’s easy, just visit www.youtube.com, click on the Sign In button on the top right and enter Google account details – your Gmail address and password.

Once you’ve created an account, and verified it via your email. You’ll see your dashboard when you open the YouTube homepage. This is where you’ll create your channel.

Step 2: Click on My channel from the dropdown on the left side of your screen and follow the prompts. You can always access your channel from this menu.

Step 3: Visit the upload page by clicking on the upload icon { } on the top right of your dashboard.

Step 4: Click on the Create button under “Photo Slideshow”.

Step 5: Upload your beautiful photos from your PC, or choose photos from an existing Google+ photo album and click Select.

Step 6: Drag and drop the photos to arrange them anyway you want. Try and tell a beautiful story with the sequencing of your photos. Click Next when you’re done.

Step 7: Choose a soundtrack from the library under “Audio”. There’s an array of amazing tracks to choose from as the backdrop for your slideshow but you can’t upload audio files from your PC.

Tick the “No Audio” box if you don’t want an accompanying soundtrack – but why would you want such a boring slideshow?

Step 8: Click the Upload button when you’re done so everyone can enjoy your wedding photos.

Share the link with as many of your friends and family as well as on social media so even more people can enjoy the best moments of your joyous occasion.

N.B.: You must own the copyright for all of the content that you upload.
Now that you’ve gotten all the necessary information you need, you can not only have a kickass wedding but an incredible photo montage on YouTube to boot.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV0tqJ6qAjE
Google Support: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1696878?hl=en

Off Beat Bride: Can I post these photos?
YouTube: Making a slideshow.
Digital Photographing Stories: How to tell a story with your photos.

Celebrate Lekan and Ronke Otufodunrin

Mr. & Mrs. Lekan and Ronke Otufodunrin.  Picture Credit: Mr. Otufodunrin Facebook wall
Join Weddings Trends to celebrate the Managing Editor, Nation Newspapers, Nigeria and CEO of Media Career, Lekan Otufodunrin and his wife, Ronke Otufodunrin on their 25th wedding anniversary.

The Weddings Trends team wish the couple a happy anniversary.

As a veteran with over two decades of experience in marriage, Mr. Otufodunrin has a piece of advice on how to enjoy a blissful marital life in what he titled, "Anniversary: Five lessons from 25 years of marriage" on his Facebook wall.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of our marriage, Olalekan Abayomi Otufodunrin and Aderonke Toluwanimi Otufodunrin ( nee Bashiru ), May 30, 1992- May 30, 2017, here are five of the major lessons I have learnt over the years.


He who finds a wife, the Bible says, finds a good thing and has obtained favour from The Lord. Very true.
But for favour, how do I explain meeting a young lady on a 'blind date' arranged by a friend, agree to be friends, married her few years later and have remained soul mates for the last 25 years. Its indeed the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in our eyes.

Someone once said marriage is like buying from a night market. Most times you are not sure how good what you bought is until you get home or the next day. I always joked with my Ronkusbaby that I had my eyes wide open while 'buying'.
The Grace of God has been sufficient to see me and my darling wife through the years.
Two imperfect people, from different backgrounds, with varied positions on issues, remaining married for 25 years, Grace is it.
Indeed, it is not of him that willeth or he that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy and grace.

A Church leader usually says he has not had the first quarrel with his wife. I can't claim not to have had misunderstandings with my wife, but what has kept us going is what the Church leader says is the secret of his quarrel- free marriage.
According to him and I agree based on my experience, the kind of love and understanding you need with your wife, is the one that forgives before the offense is committed.
There will be disagreements over, sometimes very minor issue like pasting posters on the wall of the living room, but understanding each other by disagreeing to agree is crucial in resolving disputes.
At some points in marriage, couples have to accept themselves for what they are.
You can always have your say, but you can't always have your way.

Complete Communication is defined as sending of information from the sender to the receiver and getting the expected feedback. The communication channel must be noise-free for the message to be rightly communicated.
In marriage, communication is key. Know how and when to communicate what you want. There is time to speak, there is time to shut up. Crack jokes when you have to and have laughter sessions.
Don't clutter your communication channel by your actions and inactions.


What makes a man the head and not the headache of his family is in addition to love, understanding and other factors, the ability to meet his obligations.
Even the Bible says he who is unable to provide for his household is worse than an infidel. Of course the wife is the helpmate, but the husband has a greater role to play financially and otherwise to justify being the head.

Top 10 Wedding Dress Designers Around the World

By Olaoluwa Olowu
You may not be a real life princess but I’m sure you do want to look like one in your wedding dress on your big day – and have your prince charming eyes glued to you all day.

After all, weddings are not yearly like birthdays. They are your once in a life time “happy ever after”! – If everything goes as planned.

That’s why you may want to hunt for the perfectly designed wedding dress to grace your big day!

No doubt, designer dresses can be pricey, but it is essential you indulge in a flattering wedding dress that will make you look more gorgeous on your wedding day.

You may want to check out these top 10 wedding dress designers from around the world. These designers are worldly renowned for their creative and eye-catching designs.

You will totally get hooked!

1. Angel Sanchez
This Venezuelan fashion designer is not only known for her unique and attractive designs.

Some of her eye catching dresses and accessories have been worn by some of the most famous and stylish celebrities in the world such as Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, Kate Winslet, and Sandra Bullock.

She also designs different dresses for the Duchess of Cambridge.

2. Marchesa
This famous New York based brand specializes in high-end women’s wear (expensive and ultimate quality).

So you are looking for the highest quality? You may want to go for this brand.

Some of this brand’s celebrity clients are Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and more

You can find this brand in high-end department stores.

3. Carolina Herrera
Another Venezuelan but this time, a Venezuelan-American fashion designer who was exposed to the fashion world by her grandmother.

Herrera is renowned for her simple, unique and elegant styles. Herrera’s stylish designs has been chosen by many American First Ladies all the way from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama.

4. Alberta Ferretti
She is an Italian dressmaker and fashion designer with a showroom in Milan, Italy and a studio in the village Cattolica, Italy.

Her wedding dresses are known for their aesthetic designs made from varieties of elegant and catchy fabrics such as lace and silk.

Her wedding dresses also vary in length – from above the knee to floor length dresses which vary in designs.

5. Ines di Santo
This Italian born wedding dress designer is considered as one of the leading designers of wedding dresses in the world. Her designs captures the essence of sophisticated glamour with a twist to femininity of a woman’s beauty in her bridal wear.

Di Santo's motto is "your wedding day is your chance to have your red carpet moment, and I'm here to make you look and feel amazing."

6. Jenny Packham
Her latest designs are a blast from the past, almost look like a reflection of her UK roots.

Her bridal collections are inspired by Madame Yevonde's photographs of women of high society in the 1930s. The photographs captured Packham's imagination which she transformed into beautiful wedding dresses, while taking "retro" to a whole new level.

7. Monique Lhuillier

This wedding dress designer is known for designing fascinating bridal dresses. Her couture fashion house is located in Los Angeles, California.

Her dresses are chosen by many famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and more.

8. Vera Wang
This American former figure skater based in New York is famous for her beautiful wedding dress designs that are decorated with ribbons, bows and lace.

She also designed wedding gowns of celebrities like Alicia Keys, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

Michelle Obama has also been known to wear her creations.

9. Alice Temperley
If you are looking for floral adorned wedding dress with draped material. Go for this famous British fashion designer that is widely known for her catchy wedding dresses.

Her different wedding dress designs include Grecian and Japanese bodice.

10. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

This designer is one of the most famous wedding dress designers and is the director of Alexander McQueen.

She has become widely known by most girls around the world after the wedding of Kate Middleton – who appeared with a fascinating and mind blowing – wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen –and inspired too many dresses that were designed later.

So if you have decided that you want a luxurious, sophisticated and creative wedding dresses with dazzling decorations and from premium fabrics. These designers are for you!

All things promising into the future, a worthy moment to day dream about.


Celebrate Ann Wooten and Andre Taylor

Join Weddings Trends to celebrate Ann Wooten and Andre Tayor on their wedding anniversary.

Excited Ann posted on her Facebook wall, "Today is a very special day! My husband and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary! God brought this man into my life 21 years ago when were sophomores in college, and every day with him has been blessed! I love you now and forever, sweetheart! Happy Anniversary!"

Ann Wooten & Andre Taylor.    Picture Credit: Ann's Facebook wall

2016 Nigerian Wedding Reception Trends

By Olaoluwa Olowu
Let’s take you down the memory lane of 2016. As you know, event planning trends changes as frequently as fashion changes.

However, 2016 was a very fantastic year for wedding lovers. A lot of words could be used to describe its amazing trends but “boring” wouldn’t be one of them.

It was the year Nigerian wedding reception moved from the usual reception style to a more fun filled and creative wedding style.

Wedding reception stepped up its creativity– From hanging installation of lights to flowers to elaborate photo backdrops, vertical space and many more.

Here is a list of what went down in wedding reception trends in 2106. So, relax and enjoy as we go through the trends!

A Lot of Fresh air

It was really a year of plenty of fresh air receptions, the 2016 wedding reception featured venues where the outdoors played a starring role.

Most were a creating a natural masterpiece outside using lots of beautiful gardens and lush greenery for weddings.

Outdoor totally rocked 2016 and is still conquering in 2017!

Arrays of venue

Ranging from beaches, resorts, hotels, churches public gardens, parks, country clubs and yachts (both locally and internationally) were the most popular locations for weddings in 2016.


The 2016 wedding reception trend embraced more and more suspended lush floral paired with unique chandeliers as well as on the reception tables.

Also, aesthetically draped ceilings was another feature which took a forefront. It was an incredible way to make a classic statement within the styling of 2016 wedding reception.

Romantic Lighting
This time, couples opted for more natural, amber tones, and softer romantic lighting.

Diverse menu
The 2016 brought about a revolutionary era of the foodie thinkers. Great food was meant an epic wedding reception.

Trends in food included variation of widely selection of food served at wedding reception. The average wedding serving no longer served the usual triangle of jollof rice, fried rice and swallow (semo, eba, amala and pounded yam).

The grand entrance
Why have an ordinary when you can have an extraordinary wedding entrance? No 2016 wedding reception was complete without the dramatic entrance of the bride and groom. Wedding guests tend to look forward to this memorable and surprising part of every wedding reception in 2016. While some grand entrances were completely themed, others were characterised by their story-like nature.

Long Tables

The long table trend at receptions gave a more romantic and intimate setting. So, out was it with the big round banqueting tables and in with long guest dining tables.

The long tables were made for being sociable and were usually topped with clusters of flowers and floral runners.

What better way it was to entertain the guests in 2016 than to serve them your favourite libations? This trend was not only easier on the budget but it was also an instant conversation starter.

Photo booth Frames
Photo booth frames were incredibly popular in 2016. Who didn’t love a photo booth frame? They allowed newly wedded couples to capture as many moments as possible without having to pay for a giant, bulky, boxy photo booth. While some were mere old plywood frames, others were designed as social media photo pro.

Daring Wedding Gowns

The biggest shift from 2015 to 2016 is in wedding gowns. Brides became more daring and really made a big fashion statement with their gowns.

In fact, most brides opted for the classic, timeless look. To say wedding reception dresses have never been sexier would be an understatement!

So, there you have it, these were the trends that went down in 2916 and many more. Do keep your finger crossed for what 2017 has in store for you!


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Celebrate Katie Kramer and Marcus Walker

Katie Kramer and Marcus Walker Picture 
It's been almost a year since Katie Kramer and Marcus Walker tied the knot in a holy matrimony.
Today, Weddings Trends celebrates the couple. Join us in an early celebration of their wedding anniversary.

Katie wrote on her Facebook wall, almost a year ago to appreciate the photograher who captured the precious moments, "When your wedding photographer gives you a sneak peek the night of the wedding ... @kiana.anderson You are amazing! Thank you for capturing our day!!!"

Her sister, Meagn Kramer also posted on her Facebook wall, “Sisters and our new brother! Welcome to the Kramer family @dr.deezee You have no idea what you're in for!!!! 😜 😜 😜 #itsakramerthing

Katie Kramer and Marcus Walker Picture Credit: Katie Kramer's Facebook 

Pictures Credit: Katie Kramer's Facebook wall

Celebrate Theresa and Albert Jenkins One Year Wedding Anniversary

Join Weddings Trends to celebrate Theresa and Albert Jenkins on their one year wedding anniversary. Theresa posted on her Facebook wall, "Happy Anniversary 1 year ago I said I do to the love of my life!"

Theresa further expressed her happiness and gratitude by posting more on her Facebook wall when she wrote, "Good morning! When you find the right one. Married life is fun! Every day is not roses, to have someone who wants to stick with the plan and carry it out Gods way and not their own is priceless! It's a awesome feeling to be truly loved and put first as God said! Thank you God for sending my true husband at the right time!


Below: The lovely couple enjoying a drink together on their wedding a year ago. Happy Anniversary!

Theresa and Albert Jenkins at St. Thomas, Virginia Island Picture Credit: Theresa's Facebook wall

Pictures' credit: Theresa's Facebook wall

Marriage Tips By Yvette #5: Let's Talk About Sex

Let's talk about sex baby! Yes, let's talk about it. Sex is one of those taboo topics considered off limits for discussion generally because some of us may have been taught it is a "dirty" thing. However, I would reason that we all are here and reading this because our parents had sex. So sex is essential to the continuation of life. Some may consider sex only for procreation. Others consider it for procreation and pleasure. Moreover some consider it primarily for pleasure only.

Recently, I came across a tutorial for lack of better terms. It is sort of a poster titled, "The Periodic Table of Sex." This is the Kama Sutra simplified. Good sex and varied sexual positions can add to your boudoir excitement and keep things hot and steamy between the sheets. To view the poster, which is available for purchase online, it requires a word search of "periodic table of sex".

If your marriage could use some spicing up in the bedroom, don't be shy. Discuss it with your spouse. If they are open to the suggestion, then go for it. The goal is to have fun and add some excitement to your love making session, but if it is not fun or exciting, it may be reconsidered or revisited at another time.

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/couple-greek-roman-love-sensual-1735653/

About the Author

Yvette R. Toko is a published author, Christian life coach, trans-cultural marriage mentoring strategist, and wedding officiant. She uplifts, encourages and inspires.

Toko is an author, a wife, mother, and teacher. She is the founder of Healing Words with Yvette and Weddings By Yvette. Toko believes in the power of words to heal. She uses words in all forms to encourage, uplift and inspire herself and others. Her most important roles are being a wife, mother, teacher and writer.
You can connect with Toko through her literary works. She is the author of Wedding Quotes of Inspiration, a wedding book filled with quotes to inspire married couples. The new release by Toko is the Marriage Journal: A 7 Week Journey, a journal that helps couple in cross cultural relationship have a better communication.

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary with Mariam and Banjo Ajiferuke

Join Weddings Trends to celebrate Mariam Adeniji and her husband, Banji Ajiferuke on their wedding anniversary.

Mariam posted on her Facebook wall, "In it and through it God is still God🙏🏼 happy wedding anniversary to us...." 

In a response to Weddings Trends, Mariam stated that she has been with the love of her life for seven blissful years. She added, "We met through his sister, ever since, we can't let go [of] each other. We got married after a year of courtship. Our marriage is seven years today. He is the best thing that ever happen to me."

The couple kissing at their wedding. Credit - Mariam's Facebook wall

The couple's picture collage

The Couple in their traditional attire

Picture Credit: Mariam's Facebook Wall


Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight for Victor Taiwo Senewo when he met his wife, Eniolajumokemi Comfort Senewo at a birthday party where he was a Youth Corper working as a protocol officer.
Victor Taiwo Senewo and Eniolajumokemi Comfort Senewo . Credit: Victor's Facebook page
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Senewo Victor Taiwo and my wife Eniolajumokemi Comfort Senewo, from Kabba in Kogi State Nigeria. I attended Agidingbi grammar school and University of Ilorin where I studied Microbiology. I work as a medical representative with Micronova Pharm. Ind. Ltd. Ikeja Lagos.

How did you meet your wife?
I was a Corper in Ibadan Oyo state, I missed my clearance that month due to late notice. When I got to our zonal office, I was asked to join the other corpers who also missed the clearance and we were told to come fully kitted to work as protocol officers at an Honourable Member of House of Representative's mother's birthday that was to hold that Sunday. 

During the ceremony, while servicing as protocol officer, I saw this beautiful damsel together with her younger ones walking into the hall. She walked straight to me and asked for where to seat, I got attracted to her almost immediately. That made me to try my best possible to get her contact even though she tried giving me a wrong number, I called the line immediately so she had to give me the right number.

What was the attraction?
Victor and Eniolajumoke with their kids

Her beauty and innocence.

Was it love at first sight or did the love grow with time?
To me it was love at first sight.

How long did it take you to propose and did you propose on bended knee?
To me, I knew where I was going and right from the beginning, we made up our minds to settle down together so we knew we were going to end up married.

(Wife) how long did it take you to respond to his proposal?
One month.

What was your courtship period like?
It was sweet, though we had a long courtship, four years to be precise.

Your first quarrel?
Hmmmmm... She traveled to Togo for about two months and when she came back, she discovered a new number on my phone and when she asked, I didn't respond then she got angry and walked away. It took the intervention of a friend to bring her back.

(Wife) how's your relationship with your in-laws?
Very sweet, we relate as parent to daughter I can't ask for more.

What's your experience about intra-tribal marriage?

It's awesome. The only thing is that you have to try as much as possible not to allow that to affect your children's vocabulary but there is a lot of understanding in the married due to same language.

Your advice to intending couples.
I advice them to be patient and not rush into marriage, they should be sure of what they want and go for it.