Beach Wedding Dress Designers

Olaoluwa Olowu

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding ceremony. From the dress to the ring, every aspect of the day is expected to be a fantasy come true.
However, the most important part of a wedding – although often underrated – is the location.
For some brides,  the perfect wedding must be in a grand hall with dazzling chandeliers while for others, a quiet wedding in the backyard of their family homes or garden is perfect. Whatever your preference, the location could determine the type of dress.
That being said, keep in mind that whichever place you want your wedding to take place, your wedding dress should be complementary to the location. The location doesn't only influence the dress but also the decoration and the theme.
So if you're planning to have a beach wedding, you sure wouldn’t want an over-the-top wedding dress because it could easily get destroyed by the water and sand.
Not that alone, you also don’t want a dress that won't let you move around freely, after all, you are on the beach!
The good thing is we took the trouble to help you find some gorgeous wedding dresses that are perfect for a beach wedding. Trust they are the ones that scream 'beauty in simplicity'.
Good fabric, a beautiful design and the perfect designer will ensure that your wedding dress will be just as perfect as the ceremony itself.
To serve as guidelines and inspiration, we've highlighted some of the best beach wedding dress designers below.

Elizabeth Fillmore bridal
Elizabeth Fillmore was drawn to the magical aspect of wedding dresses after spending several years designing evening dresses. The Elizabeth Fillmore bridal collection was launched in 1999 as an extension of her evening line.
New York-based Elizabeth Fillmore is known for the whimsical touches in her modern designs. Her designs are a beautiful balance of sophistication, feminity and a touch of the Bohemian style.
There is an overall lightness to her wedding dresses with graceful draping accents that just makes them the perfect dress for a beach wedding.

Stella York
Wedding dresses by designer Stella York are characterized by fun, flirty and fabulous silhouettes. Womanly details like falling tulle, romantic lace and shimmering beading are thoughtfully designed into each and every dress.
Stella York wedding dresses are more than just a designer label. They are a perfect complement to the bride's style and attitude. Browse through the Sarah York bridal collection and find the perfect wedding for your beautiful beach wedding.

Essense of Australia
Find the way key to allure with beautiful lace, stylish contours, and textured tulle wedding gowns from the Essense of Australia designer wedding dress collection.
From plus-size wedding gowns to mermaid moments, each dress from the bridal collection is unique and gorgeous.
Wedding dresses by Essence of Australia create a superior fit which shapes a bride's true beauty while allowing you sink your feet in the beautiful sand without worrying about hard-to-remove stains after your beach wedding.

Martina Liana
The Martina Liana wedding gown collection has grown from the celebrated mind of Chief Creative Officer, Martine Harris, and every cut,  embellishment and consideration of a Martina Liana design is made with one idea in mind.
This is seen in the way the luxurious fabrics flow. When you select a Martina Liana wedding dress for your beach wedding, you wear more than just a wedding dress. You make a statement.

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Traditional wedding trends in Nigeria

Olaoluwa Olowu

A Nigerian wedding party can never be mistaken with any other because when we party, we go big all the way.
A wedding ceremony is often a public display of marriage vows but here in Nigeria it goes beyond the vows.
Traditional wedding in Nigeria is a ceremony done indigenously to signify the joining of the bride and groom as well as the acceptance of the union by their parents and family members. 
All traditional Nigerian weddings are characterized by a large wedding reception where the crowd from the wedding ceremony increases.
Other than the large crowd, there are other trends that are peculiar to Nigerian weddings. 
We have put together a list of traditional wedding trends in Nigeria.

1.    ASO OKE
This is a traditionally hand woven thick cloth made from cotton yards and wild silk of different colors. It is worn by the bride and groom at the traditional wedding and may be used as the material for the bride's head gear.
For the bride's garment it usually consists of four parts; The blouse, the wrap around, the head tie and the shoulder sash. 
This even gets better, it comes in rich, vibrant colors with perforated patterns that create beautiful designs.

It is an important part of the bride's traditional attire. It is made from different materials and may correlate with the color scheme of the bride's outfit. It is tied on the bride's head and comes in different shapes and designs.
In recent times, there have been altercations to the traditional methods of gélé tying. Modern styles and techniques have been introduced to this antique essential of traditional weddings in Nigeria. 

These are peculiar to each ethnic group in Nigeria. The different groups have their own styles and colors in which their traditional wedding beads are made. 
They are worn by the couple on their hands, necks, feet and sometimes on their heads. They add the final touch to the outfit if the couple. 
Occasionally, the parents of the couple also put on beads. 

4.   ASO EBI
This is a timeless and invaluable trend in Nigerian traditional weddings. It is a uniform attire worn primarily by the couple's family and close friends. It is also made available to interested guests and is expected to be worn at the ceremony and reception. 
'Aso ebi' ranges through all kinds of materials. The material is for the 'Aso Ebi' is usually selected by the female relatives of the couple. The design-styles are usually decided individually or by a group of friends or relatives. Modern styles have been incorporated into Aso Ebi designs.

Every traditional wedding ceremony in Nigeria has a color scheme. The decorations and outfits reflect these colors and guests who did not get 'Aso Ebi' are inclined to dress according to the color scheme of the day. The couple may be dressed in colors that are not a part of the color scheme but no matter what they must stand out and look glamorous- after all, it is THEIR day.

This is a list consisting of a wide range of items that the groom is expected to bring to the traditional wedding. It is compiled by the bride's family members-mostly male and it is given to the bride after the introduction (if there was an introduction before the engagement).
The items are expected to help ease the bride into the transition from daughter to wife. Some items on the list have traditional and religious significance like kolanut for long life and strength. 

These are an important trend for traditional weddings in Nigeria. They are photoshoots that are done weeks or months before the wedding day and the pictures are usually used for invitation cards and souvenirs. Pictures from the pre-wedding photoshoots are also used for the wedding photo album.

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My Perfect Wedding Games

Olaoluwa Olowu

 Hey there beautiful bride-to-be! We are certain your reception plans are well underway; menu, setting, decor, you definitely have those handled.
You most likely have an excellent band or DJ to provide entertainment alongside a professional master of ceremony, but how about including something different- Wedding reception games!
Playing games at your wedding reception is sure to make your wedding non-forgettable. Your guests participate  in the games and this is sure to amp the fun and act as ice breakers for those who are strangers.
You can play them shortly after your guests have eaten or after your toasts have been raised. 
Interestingly, the game choices are vast depending on the theme of your wedding, guest list and personal preference.
Whether you're having an indoor or outdoor reception, these games will provide harmless fun for you and your guests.
1. Tic tac toe 
This is one of the best games for your indoor wedding reception. You can divide your guests into two halves and set up a large tic tac toe board with one half representing 'x' and the other representing 'o' and whichever team wins gets bragging rights.
Plus, an alternative way to play this game at your reception is to give out tic tac toe boards on each table and the winner of the table faces off with the winner of another table – like a mini competition and the last two winners standing play against the couple.
This is a great game to ease the tension among strangers in the reception. 

2. Sack race 
Perfect for an outdoor wedding, this game is sure to make your reception memorable one.
Get your groomsmen and groom into sacks and make them race across the yard or sand depending on your location. This is definitely going to entertain your guests.
Also, make sure your wedding photographer captures their expressions as they all try to win. 

3. Shoe game 
This game is meant to entertain your guests only – you and your groom are the players.
The couple sits backing each other in the center of the room and hold  one leg of each other's shoes. Guests ask some questions about their relationship and plans for married life ranging from cute questions like "who noticed the other first?" to hilarious questions like "who sleeps on the right side of the bed?" and of course, cringeworthy questions like "who leaves the toilet seat up?".
The couple answers by raising the corresponding shoe. 

4. Group shoe game 
You can get your guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate in the shoe game described above. But as opposed to holding up shoes (because there are only two pairs) you can get "bride" and "groom" signs for them to hold up when answering the questions. 

5. Crossword puzzles 
You can have this game for your indoor or outdoor reception.
Create a large crossword board with wedding themed names and you can include names of your guests. You can set up your guests into teams or simply make it open participation for interested guests.
Anyone or team that finds the most words gets a prize.
This is a definite ice breaker and conversation starter.

6. Booklets to fill in.
This is really no playing to this but it is equally entertaining and informative.
Place little booklets on each table for everyone- each of your guests must have a booklet and inside it ask them funny questions about you and your spouse or ask for advice about married life and other helpful information.
To make it more entertaining, read out the funny comments and advice. Remember to keep your guests anonymous while reading. 

7. I spy
This is a classic game that is bound to entertain you and your guests.
You can have the master of ceremony call out the spy items and watch as your guests get into a frenzy to identify the items.
Alternatively you can hand out lists for interested participants and give them disposable cameras to capture their findings, pictures from the game can be printed and pasted on a large photo board.
This is going to make your wedding a fond memory for your guests. 

8. Scrabble 
Get a custom made scrabble board and Tiles with the original design and letters.
This is a perfect game for an outdoor wedding. It is perfect as an ice breaker if you have a large wedding where your guests are likely to be strangers to each other.
It is also great to use for bonding time among your family and friends if you have a small guest list.  

9.  Spin the wheel
Following the standard rules of spinning the wheel, you can make the items related to your wedding theme or have hilarious prices and tasks placed on the wheel.
This is a great game to play if your guest list includes children and teenagers, so you can have innocent fun while getting entertained. 

10. Chess
Chess is a classic game and it's sure to be a hit among the young and old guests at your reception.
You can make it a mini competition between the guests if you're having an indoor wedding or you could make a large chess board for your outdoor reception.

Above all, give your guests a good laugh and make your wedding a memorable one with these wedding reception games that are sure to put the finishing touch to your perfect wedding. 

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How to start a wedding dress business

Olaoluwa Olowu

Elegant, glamorous or unique, every bride-to-be wants a perfect wedding
However, if you've decided to take up the task of delivering that perfection,
it's possible that you're a fashion designer going into wedding dress business or just a business savvy person.

Nevertheless, it may interest you to know that a wedding dress business is an enjoyable and high profit venture. Though starting it up is a big task and
coupled with the fact you need to have an eye for detail if you're going into
the wedding dress business.

As if that’s not enough, you will also be dealing with all kinds of brides and
their entourage: some will be emotional (cry over every single dress), some
will be loud and some will be rude. But it's your job to provide them with
beautiful dresses.

Apart from all these, there's more to a wedding dress business than having
beautiful dresses on racks.
That’s why we’ve put together a guideline that will help you start a wedding
dress business

1.       Research
Look before you leap! Don't get swept up with the excitement and plans you have for the business that you forget the most important part of the start
up- research.
Ask for advice from business professionals. Find out information about weddings, wedding dress designers, bridal shops and invest in wedding magazines.
More so, familiarize yourself with the dos and don'ts of the bridal fashion
industry (you don't want to be that store owner who doesn't know the
difference between tulle and chiffon).

2.   Location
This is one of the most important factors that attribute to the success or
failure of a business.
If you want your customers to feel comfortable in the environment where
your business is located, you may want to consider major roads where you
can easily be noticed or complexes where other wedding related businesses are located. Set up your business in an area where you will be recognized and patronized.
Take notice of the populace surrounding you and make sure you're within
the right crowd that will promote your business and attract customers.

3.   Interior Design
Your store or office must be designed to be aesthetically pleasing so that the aura can appeal to your client and her entourage. You want to go for
designs that exude elegance and glamour.
The seating arrangements in changing rooms must be convenient for both
small groups and large groups.
Your interior design speaks miles about your fashion sense which will
undoubtedly attract potential customers.

4.   Display
When planning your dress display, be sure to work with a scheme.
Put dresses with similar color, design or fabric on the same rack so that it's
easier for the bride-to-be to navigate through your store.
Also, try not to crowd the racks and you can hire an interior designer to help with floor management.
If you have a window display, do not display dresses of the same style at the same time so that potential customers don't assume that's the only design
you have to offer. Select a variety of dresses for your window display.

5.   Staff
Wedding dress business is not a task for one person. There are a lot of
logistics involved and they can't be handled by an individual.
You need to put together a team - formal or informal. A formal team would
consist of full time staff while an informal team would be a group of
However, among others, you need a receptionist/sales person, a fashion
designer and a fashion tailor (if you're not one). If you're planning to start a
big business in a large store, a valet would not be a bad idea.

6.   Social Media marketing
Social media is the hub of interactions in the 21st century. It is the fastest way to promote your business far and wide.
Create accounts for your business on social media platforms like Twitter,
Instagram and Facebook – and post your business online.
Keep the accounts active with pictures of your store and the items you have
for sale.
However, be cautious of online fraudsters. Always use watermarks for your pictures.

7.   Bridal Accessories
Being a wedding dress business doesn't restrict you to only dresses. Shoes,
hair accessories, tiaras, gloves and veils are important accessories for the wedding dress.
You should stock up on accessories for every type of bride and every
wedding dress you have for sale. If you have a set of accessories for every dress, your customers are definitely going to be impressed.

8.     Beverages
Shopping can be so tiring, moreso for a bride-to-be. Most stores offer champagne as beverage while dress shopping but there's no rule that says you can't be diverse.

Offer a variety of drinks to the bride and her entourage while the shopping is going on to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

9.   Network
Talk to people, create connections and put yourself and your business out
Go to events where people from the fashion industry or bridal fashion
industry will be present and promote your business. Interact with people so
you can get quality referrals and patronage.

We know that with these, you will be off to a good start in your wedding
dress business.
Remember! Don't stock up too much of the same design trend as they keep changing constantly. Also, make sure you get every available size of each design.  Good luck and success!



How to create unique wedding invitation cards.

 Olaoluwa Olowu

Wedding invitation cards are a preamble to the main event- they give your
guests a glimpse of what to expect at the ceremony/reception. 
Nevertheless, your invitation cards should be one-of-a-kind – you want your guests to anticipate your wedding ceremony and be inclined to attend. 
To create that perfectly unique card, you don't have to go for the
traditional designs or packaging style. 
Although, it can be a bit of an hassle to create that unique and
detailed invitation card, it's worth the reaction your guests will have
when they receive them. 
We've put together some steps you can take in creating unique wedding invitation cards that are sure to amaze your guests.
1. Style
This is an important aspect in creating a unique invitation card. You
may decide to go retro, vintage or hip with the style for the invitation
card – depending on your preference or the setting of your reception. 
Or you can get style inspiration from your wedding colour scheme or
Theme by using colours from your wedding scheme to create an
aesthetic effect.
You can make your card scroll style, round shaped, or anything you wish – the possibilities are endless and will definitely result in a one-of-a-kind invitation card. 
2. Design 
Go crazy with your cover designs – literally.
Use motifs that blend with your wedding theme and watch your card come alive. Let your card display your personality as best as you can. If you're a traditional, classics bride decorate the cover with elegant interwoven designs and if you're more of an eccentric, hip bride you can use contrasting colors for your cover design. Bottom line, design your card in such a way that your guests will see it as a reflection of your personality.
3.  Paper 
You may want to go for fancy papers for your cards but there are some things you have to consider before ordering a pack. Your design, text and colors must balance well on whatever paper you decide to use so it's advisable to do a test run before printing en masse. Go for quality rather than quantity. You want your guests to be able to keep your invitation card as reference.
4. Font
When picking a font for your invitation cards stay away from bold fonts that look fun and cool. Fonts like that will make your invitation flyer-like and too informal. Instead, go for elegant fonts that will make your invitation timeless. Fonts like Fournier or Allura will provide that formal, elegant grace to your words and make your card one-of-a-kind.
Also, you don't have to use the same font weight for all your details. Make your names, date and venue pop with different weights.
5. Packaging  
Who says you have to put your invitation card in an envelope with
minimum design?
Place your card in a box, in a scroll, wrap it silk or place it in a bag. Let your card package look just as attractive as the card itself- it's likely that your guests will judge your card by its package. For added effect, you can attach a save
the date balloon when sending the cards off.
6. Space management 
Do NOT overcrowd your invitation card. Some brides make the mistake of placing all the details on one side of the invitation card. Make your invitation card look classy with adequate spacing and font size. Restrict yourself to only the important details for the card and be sure to make the most of the paper space you have. 
Amaze your guests with the perfect, beautiful, unique wedding invitation card.

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10 bridal shower gifts for guest

Olaoluwa Olowu

Bridal showers gifts, though not a requirement, can help you set the tone and the theme of your bridal shower.
Besides, the gifts are a way of showing your guests how much you appreciate their support.
In fact, bridal shower gifts have a way of putting finishing touches on your shower and these gifts should be a lasting reminder of your special time together. More so, it should leave a lasting impression on your guest.
Regardless of your budget or theme, there are so many amazing bridal shower gift for your guests.
Here are some thoughtful bridal shower gifts ideas that you should consider. They will also in some way give you a head start on how you can start planning your bridal shower ahead of time.

1.       Manicures and pedicures
This is a tool set every woman should have at home for DIY nail pampering. Besides, heading to the nail salon can get costly and time consuming.
That’s why you should treat your guests to a new bottle of attractive bottle of nail polish. Your  guests will find this lovely and useful. Just be sure to opt for the one with a catchy colour.

2.   Kitchen Towel
You should consider giving each of your guests a personalised kitchen towel with funny and witty sayings. They'll love this new addition to their kitchen.

3.   Tumbler with straw
This is a lovely gift idea. You can gift the tumbler alone or fill them with a few candies inside. On the other hand,  you can choose a colour that best matches your shower theme.

4.   Hair Ties
A lady probably never has too many hair ties. Although they may cost a few pennies, yet they’re a rare commodity that women are always on the hunt for.
Get your guests some adorable hair tie packet customized with your name and the date of the bridal shower.

5.     Chocolate
This is one of those treats that goes with any bridal shower theme. Get your guests some tasty chocolate all wrapped up with a pretty bow. Your guests will be munching on these goodies before they are out of the your door.

6.   Sleep Mask
Looking for a practical gift that’s different from your typical bridal shower gift? A sleep mask will make a great gift for your bridal shower guests.
You know, everyone can use a little bit of help falling asleep – which is exactly what this mask are made for.

7.   Body Scrub
If you’re hosting a shower and you’d like to gift everyone with a unique bath and body themed gift, this is a great option.
Your guests will remember you the next time your guests are in the shower, they can scrub this all over to smoothen out rough spots skin and to promote even complexion.

8.   Hand Sanitizer
You can gift your guests a little “keep the germs at bay”. All you have to do is get them some small bottles of hand sanitizers. They will find this useful and handy to take along anywhere.

9.   Lip Balm
Pick from a variety of fresh flavours for lip balm bridal shower gifts, and customize the labels to fit the occasion or the guest. You could even give guests a few different flavours for extra variety.

10.Put together stunning photo books of friends and family.
And saving the best for the last, you could ask your guests for their emails and then compile memorable photos of the shower into beautiful online photo books that they can cherish.
You can also include between 30 and 366 photos — and share with  them on Facebook or Instagram
Above all, handing out bridal shower gifts is a great way to say thank you to those who attended and helped you with your bridal shower.

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