What Did You Think About Bridesmaids?

Unwana Umosen

  While picking your bridesmaids, make sure you're choosing wisely. As a selected bridesmaid, you have to be ready to make your bride happy at the end of the day. You don't want to pick someone who is uninterested in you or doesn't even want to attend your wedding. At Nigerian weddings, you also need bridesmaids to beautify your entry. Most times, it’s the “bridal train” during the reception that people wait for. While people think that’s what bridesmaids are all about, here’s a disclaimer, that it’s actually more than that.

As a bride, 

1. Keep their opinions and feelings in mind
You need all of them to agree with you. You must know if the location of your wedding is convenient for them if the time is great for them and also if they are emotionally stable to even attend your wedding. Ensure that everyone is on the same page, and there’s no bad blood between anyone because there might be chaos when trying to get things in order.

2. Plan on time
Make your wishes known to them on time. Let them know if you want a particular color of shoes for your bridesmaids to wear if you would like a specific hairstyle or a type of jewelry. It is advisable you let them know months before your wedding. This is so that they can decline if they wish, or start preparing if they are down to do as you want.

3. Remember their budgets
You can’t be making demands if you know your bridesmaids don’t have the money to do what you need to achieve. Don’t go to the best fashion designer in your city, and expect them to pay for all of it. Negotiate prices with them for everything that concerns them.

4. Provide for them
Now that they finally agreed to make it to your wedding miles away from their homes, ensure you care about their feeding and shelter. If your wedding is on a low budget, make it known, but still, cater to all of them in every way you can. It’s your responsibility to ensure they have makeup artists, all their dresses ready and everything else. Transportation to the wedding venue is also very essential. You don’t want your bridesmaids running in when your wedding party is already started.

5. Ask politely
Recently, brides share gift boxes and packages to ask their friends (or whoever) to be their bridesmaids. Yes, it’s a big deal! It’s a sign of courtesy and it is very welcoming. Someone who never dreamt of being a bridesmaid might accept just because of the way you made an approach. You need to make your request in the best way possible to get the best answers.

As a bridesmaid,

Remember to make your presence count! You can’t be a silent bridesmaid. The maid of honor/ chief bridesmaid would be in charge of the bridal shower, she needs the bridesmaids to chip in some ideas, help with some errands and make the whole process fun. You may need to add some money as well, but if you’re broke, make it known. Sometimes, the chief bridesmaid handles all the funding or the family of the bride, but always make sure you clarify.

5 Locations for Your Honeymoon

After an eventful day, and when all the wedding plans are over, you and your spouse can finally have a special time. You will need somewhere unique and exciting for your big night. Spend your time resting and celebrating your marriage in a beautiful environment. There are some examples to help you make a decision. Go on an adventure and try out somewhere you’ve never been before for your special honeymoon. 

1. Kenya

Kenya is an amazing location in Africa! It is where you can always find the popular BIG Five which consists of the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard. It is a tourist attraction because of its wildlife and safari. Going into Kenya is always easy, you don’t have to break the bank or go through rigorous processes of getting a VISA. The safari is guided with tourist instructors, accompanied by wonderful lodges and hotels around the attraction. Kenya also has ancient sites that excite people, it is educating and entertaining. Be sure t have a great time for a wonderful African feeling!

2. Bali: 

With its exceptional infrastructure and natural surroundings, Bali could not miss this list. It is one of the places every couple would love to visit for their honeymoon or a private vacation. It is best for relaxation, luxury, and romance. This Indonesian island is captivating from the pictures and videos but is even better when you are at the location.

 3. Dubai:

Dubai has the best luxurious packages for you. If yours falls between January and February, get ready to shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival. The weather in Dubai is at its best from November through March. Enjoy walks or rides on the desert, cruises and couple treats. Visit Dubai’s most popular places such as Burg Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Aquarium. Make sure you eat lots of different dishes and don’t forget to buy gold for your mum at home! 

 4. Paris:

As we all know; Paris is the city of love. There are many main attractions you must see if you’re going to Paris with the love of your life. From the Louvre to the Temple of Love and even spend some time being young again at Disneyland. Take lovely pictures at a view from the Eiffel Tower, lodge into the best hotels and go for an eventful dinner under the moonlight afterward. For a more sophisticated and expensive honeymoon, go to Paris and have the time of your life. 

 5. Hawaii:

There are a number of islands in Hawaii to choose from to go for your honeymoon. For lovers, Oahu and Maui are great islands to visit. From interesting cocktails, and beach vibes and natural attractions, your honeymoon will take a new turn, especially if you’ve never been somewhere like it before. At Maui, there are great accommodations available, to sun-kissed beaches and couple packages. It never gets enough. Get ready after your wedding party with your beach wears, flip flops and sunglasses and let Hawaii welcome you. 

Is Your Wedding Color Important?

Unwana Umosen

Are you confused as to why you have to choose a color for your wedding? Are you tired of people asking what the color theme is for your wedding when you don't have one? This is the place for you! You may be wondering why it seems so important for some couples to choose a color because you just want to say your vows and get going. There are a few things you must know.

First of all, colors portray different things. People like to go for colors that have great meanings: white signifies purity; red shows confidence; blue is for serenity and peace; pink brings a feminine tone to a wedding etc.

However, you may want to go through different reasons why 
people make it important for their wedding ceremonies.

Why Are They Important?

1. Your wedding color indirectly says a lot about your personality. It may not seem so, but it does. It always depends on you as a person. However, it represents you as a whole. It is an easy way to understand the kind of person you are from your wedding.

2. It sets a tone and mood: Your choice of colors creates a mood for your wedding. It also has a great way of inviting your guests. It could create a happy, calm or wild tone for your event. For example, gold is usually chosen for a sense of royalty and class, as yellow is for sunshine and happiness.

3. Organization and aesthetics:
Your wedding scenery would look pleasing as soon as it has a color theme. Having a variety of colors makes it look disorganized. Colors are more inviting and it shows a sense of welcoming and well-planning for your wedding ceremony. You can decide to go simple and choose just one color, but it’s totally your choice.

Steps to Choosing your Colors

1. Put your standards in mind

If you personally don’t like bright colors, you could go for a black-tie event. It’s absolutely you to decide, but it has to be something your spouse agrees with. Most people think of their wedding colors a long time before the wedding, so everyone should have an idea of what they want their wedding to look like.

2. Practice research
Look through a variety of magazines, pictures, and posts for inspiration. Many times, during the planning process of a wedding, there are a series of choices made before landing at a conclusion. Ensure you go through all options till you finally decide. Don’t forget to work with time, because your color sets the theme for how your wedding invitation may look like and your decorations.

3. Try choosing your color according to your location
Bright colors always look better outdoors. They bring out the decorations to blend with nature and make the wedding beautiful. Colors like gold and black look great indoors. Also, if you’re looking to have great lighting at your event, pink or purple would be fantastic.

Colors bring life to your wedding, so enjoy picking what you want. However, do not forget to make the right decisions and consult your wedding planner if you’re confused at any point.

4 Tips for Renting Your Wedding Dress

Unwana Umosen

Ladies plan their weddings to be the most memorable day of their lives. They would want to look back twenty years later and tell the story of what it took to get that wedding dress. Not just with pictures, but the jewelry, shoes and the dress!

However, buying a dress costs a lot of money. If you are getting married on a budget, renting dresses is an easy way out. Now that you’re not getting a dress customized for you, there are a few things you must know.

1. Search for your dress on time:

Beautiful rented dresses are scarce. You don’t want to get to the best rental shop and realize that the dress that caught your eye online, is no longer available. Always have the upper hand in every situation. Trust me, you may not be the only one wedding that weekend, neither will you be the only one renting a dress.

2. Be careful during your reception:

You can be excited you got a great bargain. You can dance all you want during your reception because your wedding was a huge success and you’re getting married to your best friend. However, you don’t want to dance so much and mistakenly rip the dress or destroy it totally. You will pay for that damage, and that is an extra debit from your bank account, which you didn’t plan for. It only brings back the nightmare of the spending money buying a new dress.

3. Ensure to try it on before making payments: 

Do not rush the process. Your wedding dress is what will appear in the pictures throughout. It will be left hanging on the wall in your sitting room and resting by the table in your bedroom. You don’t want to take all those pictures down because you hated how you looked in your wedding dress. Make sure the dress fits properly and it has no issues. When you’re absolutely sure and ready to pay, then you’re good to go.

4. Do not be too expectant:

 Renting a dress is way cheaper than buying one, but don’t expect the price to be extremely low. You can’t rent a good dress at the price of a regular jumpsuit. It just doesn’t work that way. So, keep it in mind that just because you must have heard renting a dress is way cheaper, you may not get it as cheap as you expected.

5. You can’t have it your way:

Most dresses, have been worn by others and were customized for others. When looking to rent a dress, have an open mind to different styles. If you want your wedding dress a specific way, you need to remind yourself that you don’t have the money for that kind of luxury.

Many ladies get lucky to rent wonderful dresses and look amazing for their wedding. Note these tips and you won’t regret it. Enjoy the renting process!