Weddings Trends Celebrates Renae and Daniel Sheppard on their Wedding

 Although umbrellas were up, the day was filled with showers from heaven as Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard and Daniel Sheppard tied the know recently in a holy matrimony. Join Weddings Trends to celebrate the couple for a blissful marriage. 

Weddings Trends to celebrate Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard and Daniel Sheppard for tying the knot recently in a holy matrimony in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The event was well attended y friends and families. In fact, some of their friends and families shared their joys for the couple on their Facebook wall in words and emojis.

La'Traicia Reliford posted on her Facebook wall, "😍😘 Sis Wedding.. Loving These Pics💪🏾☺️"
Showers of blessings in the form of rain accented the occasion. The hair stylist, Kate Hoyles, wroteRenae and Daniel's wedding day!!! It's a rainy day but we made the hair work. 😊🔥❤️"
The emotional picture for Alexis Ryan
on her Facebook wall, "It's come!

Excited Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard  appreciated the photographer who captured the special moments when she wrote on her Facebook wall, "Thank you, Lexi, for so beautifully capturing our perfect day 💕"

Their Photographer, Alexis Ryan of Alexis Ryan Photography was also elated when he shared an emotional message with one of the pictures he posted on his Facebook wall when he wrote, "Can you guess how many times I've cried staring at this photo? These lovelies make my heart explode with happiness."

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Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

By Olaoluwa Olowu

You may want to compromise on a lot of things on your wedding day but trust me, your wedding dress isn’t one of them!

However, with so many wedding dress designers to choose from, Vera Wang's collections of luxury ready to wear wedding dresses for brides is one of the most sophisticated brand to go for.

Her designs are head-turning and eye-catching – with soft delicate laces, airy tulles, precise pleats and elegant draping.

As one of the most recognised bridal wedding dress designers in the world, she understands that not all brides want the same thing and because of that – she’s constantly creating unique and exceptional designs.

Interestingly, since the inception of her first boutique in 1990, she has steered her bridal niche into a massive brand that most brides go for when they want gorgeously made wedding gowns that suits their personal style and taste.

Even famous people like Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump and more have entrusted this designer with their special day.

Her wedding dress collections depicts beauty, style and offers a wide variety for modern brides - from dreamlike princess-like ball gowns to edgy separates that will appeal to every bride.

And those open backs are sexy too!

Vera just never disappoints when it comes to bringing something refreshing to her wedding dress collections like sophisticated drama and feminity.

Here are lists of Vera Wang’s exquisite and youthful sophisticated wedding dresses:

1. Claude

This design takes on a light white draped crepe gown with long draped sleeve and a cutaway skirt in the front. The wedding dress also features a ruched bodice, separate hand moulded oversized flower, charmeuse lining, canvas and also a zip closure.

2. Raffaela
Raffela is a wedding dress design with soft ivory French tulle halter off the shoulder gown accented with draped sleeves and hand placed Chantilly lace applique. This dress also comes with a front slit.

3. Simona & Serafina
Simona – this is a soft silk off the shoulder chiffon with straight neckline. It has draped sleeves and smocked waist accented by crimson hand painted sleeves and a front slit.

Serafina: also soft ivory silk chiffon with off the shoulder gown. The front is designed in V-neck with draped sleeves and smocked waist accented by embellished silk flowers.

4. Evelina
Light silk strapless A-line gown with fringed organza accented by beaded crystal and pearl build up. It also has hand knotted ribbon.

5. Galilea
Soft ivory halter neck A-line macramé lace gown and a sheer French tulle back.

6. Celestine
This is light ivory V-neck macramé lace gown design with Chantilly lace bodice and embellished macramé lace detailed on the skirt.

7. Cecile
Soft ivory macramé lace gown with a long sleeve and A-line skirt

8. Delphine
Light ivory crepe gown with pleated sleeves that is accented by gathering of the skirt.

Design with light ivory halter mousseline chiffon gown with hand embroidery and floor length necktie.

9. Viviana
Soft ivory silk faille gown with a plunging V-neck and draped skirt, its sleeves and jewelled belt are also detailed.

10. Filomena
Soft crepe off the shoulder tailored gown with detailed corset and silk georgette draped sleeves.

11. Floriana
Soft silk crepe off the shoulder gown with a cowl neck and French tulle draped sleeves.

12. Felisa
Soft ivory hand draped French tulle and an A-line off the shoulder gown draped with sleeve accents.

13. Geltrude
Soft strapless A-line macramé lace gown with French tulle build up and sleeves.

14. Juliette

Light macramé lace ball gown with draped skirt and hand and accented with bridal button.

15. Favianna
Light ivory V-neck silk mermaid gown with high neck and hand placed Chantilly lace embellishment.

16. Violetta
Light ivory silk A-line gown with draped skirt and crystal embroidery. It also has macramé lace yoke.

So, there you have it! Our Vera Wang’s wedding dress collection.

Brown’s Bride:
Vera Wang:


10 Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride

Olaoluwa Olowu

Finding the best gift for the bridal shower you were invited to can be both exciting and hectic. The bridal shower is usually a private event and more often than not, the bride is handed the gift directly and opens it immediately. This means your gift will come under scrutiny from everyone at the party and finding the perfect gift is very important.

The perfect bridal shower is not quite as grand or expensive as the wedding gift that follows, but it is often more personal and thoughtful. It can also be something very cheeky or playful that might not offer much functionality but will be appreciated nevertheless.

Sometimes, there might be a registry the bride would rather you select from, or she might have a themed party and would like you to stick to the theme with your gift-giving. In the absence of these however, here’s our definitive list of 10 bridal shower gifts that will leave your host blushing with appreciation.

1. Jewellery Box 
It’s hard to go wrong with a jewellery box as a bridal shower gift. Every bride wants their precious baubles kept safe and protected from dust, dirt and scratches. The box not only keeps her pearl necklaces and diamond earrings well, it also looks beautiful to look at. Filled with drawers and winged sides opening where you can hang necklaces, this is a gift that the bride can use for many years to come.

2. Lingerie
This is a delicate gift to give at a bridal shower, so it’s important that you’re careful not to go
overboard with it. Save the raunchy sexy wear for the bachelorette party and just opt for an erotic yet not overtly sexual ‘nightwear’ negligee. A sassy sheer chic romper is another option you’ve got if you’re trying to thread that fine line between “appropriate for the bridal shower” but “suggestive enough for the boudoir”. You want to strike a nice balance between romantic and sexy.

3. Copper Cooking Ware
One of the oldest gifts in the book, cookware is a very common bridal shower gift that has been given since bridal showers became a thing. Up the ante by giving a Copper cookware that has a stylish finish, a healthy ceramic non-stick interior and is safe for her dishwasher. You can throw in a few ladles and cooking spoons for good measure.

4. Vanity Kit
Want to leave the bride feeling good and looking good? Then grab her a top-of-line vanity kit filled with her favorite makeup items. A good makeup kit is never out of style and you can customize the kit you purchase with a few extra items that show that you put quite some thought into picking out the gift.

5. Coffeemaker
It’s practical with just the right amount of sentimental value to make it an amazing gift. A lot of us – brides included – can’t start the day without our cup of coffee and helping the bride save on getting a coffeemaker herself is sure to leave an impression.

6. Wine Opener + Decanter
This is a gift that you and the bride can enjoy. A functional set that plays a part in your bride enjoying date night at home with her spouse or hosting a wine and cheese tasting with her friends is always a good choice. Select quirky wine openers and classy, edgy decanter that have personality as well as add to the allure of your gift.

7. Shopping Gift Cards
It’s easy to hit-or-miss with a shopping gift card at a bridal shower so this requires a little extra effort from you. Don’t just go with your basic run-of-mill fashion store, select a shopping gift card that plays into the bride’s interests. You can even get multiple gift cards for a spa treatment and tasty ice cream – now that’s a day anyone would enjoy. Whatever you get, the goal is to give the bride a gift card that doesn’t come off as though you were too lazy to come up with an actual gift.

8. Cookbook
Food brings people together and a romantic cookbook can be a great gift idea that helps the bride and her partner get closer. It’s also an amazing way for the bride or her partner to learn how to cook if they don’t already know how to. Delicious recipes, explained in simple steps that two people can carry out together, this is a solid gift idea for any bridal shower.

9. Bed Sheet Set + Duvet
It’s a simple yet very sweet gift. Bed sheets are an essential part of making a new home and being a part of that through your bridal shower gift is the kind of personal touch that makes any gift special.

10. Picture Frames
Every picture is a memory. So why don’t you get some beautiful picture frames to help them hold their best memories. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with the frame designs, and make sure to really infuse it with your personality.

There’s a lot of gifts you can give for a bridal shower so don’t stop here. Take advantage of your knowledge of the bride and really get something you’re sure she’ll love.

Beau Coup:

A Videographer’s Checklist for Indoor Weddings and Outdoor Weddings

A Videographer’s Checklist for Indoor Weddings and Outdoor Weddings is a blog post with a helpful checklist for videographers shooting indoor or outdoor weddings put together as a Guest Post by Helen Clark. 

When you’re building a business as a wedding videographer and video editing service, satisfying your clients often revolves around being prepared to capture all the important moments at a wedding, both planned and unplanned. Indoor and outdoor wedding venues present their own particular requirements and challenges, but they also share many common attributes as well.

When you take on the challenge of shooting a wedding, you’ll quickly find that it’s much like directing and filming a small movie, with all of the gear that entails. The wise videographer will ensure great results for his video editing service by always being prepared. And professionals all agree that the best way to be prepared is to put together a checklist that you can refer to before you go “on location.” To make things easier, use our suggestions to put together a wedding day checklist that will ensure you’re ready for whatever the day brings.

Let’s start with the cameras
Talk to three different wedding videographers and you’ll probably find three different preferred camera setups. There’s no right answer to the question “what camera should I use?” But one thing that all videographers who run a wedding video editing service will agree on is that the key decision to make is how many cameras to employ. Most often, pros will use a two-camera system – one camera covering the medium and long shots, and the second covering the close-ups. One other thing to put on your checklist? A backup camera, just in case something goes wrong with one of your primary cameras.

Tripods and stabilization
When the wedding party hires your video editing service, they expect professional results, not the shaky footage that the bride’s uncle would produce. For steady shots, lock your cameras down with good quality tripods. A fluid-head tripod is a wise investment if you want smooth tracking shots. And for some cool effects, consider throwing a slider into the mix too. They’re great for capturing some cool B-roll footage to spice up your video.

When you need flexibility, like at the reception, a handheld stabilizer should be on your list. And a monopod offers an excellent way to move around quickly and still get clean, stable footage.

Capturing the sound
A high-quality wedding video produced by a professional video editing service will feature excellent sound quality. To achieve this, you need the gear to capture high-quality audio that you can sync with the video in the editing room. Your camera’s built-in microphone isn’t going to cut it. Instead, be sure that your checklist includes a good quality portable audio recorder with multiple audio inputs. And complement this with a combination of shotgun and lavalier microphones so you can capture both the details and the overall ambience of the location, be it indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget windscreens if you’re shooting outdoors.

The other essentials
We’ve talked about the big-ticket items, but there are a number of other essentials that need to go into your bags and cases.

Audio cables
You’ll need audio cables to connect to your mics or to the emcee or DJ’s soundboard. Be ready for anything with a variety of cables, including XLR, RCA, ¼” and 3.5 mm cables. A few handy adapters are a smart addition as well.

Portable lighting
A small LED light (preferably battery powered) is an excellent addition to your bag, in case you run into some low-light situations.

And more…

Forgetting these items could ruin your day. So don’t forget to add batteries, memory cards, tape, and tools to the mix as well.

Practice makes perfect
After you’ve put together your checklist, do a dry run with all your gear to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Then save the list and use it every time – your reputation as a pro videographer and video editing service may depend on it.

Pictures Credit: Pictures submitted by Helen Clark

The Birth of Designs by Abike Revives Hope in the Owner

For Abike, owner of Designs by Abike, the birth of her clothing design company revives hope and healing for her from multiple miscarriages. The mother of two shares her successes and challenges as a designer in the United States with Weddings Trends.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Abike, which means to be cared for. I am married and I have two boys - one and two-year olds, who as you can imagine, keep me very busy.

What informed the idea of Designs by Abike Oyedele?
Designs by Abike was birthed at one of the darkest periods of my life. I started sewing in 2012 after suffering from my 6th miscarriage. I couldn't keep a job and needed something to keep me both busy and sane. I started off sewing clutches and bags and slowly moved into clothing. I like to think of Designs by Abike as a seed that was planted slowly by God and I'm literally just going in the path in which I'm directed by Him.

How long have you been designing clothes?
I have been designing clothes for approximately 3 years now.

Who are your customers?
Women and children.

Do you design wedding dresses for brides or you design for brides and grooms?
I do not design wedding dresses at this time but I do have options for bridesmaids.

What are the challenges you experience as a designer in the U.S.?
Personally, I think it's harder to balance all my roles as a designer in the U.S. There's definitely not as much of a support group as I would have if I were back home in Nigeria.

Any word of advice for interested designers or upcoming designers?
The one thing I've learned is to not give up, keep learning, and be the best version of you.

How can customers find you?
Instagram: @designsbyabike

Weddings Trends Celebrates Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard and Daniel Sh...

Weddings Trends to celebrate Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard and Daniel Sheppard for tying the knot recently in a holy matrimony in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Inspiring Story of Love from Friendship

Weddings Trends brings you the inspiring story of love that stemmed out of pure joy and friendship. It is the love between TT and ‘Ayomide’ as they fondly call each other.


My name is Francis O. Timothy. Writing this piece is a great challenge, but I will surely do. I met my wife to be (Mrs. Francis in couple of days from now) through a friend and a classmate, Ibitunde Abayomi.

I was in 100 level studying Human Anatomy at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) in 2006 when we there was a six months national Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike, and we had to stay back at home. My family was living in Ibadan until 2005 when we relocated to Akure the capital of Ondo state. I was not always at home even during off school days such as that of a national strike but was always in school. As a result, I did not to have any friend in Akure. My friends were my classmates at the university. In addition, fellowship mates became my friends due to my involvement in school activities.

At that time, there was a midnight call tariff called EXTRA COOL (I don’t know if it’s still on-going). I hated this tariff because it can waste people's time and make you to be less functional the following day. (I know you are smiling because virtually everybody enjoyed this tariff). It was on a faithful midnight that my phone rang. I was studying so I checked the phone, and it was Ibitunde Abayomi whom I usually call Yomi. I picked the call and we were discussing the strike. I told him how bored I was at home since I had no friends to relate with in my estate.

Then he mentioned that there was a classmate of ours who lived in Akure. He gave me her number (mind you, I went to pick Yomi's call in one of our cars (Mercury Villager) so that my father wouldn't hear me receiving late night calls). I told Yomi to let me go to my reading table to get my pen and write down her number. As I jumped out of the car, the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) interrupted the light. So, I have no other option than to save the number offhand. Till now, I still have the digits offhand. Sharp but shy guy, I asked Yomi if she is not going to insult me because I hated insult. But, he said she was a good girl. I called her (though it was a tough time in their family but she responded politely). Hence, we became friends.

In 2010 when we went on Medical Posting (SIWES as they call it), our friendship became more affectionate that our bosses (Dr. Pelemo, Dr Omotayo, Mrs Adepoju, Mr Ogundipe, Sis. Tayo, and others) thought we were dating and even advised us to date each other. At that time also, I had been nursing the ambition, but held it to myself. I always dropped her off at home with my car and her siblings were like she should give me a chance, but she made them understand that we were just friends and that nothing intimate could come out of the friendship.

When we resumed back to school, our friendship was the talk of the whole college (Faculty of Basic Medical Science), because we were always together. We ate together, I dropped her off in her hostel, and, sometimes, I walked her down to Dorcas Hostel where she lived on campus. I thought she got used to me that she always wanted to be beside me.

When we graduated from LAUTECH, the 2011/2012 National Youth Corp Service (NYSC) posting
separated us temporarily, because we were posted to different geopolitical zones of the country. I was posted to Sokoto while she was posted to Ogun State.

In December 2013, I went to visit her at her house in Akure. However, I was granted visa to travel out of the country on January 2, 2014. I showed her my visa and my ambition to study abroad. She was excited and I remembered what I told her vividly. I said, "I know you will be married before I return back to the country, but don't let him impregnate you." And, that was my parting words for her. I hopped into my Peugeot 406 car and zoomed off.

On August 8, 2014, I officially asked her out and the journey started. I told my sister Damilola about her (though she had been telling me to ask her out) and she said, "I know you guys are meant for each other." I told Deaconess Lekuti (Mummy Vera) about her and she invited her to her house to have a one-on-one discussion with her. What they discussed with each of us one-on-one remained with each of us, as we never let it out till now. Hence, after much time with each other via Skype calls and other virtual contacts, I abbreviated her name as TT.

Here we are today... they always say it that the best person to marry is your friend, I never regret dating her, and she unconsciously fell in love with what I love. She knows when I am sad, and when I am weak. I love you more my only TT!


The definition of love according to the man (Francis O. Timothy) who got my maximum attention is TOLERANCE. Falling in love with him was predestined.

Initially, I knew something great will come out of our friendship, because he is a man that is so particular about the future. He is always conscious about what posterity will say about him. I only liked him as a friend and nothing more.

The very first time we ever talked was sometimes around 2006. He called me on the phone, and I remembered when he called that very night he told me, "I got your number from our class mate." I replied that I was not in Akure, because I wasn't ready to make new friends.

After some years, we eventually became friends. He is a friend to lots of people both in the department and the faculty. Yes, he is a man of integrity, hence, people love to associate with him. A lot of people (classmates and some fellowship members) accused me of dating him. Some ladies (jokingly though) confronted me about dating him. As a result, I decided to zero my mind never to give him a chance even if he proposed.

There was a time he told me, "You are my wife" in the class and anytime he sees me with another man he will shake his head (I didn't know what was on his mind though). He recently told me the reason behind his shaking of head.

I received counsel from different people (e.g. Seun Okaseun, and so on) from both far and near that
we were good together as a couple, but my response was, "I just like him as a friend and nothing more." Often times, he would say, "I have never found love in any other lady." As a very good friend of his, my advice was, "You need to learn how to express love, stop being an African man." Sometimes, I called ladies that I knew he liked (because ladies were always around him) to tell them that Francis was a good guy.

The most mysterious statement from him was when he came to my house and told me he was travelling, and that he knew I would be married before he returned, but that I should not be pregnant, because he knew that I was going to be his wife.

I love Tim because he came to my life when I needed him most. He stood by me and never gave up on me. I called him AYOMIDE and he is indeed my joy!!!

My Ayomide is the best. Thanks to God for the journey so far... Thank God that our paths crossed!!!

Weddings Trends will like to wish you both a blissful marriage as you tie the knot in a  holy matrimony.

Pictures Credit: Pictures submitted by couple.

A Passion for Fashion Designing

For Hope Obe fashion designing is not just a hobby but a passion. haven started out as a tailor in her undergraduate days, she soon discovered other areas of fashion designing and without any waste of time, delved into them. Today, that little dream has grown and still waxing stronger into a great reality. Wedding Trends brings to you an interview with Hope Obe, the Chief Executive Officer of Gilds Glitz Fashion (GGF). Enjoy!

Please, tell us briefly about yourself
I am Hope Obe, a 22 year old girl from Benue State. I’m a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, (Benue State) with a degree in Home Science and Management. I was an intern at OSC, College of Fashion, Lagos, Nigeria.

There are areas I am skilled in but I work majorly as a fashion designer, a fashion blogger, a fashion consultant and also as a fashion trainer.

What inspired you to go into fashion designing?
Over the years, I realized that you don’t have to speak for people to know who you are because most times, your outfit tells people about your personality. So, I got inspired to make clothes for the right body type and shape while maintaining decency with the perfect amount of fashionable thrown in. In doing this, I have two key points that serve as inspiration,

  1. Being fashionable or stylish isn’t about body exposure
  2. Looking beautifully dressed may not be equivalent to one’s account statement.

At what point in your life did you make up your mind to go into fashion designing?
Fashion designing has always been at the fore, a part of my life! I started drawing sketches at a very young age, years before I could climb a sewing machine. Immeasurable is my joy and satisfaction and beautiful is my bliss when I see people well dressed. At that point when I was able to place my emotions for such well dressed people, I decided I was going to do whatever it takes to make people, especially the ladies, look stylish and fashionable no matter what! However, I started leaning the act of dress making at age 16.

What type of fashion exactly do you design?

I design clothes for ladies with ages ranging from 13-40 and of course to elderly women who still feel young at heart. However, on special occasions like weddings, I design for kids too.

What other aspects of fashion designing do you also engage in?
Beside Fashion Designing, I am also a fashion consultant, and recently, a fashion blogger. I starter online tutorials tagged, "stitches with Hope".

Would you say you are enjoying what you do?
Of course I am! Fashion is my lifestyle. I absolutely love what I do and I would choose to be a fashion designer over and over again until infinity! Because of the immense love for what I do, there was a point in my career when I felt like making dresses for no cost at all because I wondered why I should get paid for what I enjoy doing! That perspective changed when I attended a business seminar where elaborate teachings were given on how to convert your passion to money. There and then, I learnt a lot!

What, in your own view, makes a good wedding?
From my perspective as a fashion designer, a successful wedding starts from the bride's dress (....... 😕😕😕). A bride's dress is one of the first things a wedding guest takes note of as soon as he/she gets into the hall.

The next thing is to observe the outfits of the bride's maids and of course, the little bride. In Nigeria, where I come from, one can easily conclude on how rich or poor a wedding is by the outfit of the bride and her train. The thing is, it is quite easy to forget how poor the decorations were or the insufficient food or even the overly poor music but a bad wedding dress will always remain news headlines as pictures will be plastered on every social media and on every flat surface!

Do you also sew pre-wedding dresses too?
Yes, I do. Most times, I help in selecting perfect outfit combinations for the to-be couples as well as suggest perfect color blends ( that is where my consultancy duty comes handy). Most times, I end up styling the bride and the bridal crew.

Would you say fashion designing is actually financially rewarding?
Ermm, I cannot categorically say yes because fashion designing like other businesses has got its challenges. Being a fashion designer can be rewarding if you find yourself at the right place, surrounded by your target market. However, if the government can provide more industries where fabrics can be produced locally, the profit realized by fashion designers will be a lot more appealing.

What challenge(s) do you face in course of your job?
Being a fashion designer come with many challenges but the most pressing of them will be POWER SUPPLY. The process involved in dress making can not be completed without a steady power source as almost every step needs ironing for proper finishing.

When power is frequently interrupted, fashion designers are compelled to use generators which are expensive to maintain. If citizens of Nigeria pay more attention on the wears produced within the country instead of placing more value on imported or fairly used clothes, then the financial benefits as well as self confidence on the part of the designers will improve greatly.

Tell us your most memorable experience as a fashion designer
Every moment for me as a fashion designer has always been very interesting but so far, the most memorable moment was when I got a slot at Benue Fashion Week, December 2016, to showcase my first collection. I was so nervous and uncertain because I started sewing three months before that period and I was to share the runway with people older than me in age, societal class and experience in the field!

In the end, it turned out to be super exciting as my collection came out so nice I got a lot of orders and even got nominated for Benue Youth Choice Awards 2017 (design of the year category). It was another challenging, terrifying moment for me because the other nominees were more famous than myself plus, I was the only lady nominated in the whole of Benue! Out of fear, I almost turned down the nomination but close friends and family members encouraged me to go for it and it all climaxed to me emerging as winner. At age 21, I got an award as Benue Designer of the Year, 2017.

What's your advice to young entrepreneurs?

My advice to young entrepreneurs like myself is, always remain focused, determined hardworking and most importantly, put God before anything.

Once you have developed a passion for anything, go for it with all zealousness and by God's grace, you will soar very high in your field.

How can people contact you?
I can be contacted through the following platforms
INSTAGRAM > @gilds_glitz_fashion

Weddings Trends Celebrates Enock and Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar's 25th Anniversary

25 years ago on their wedding
Join Weddings Trends to Celebrate Enock and Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar on their 25 years wedding anniversary.

Elated Rosebrune shared her excitement recently on Facebook. She wrote on her wall, 
Today marks the 25th Anniversary since Enock and I were blessed to start life together. Through all the ups and downs we have chosen to continue the walk. However, the truth of the matter is without God's presence and guidance we wouldn't be able to celebrate. So, Nock for all that you are, patient, kind, strong character, giver, provider, good father, and grandfather, I thank you. You are my husband, my confident and friend and I love you!!! Happy 25th Anniversary. May the good Lord continues to shower us with all that is good and worthy.

Enock and Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar's going stronger after 25 years

Pictures credit: Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar's Facebook wall

Top 10 wedding magazines around the world

By Olaoluwa Olowu
Bridal magazines are a great quick source of inspiration and wedding ideas for that special earth shattering wedding ceremony you plan to have. They usually touch upon as many topics as possible – from colors to corsages – and have most of the details regarding your wedding all in one place for you to sort through.

The overall quality of bridal magazine has also improved over the years. Today’s brides can enjoy
their favorite styles captured in high resolution photography that’s appealing and detailed, printed on very fine quality paper. In addition, most magazines have modern websites where you can browse through the material from the comfort of your couch.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 wedding magazines around the world that you can trust for style, variety and quality. These magazines can help you create that incredible wedding experience down to the tiniest details.

Premier Bride
Premier Bride is the complete package. It’s one of the best bridal magazines available right now because of how well it provides information that brides need. From local vendors, to wedding trends, this magazine – which is available on print and on the web – allows brides to make decisions about planning their wedding with lots of confidence.

Wedding Style
This magazine could not be more aptly named. It’s stylish from start to finish and is the most popular luxury magazine in the world. If you’re short of ideas for your wedding or looking to take it up a notch with creative and innovative angles, Wedding Style is the perfect magazine for you. Its pages are filled with advice from the world’s top wedding specialists and feature luxurious bridal dresses, wedding gifts, beauty products, jewellery, shoes handbags and other accessories.

You can also browse through honeymoon locations in some of the most beautiful places from around the world. Whatever tickles your fancy, be it island resorts or 19th century castles, this magazine catalogs a wide range of prime locations for enjoying time with your new spouse.

It’s all about a personal experience with Brides. They don’t just want to hand you cold unfeeling information, they want to share in your journey to the altar through their pages and website. Filled with celebrity weddings, wedding dress trends, décor inspirations, etc., Brides is like that best friend who takes over your wedding planning and does such an amazing job with it.

Get Married
Shopping for your wedding can be a little hectic. It’s why Stacie Francombe started the Get Married magazine. This magazine is an incredibly useful shopping and trend guide for smart brides. It also help busy brides separate the clutter and makes sense of the numerous options available while offering thrifty brides the inside info on where to shop and save.

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Top 10 wedding dress designers in Nigeria

By Olaoluwa Olowu
You awesomely want to be the bride with beautiful and glamorous dress that will leave people gushing on your wedding day. So why not opt for a custom-made wedding dress designed by a Nigerian designer.

Whether you aim to look stylishly simple, sophisticated, glamorous, elegant, chic, classy, or look like a bride from of one of the fairy tales movie, trust Nigerian wedding dress designers to bring your dream wedding ideas to life and deliver beyond your expectations.

These Nigerian designers are endowed with exceptional creative minds as their designs have really surpassed our expectations. Even the Nigerian celebrities can attest to this.

Luckily for you, all these talented designers are accessible whether you live in Nigeria or outside the country – Canada, United Kingdom, United States, or any other part of the world.

Check out these top 10 wedding dress designers in Nigeria to help make your wedding dress special on your big day.

1. Deola Sagoe
Looking for class and beauty? Then your wedding dress designer is the “House of Deola Sagoe”. This fashion designer is the most influential designer in Nigeria with exceptionally great bridal designs.

This creative mind is also an award winning and innovative fashion designer.

Why did I say innovative? She understands how to fuse local fabric like Aso-Oke with contemporary textile design technique.

Her recent wedding collection “Komole Kandids” was inspired by the ambience of Nigerian royalty weddings.

So, if you really want to appear culturally-modern in your wedding dress and outfits, then House of Deola is perfect for you.

2. Ohimai Atafo
Ohimai Atafo popularly known by his brand name Mai Atafo. He is the creative director of “Weddings by Mai” which officially launched in 2011.

Apart from the evening party dresses he makes for women and suits for men, he also designs bridals and wedding dresses.

His designs are a fusion of urban, classic and contemporary style which caught the attention of the fashion industry in 2011.

Celebrities like Funke Akindele-Bello, Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade and many more have worn his wedding dresses for their weddings.

3. Kunbi Oyelese
Olukunbi Oyelese is the brain behind the premium ready to wear fashion brand “April by Kunbi”.

So when it comes to bridal related needs with freshness, newness and colour, it’s her specialty.

This designer graduated from the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and has also dressed many celebrities like Toke Makinwa, Tiwa Savage, Agbani Darego, Adesua Etomi and more.

4. Yemi Osunkoya
This award winning bridal designer of “Kosibah” is a UK-based Nigerian who has been in the bridal business for over 24 years.

Yemi’s designs are contemporary, elegant using luxurious fabrics and deluxe embellishments to design gowns that flatter your curves and shape.

This brand has a worldwide customer base as it has been worn by Nigerian, British, and American royalty – as well as celebrities.

5. Dumebi Iyamah
Dumebi Iyamah is the creative director of the brand called “Andrea Iyamah”.

The brand is well known for its unique and bespoke African inspired designs of fusing African heritage with a modern twist, while maintaining attention to details and cuts.

Even Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade wore an Andrea Iyamah wedding dress for her destination wedding.

6. Zizi Cardow
If there is a designer who understands contemporary African fashion and the Nigerian fashion marketplace, then it’s Zizi Cardow.

Being one of the first African Inspired fashion designers to use African print (Ankara) on a global scale.

She started her Zizi clothing line in the year 2000, and since then, has gained recognition and won many awards for outstanding achievement in fashion.

7. Frank Oshodi
Frank Oshodi is the CEO of the “House of Bunor”. He initially started out as a model for Nigerian fashion houses like Dakova and Supreme Stitches.

This dynamic designer has also taken the Nigerian Fashion to the international scene. He actually specializes in bride and bridesmaid garments with an African flavour.

8. Nneka C. Alexander
Alexander is the creative director and head designer of the luxury brand called “Brides by NoNA”.

The designer’s Atlanta based brand specializes in premium and impeccable quality bridesmaids and wedding dresses.

This brand has also had many designs published by a high-end magazine called MuanLuchi Bride.

9. Gbemi Okunlola
Gbemi Okunlola is the CEO and lead designer of luxury Bespoke and Ready To Wear Bridal wear “Alo Nuko”. At the age of 11, she was named London’s youngest fashion designer.

Her designs are made from the finest fabric and materials, and her style focuses on uniqueness, originality, highlighting beauty, sophistication, confidence and style in every woman.

She is definitely the one if you want a “drop dead gorgeous” look on your big day.

10. Halima Gidado
She is the creative mind behind Brides & Babies Inc. and also known for her classic ball gown to the sultry mermaid dress.

African Wedding Dress Designers

By Olaoluwa Olowu
Gone are those days when African brides-to-be would seek international brands for their wedding wears. This is because more Africans are tilting toward African brands fused with traditional fabric and urban/western materials.

More like brides are going for made by Africans for Africans.

Interestingly, these African wedding dresse designers incorporate distinct and traditional elements in their designs – which makes them vibrant and elegant

These designers also offer a wide selection of styles and designs with a certain trademark style – and will also design a custom wedding gown for you.

Check out these African designers for inspiration and start dreaming of an elegant silk, floaty chiffon and your own unique designer wedding dress.

1. Amsale Aberra

This Ethiopian-American designer Amsale Aberra started her bridal clothing line in 1980 and began to sell them in high-end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

By 1996, she already opened her own store on New York City’s Madison Avenue. Amsale remains one of the leading bridal designers in the industry.

Her style of designs embraces simplicity and elegance.

2. Brides by NoNA
Alexander is an Atlanta-based Nigerian designer and the creative director at Brides by NoNA. She has made a name for herself as a bespoke bridal designer of custom-made gowns.

She is one of the top African designers of bridesmaid gowns and traditional gowns for the cultural bride.

3. David Tlale
David Tlale’s brand have graced many premium fashion week platform in the world.

This South African designer’s bridal line is eye catching and jaw-dropping.

His designs ranges from Black wedding gowns and African print wedding gowns.

4. Farida Deglel
Abu Dhabi-based Farida Degle’s brand uses historic fabrics like organic Eritrea-grown cotton blended with traditional and modern designs. Her designs portray Eritrean, Middle Eastern and Western influences.

5. Gbemi Okunlola
Named London’s youngest fashion designer at the age of 11, Gbemi Okunlola won the 2009 Young Avant Garde Designer of the Year award. However, Okunlola became a British household name in 2011 at the age of 16. Now, she’s the youngest bespoke bridal designer in the UK as the creative designer behind AloNuko.

Okunlola went on to launch her own luxury custom-made bridal collection in July 2015.

6. Halima Gidado
Halima is the founder and creative director behind the Brides & Babies Inc. She is known for everything from the classic ball gown to head-turning wedding dress designs.

7. Mai Atafo
This winner of Allure Style Icon 2011 (Nigeria) has created a niche for himself in bridal designs. His brand, Mai Atafo Inspired launched a bridal line in 2011 after the creation of a successful line of men’s suits and evening wear.

His bridal line designs – “Weddings By MAI” include timeless and graceful gowns for classic brides.

8. Martial Tapolo

Martial Tapolo is a Cameroonian haute couture fashion designer. His designs have been compared to top world designers like Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. His passion for African art and design are demonstrated in his garments and bridal collections.

9. Shukri Hashi
The Somali-Brit designer in Bridal wears has done the unimaginable. He has taken the traditional red and gold silk Somali print known as “Haadiyo Daaghan,” and transforming it into a colorful bridal gown.

10. Yemi Osunkoya
He is an award-winning Nigerian UK based fashion designer. He is widely known for his edge-cutting approach to wedding and evening gowns created for Nigerian and British royalties.

His design, Kosibah, is a household name in both Nigeria and the UK.


Designing Jewelry for a Legacy

Empowering women and men alike, in addition to leaving a legacy for her children led Florida based jeweler, Nakishia Freeman launch her dream jewelry business called The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC in 2016. In this interview with Weddings Trends, she share some of her custom made designs, while she reveals that connecting with the right kinds of people in the jewelry industry has helped built her small business.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Nakishia Freeman, a Jewelry owner and designer. I reside in sunny south Florida with my husband Clarence Freeman Jr. of 25 years. I’m the mother of two gorgeous children, Champayne and Romeo. I followed my creative senses exploring many facets of the “World of Handcrafted Jewelry”.

In late 2008, my dreams of creating beautiful things fell into place, Frees Classy Beads was established. Now known as The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC, I registered my business in 2016. It was a longtime dream that became reality. I am always studying and exploring different types of crystals, beads, tools, components, and wires.

I enjoy using Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver/Gold-filled components, mixed metals, wires, silk threads and polymer clay in my creations. Some designs are delicate and some are edgy, yet still classy. My absolute favorite jewelry techniques are wire wrapping and polymer clay. All of my creations are inspired from everyday life, love, and happiness. I have something for everyone. The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC designs exquisite jewelry for Men and Women that creates long lasting memories.

When I’m not creating jewelry, I’m undoubtedly spending time with family, cooking, baking, gardening or sketching new jewelry ideas. I believe handcrafted jewelry absolutely has no rules. I enjoy collaborating with other artists, and I have several future plans - one becoming a bead instructor, and educating young people about beading, teaching them how to create their very own pieces so that they too can become jewelry business owners (Freeprenuers). My goal is for them to be creative and not afraid of artistic expression.

What informed the idea of The Freeman Jewelry Collection?
The Freeman Jewelry Collection was formed from the desire of leaving a legacy for my children and their children, as well as empowering other women through the jewelry designs that I create. I personally learn from experience. You may not know what a Woman may be going through on a daily basis, however, if you build her up, encourage her and adorn her with custom designs, just for her, she is now empowered and can conquer the world. But interestingly enough, I have also discovered that men love having jewelry designed for themselves as well.

How long have you been in jewelry business?
In late 2008, I started designing jewelry under the business name of Frees Classy Beads. However, in 2014, I changed the name of my business to The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC, and became

LLC in 2016.

Who are your customers?
My customers are men, women, brides and other business owners.

Do you carry specific wedding and engagement rings?

The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC, carries a very limited selection of wedding designs, because we design jewelry upon request. Nonetheless, there are wedding creations on our website to view. I don’t currently carry engagement rings.

What are the challenges you experience as a jeweler in the U.S.?
When I first started creating jewelry, I thought I just needed to make a few necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and the money was going to automatically flow. Unfortunately, that was not the case, because it did not happen like that. I’m still a small business. I have not had major challenges, however, when I first started designing jewelry, I was faced with not knowing how to properly set up my business, I didn’t know how to set up systems that are needed to be in place in order for my business to have a continual flow as it should have in order to run efficiently. I’m happy to say that connecting with the right people has helped my jewelry business to shift in the right direction for growth to becoming globally known.

Any word of advice for interested or upcoming jewelers?
The advice I would give to upcoming jewelers is to do your research in the industry. Get your business registered, get all the licenses that you may need and never stop learning about your craft. It makes you more confident in sales, networking and collaborating with people from different walks of life. Connect with like minded individuals who will assist you with building your business.

Do you have any last words?
I would like to take this time out to thank you for considering to feature my business in your magazine. I’m thankful and grateful for such an awesome and blessed opportunity.

How can customers find you?
I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my website.
Facebook: The Freeman Jewelry Collection
Twitter: @FreemanJewelry
Instagram: Freeman_jewelry
Business number: (561) 704-2628.

Picture Credit: All pictures submitted by Nakishia Freeman.