5 wedding dresses with detachable skirts

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A unique wedding dress is every bride's ultimate dream. No one wants to walk down the aisle in a dress that looks like every other wedding dress in the catalogues. Although the search for the perfect dress and/or the perfect designer can be exhausting, most brides don't mind the stress if it means they'll be wearing a one-of-a-kind dress when they say 'I do.' 

Today, a lot of brides shop for two wedding dresses— one for the wedding ceremony and the second for the reception. It is an obvious fact that not every wedding dress allows the bride to dance comfortably but, buying two gowns could be a huge budget sinker because of how expensive wedding gowns have become. 

If you're stuck in this position where you know you need two gowns but you're being held back by your budget, then we have the perfect solution for you – a convertible wedding dress! This is basically a wedding dress that has two different styles, usually a sheath or a short reception dress with an overskirt that turns it into a ball gown for the wedding ceremony. 

Getting a convertible dress will be a lifesaver for your budget while ensuring that you have the best of both worlds! Removable skirts are dramatic yet romantic and above all, they create two completely different wedding day looks with just one dress! 
We've listed 5 types of wedding dresses with detachable skirts below so check them out and see which fits your idea of the perfect dress for you wedding! 

Short wedding dress
Like short wedding dresses but want a more formal look for the wedding ceremony? Try a short gown with an overskirt. These are usually chic dresses with different styles of necklines and a flowing detachable skirt. You can have the overskirt made to look very full, giving it a ball gown look and when it's time to party at the reception, you can easily detach it and swipe your heels for something more party style. 

Sheath Wedding Dress
This type of two-in-one dress will definitely highlight your curves in the best angles, with an overskirt or a detachable skirt it is the perfect idea for a wedding ceremony. You can have a dress with lace material or a plain dress with embroidery, or both, with different necklines. As for the skirt – it’s often a tulle overskirt that makes the real one not seen, so everyone thinks that you are wearing an A-line gown. When it is time for the reception, you can simply remove it and stun everyone in your new dress. Another option is to cover the whole dress, not only the skirt, with a cape so that when you take it off you’ll really have two different gowns!

Mermaid wedding dress 
Similar to the sheath wedding dress, this style adapts a slim fit in the torso and maintains it to a few inches below or above mid-thigh. For the wedding ceremony, you can add a detachable skirt to a shorter mermaid dress which can be easily remover for the reception. Plus, you can use the original skirt as a part and add a detachable skirt, so the dress looks more impressive and layered. You can also decide that the overskirt or a detachable skirt is made to match the dress, so nobody will be able to guess that it’s a detachable piece.

Dresses with a Slit front
Another lovely way to rock a wedding dress with a detachable skirt is to do it with an overskirt that has a slit, which will show off your legs. Some detachable skirt designs feature overskirts that reveal your legs and your short dress slightly and this becomes quite fashionable when mixed with pockets, beading which would definitely fit a modest ceremony. When it's time for the reception you can easily slip off the over skirt and stun your guests in a new style
High-low dresses 
This is one of the most exciting ways to wear a detachable skirt for your wedding dress. Rather than having the full over skirt cover your legs completely for the formal ceremony then detach the entire thing afterwards, you can make a half detachable skirt. As you get ready for your reception party, you can just detach the front of the over skirt so it will transform your beautiful wedding dress into a beautiful high-low reception dress! 
With a two-for-one dress you can easily switch up your look from the wedding ceremony to the reception party. Begin the day with a fuller silhouette for the wedding vows, and end it with a sleeker style that's just right for dancing!

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Wedding on a Budget Ideas

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A wedding ceremony should be a celebration of love, not an avenue to break the bank. However, most people have taken the scale up a few absurd notches and the current trend in weddings are lavish and extravagant.
The average cost of a wedding ceremony globally is equivalent to half the price of a Porsche Cayenne- Crazy, right?
Planning your wedding must be head tightening as you try to weigh the different available options in order to pick what's best, fits your budget and still stays within the trending styles. One thing you must however remember is that the we ding is YOURS, not the guests. So you shouldn't try to fit into their expectations of what it should be like.
If you're working without a blank check for your wedding, then that's completely okay. It doesn't mean you wouldn't have a beautiful ceremony and a memorable reception.
Simple and sweet is always warm and very memorable so you really don't need to be lavish if you're working with a budget.
We've highlighted some ideas that will help you create the perfectly beautiful wedding to celebrate your love while making sure you don't go bankrupt.

This is the core of any wedding because it determines every other aspect of the wedding planning process.
Before you begin drafting a budget, decide on the total amount you wish to spend so you have a form of bracket to streamline your expenses. On your budget, make sure to include only things which you can't get unless you pay for them, that is, unavoidable expenses.
Creating a budget is one thing, sticking to it strictly is another and of more importance.

Wedding outfits
The wedding dress, jewelry and other accessories actually cost a lot more than is expected, same for the groom's attire.
So to cut your costs, have a member of your family or a friend who has knowledge and passion for designing create a beautiful wedding dress for you.
An alternative to this is renting the outfit for the bride, groom and the bridal train. It is incomparably cheaper than buying while making sure your day turns out as beautiful as you dreamed. 


Perhaps your fantasy wedding takes place in an elaborately designed hall with all the works from chandeliers to expensive background. Regardless, you need to know that you can have a beautiful wedding reception with much less expense.
 Also, you don't have to have a destination wedding if your wedding is on a budget. You can use a pocket friendly events  hall and adorn it with beautiful decorations. If your preference is an  outdoor wedding, you can make use of a backyard or your local beach.

Catering for a large crowd at your reception can be a huge weight on your budget. So instead of inviting everyone you know, just make it a cozy affair so that you can cater for them well – whilst staying within the budget lines.
Your favorite local restaurant can be the alternative to hiring a caterer for your wedding reception. You just have to ensure that the dishes on the menu are creative, tasty and low priced.
Always remember to negotiate for the best prices you can get for any goods or services and be careful to avoid hidden charges.

The Master of Ceremony (MC) is another underrated expense in wedding planning.
Rather than pay a huge amount for a MC, have a family friend or relative who is good with words and has a good sense of humor do the job.  A local DJ or upcoming band is also a perfect replacement instead of hiring a high-end band to perform.
Also, if you don't want to deal with the expense of hiring a DJ or band, you can simply put up a deck with a playlist of popular songs.

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How to find Bridesmaid Dress Rental

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Bridesmaids play so many important purposes that vary from being the personal assistant to being an enthusiasm coach for the bride.
On the wedding day, the bridesmaids flank the bride and sort of emphasize her beauty and glamour which means they must be beautifully dressed but not so much that they overshadow the bride.
If you've been given the honorary title of being someone's bridesmaid then you should already be aware that you're in for something akin to a rollercoaster.
Like all bridesmaids, finding a perfect dress could seem like an absolute nightmare to you, especially if the bride doesn't provide a color or style to guide your selection.
If you're the bride and you've decided to add 'finding bridesmaid dresses' to your list of things to do before the wedding then firstly, we salute your strength. Most brides are often too stressed by the other items involved in planning their wedding that they leave bridesmaid business to the Chief bridesmaid.
However, regardless of the fact that you're a bridesmaid, a chief bridesmaid or even the bride, we have the perfect solution for getting the best bridesmaid dresses.
Rentals! It's easier to have the bridesmaids rent dresses to wear for the wedding (in case some don't fancy the color and style) than to make dresses for everyone or have them buy.
In a bid to further ease your job, we're providing you with an easy outline that will help you find the best places where you can rent beautiful bridesmaid dresses to wear (as a bridesmaid) or for your wedding train (as a bride).
Just follow these guidelines and we're certain that you'll be surrounded by stunning bridesmaids for your big day!

Style and design
Finding a place to rent a beautiful dress is one thing, deciding on which dress to get is another thing. When searching for a bridesmaid dress rental, make sure you have a design or particular style in mind so that you don't flounder when faced with a selection.
Also, having a style to work with will help you streamline the stores you visit because, every store has a different style they showcase. Although they might diversify, you will still see the obvious pattern in all the dresses they have on display.
So before you set out on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid rental, decide on the style and design of the dresses you want for the bridesmaids.

Online surfing
The internet has made a lot of things almost too easy for us to get and this also applies to finding rentals. Typing in a keyword on your search engine will yield more results than going around to ask people about it.
When you search for bridesmaid dress rentals online, you'll find several stores and suggestions for where you can get them but there are certain things you must look out for when surfing through the suggestions.
Make sure that the rental you're opting for is in a location close to you so you can easily pick up the dresses or pay less for delivery. Also, double check for any hidden charges or fees.

Bridal shows
In every year there is usually a peak period (summer/spring) when a  lot of wedding fashion  shows and exhibitions will be held. This is most likely the easiest and fastest way to get a rental for your bridesmaids dresses so make sure you attend as many as you can in order to get quality information.
In addition to the possibility of rental stores being present at these shows and exhibitions, you can also enquire from the other attendees about the best places to rent from and the best style for the bridesmaids dresses, if you haven't decided on it.

This is the most important determinant of where you're renting your bridesmaids dresses. Most wedding planning is usually done around a budget. Although some may require that the bridesmaids fund their outfits individually, others may cater for that. Either way, you don't want to weigh the budget down with a heavy price for bridesmaids dresses rental.
After asking around and making necessary research, make sure you choose a rental service that doesn't have hidden additional fees as well as one that offers quality gowns at decent prices.

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How to make 2 in 1 wedding dresses

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The wedding fashion industry is one of the largest industries and this is simply because of the high demand for wedding outfits because,  what is a wedding without a beautiful dress and a perfect suit to go with it. Wedding dresses however, are one of the strongest stakeholders in the continued growth of the wedding fashion industry. This is simply as a result of the increasing demand for amazing designs that are unique while being beautiful couture.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with desiring a unique wedding dress for your big day but most brides often miss the point of uniqueness – or they just choose to ignore it. The past years have seen several  'unique' wedding dresses walked down the aisle by brides who didn't care that their dress created several cringes.
One unique wedding dress trends in the Wedding fashion industry that has been widely accepted and loved by designers and brides across the world is the 2-in-1 wedding dress! Typically,  a bride wears at least two dresses on her big day, the wedding dress and the reception dress. However,  the 2-in-1 dress saves the time, cost and energy it would take to make and change into two different dresses.
2-in-1 wedding dresses are simply dresses that can be easily converted into a different style with just a few alterations or removals from the main dress.  Most 2-in-1 dresses are made with long trails for the church wedding/ marriage ceremony which can be unclipped or removed to reveal a shorter hem beneath the dress. Another common type of 2-in-1 wedding dresses are those with detachable arms or tops that will make the dress more suitable for the reception.
To further impress you with the sheer brilliance of this fashion trend,  we'll be giving you a few tips and highlights on How To make 2-in-1 wedding dresses below.

In any wedding planning, the budget should be taken very seriously because it determines what can and cannot be done. When making a two in one wedding dress,  the limits of the budget should be considered because the quality of the material, the design and style all rely on how much is available to be spent. The budget serves as the centre of all decisions to be made concerning the wedding plan which,  of course, includes the wedding dress— or in this case,  the Two in one wedding dress!

The most important part about creating a 2-in-1 wedding dress is the transformation of the first dress into a different dress. This can be by un-clipping, untying or un-knotting the over skirt that covers the shorter length or whatever design lays beneath the full skirt. The fuller skirt,  which is usually made with tulle, is for the formal wedding ceremony and creates a ballgown effect for the wedding dress. Beneath the over skirt is the actual design of the dress which could be a shorter version of the full dress,  a jumpsuit or a high low dress. When the over skirt is taken away after the wedding ceremony,  the reception dress is revealed. 

Design and Style
The design and style for two in one dresses, although seemly similar,  come in various types.  The reception dress which is revealed later may not necessarily be a dress!  It could as well be a jumpsuit. Although the material of the over skirt must match the bodice of the dress, the lower part could be of a different design giving it a magical transformation.  Another way of creating a romantic look is to add a cape for either the version of the dress for the ceremony or the version for the reception.

 It is a fact that the theme of the wedding day determines a lot of things that go into the wedding like the light,  the decor,  the music and sometimes the cake. The wedding dress doesn't escape this same influence of the wedding theme because the theme is often based on the lifestyles and personality of the couple.  A two in one wedding dress should be made to fit the theme of the wedding— a chic or modern type of wedding should have an over skirt with a slit front that will reveal some part of the bride's leg during the ceremony while an elegant themed wedding would have an over skirt with full layers to create a Victorian look.

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Wedding Dress Designer Games

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Wedding dresses are a beautiful mystery to the inexperienced eye. The elegance and glamour they add to the beauty of the bride on the big day is something to look forward to at every wedding ceremony. However, selecting the perfect dress and design can be a delicate and exhausting task for the bride.
Being a bride-to-be involves making a ton of decisions and drafting several lists that can get really exhausting and to top it all, you have to search for the perfect dress. Your wedding dress may have been an object of your fantasies as a little girl or something you didn't give much thought to when growing up.
Regardless, the search for a beautiful dress that fits your style and suits your taste is not always so much fun once you get started.
In a bid to help you, seeing as we understand how frustrating and exhausting it can be, we have devised the best way to relax while acquiring right knowledge of wedding dress designs at your own comfort. Wedding dress designer games!
Rather than going through endless stores, waiting for the perfect dress to call out to you, simply download one (or all) of the games listed below and dive into the virtual world of bridal perfection. Some of these games even feature hair and makeup that helps you create your avatar into the closest representation of what you want to see on yourself for your big day.
These games offer the options of different wedding dress designs and styles that can help you narrow your search. Browse through the options and combinations and find your favorite look, visit the stores that offer similar styles or enlist a creative designer to execute the design.
Below is a list of some of the best wedding dress designer games that will undoubtedly narrow the search for the perfect dress- at the comfort of your phone!
Prim and clover
•Wedding dress creator
•Super wedding stylist
•Wedding planner
•Ellie wedding dress design
•Fashion studio
•Wedding Lily
•Wedding dress maker
Each of these games features a range of dresses and styles which you can try on an avatar to your specifications and they are available for download on app stores and play stores.


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How to find Designer Wedding Dress Rental

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Getting married? Congratulations!
Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? We understand! While getting married is a once in a lifetime event for some people, everyone expects it to be absolutely magical- something straight out of a fairytale or a romance novel.
What most people don't anticipate is the amount of behind-the-scenes work that has to be put in to have the perfect wedding ceremony.
Planning a wedding ceremony is truly exhausting regardless of how excited you are about it. There are decisions to be made and it can all get overwhelming. Hence, cold feet in some brides.
However, one major thing that remains on your mind, as a bride, is the wedding dress! Yes, the object of your fantasies and various daydreams.
Most wedding dresses are a reflection of the bride's personality and if you're leaning towards being a glam, luxurious bride, then designer wedding dresses are definitely at the top of your thoughts.
Buying a wedding dress is easier said than done, especially if it has to be designer. You have to visit several bridal stores and consult several designers. Sounds like more to add to your to-do doesn't it?
Worry not! We have the perfect solution for your wedding dress dilemma, Designer wedding dress rentals!

Wedding magazines
Wedding magazines are basically the best friends of a bride-to-be. Any and all information pertaining to pre- and post-wedding plans are all available within the glossy pages.
Most brides-to-be indulge in several copies from several brands. So, if you haven't gotten your packs yet, subscribe to some right now. Most wedding magazines, if not all, have information and details on where and  how to get the perfect designer wedding dress for your big day.
Check out the bridal stores that are listed for any dress that catches your eyes, chances are that the store also offers rental services.

Bridal stores
To rent the best designer wedding dress for your wedding, create a list of bridal stores around your location which are likely to have designer dresses. Some stores exclusively offer designer dresses for their collections and your dress is most likely waiting on one of their racks. While venturing on your tour of stores, always remember to enquire if they have options for rental  before skimming through the racks- just to avoid disappointment.

Wedding exhibitions 
Designer bridal stores and collections are always present at exhibitions and bridal shows so you have to make it a point of duty to attend as many as you can. At exhibitions you will definitely find a place to rent a beautiful designer dress for your wedding and if you don't, you'll be pointed in the right direction to where you can.

It's almost impossible for a bride to figure everything out on her own without seeking assistance – even if you are/were a wedding planner.
Making inquiries from other brides and stores for references will really narrow down the search for stores that offer rental services for designer wedding dresses. Getting references and referrals is an important aspect in planning a wedding to avoid any and all errors.

Online shopping
One of the most stress-free and efficient ways to shop is to go online.
Rather than visit stores one by one, you can have their websites and online stores opened on several tabs on one computer. When you enter the appropriate key words, you will find several designer wedding dress rentals on the Internet.
All that will be left  to do is to  select one that offers your choice of style, within your location and at the right price you'll have your dream dress. 

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Modest Wedding Dress Designers

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A wedding ceremony is the reality  of the dreams and fantasies of both the bride and the groom. It is a once in a lifetime event and a celebration of their love.
For this reason and an endless list of more, the couple typically goes all out in trying to perfect their wedding plans. Everything from the lights to the drapes must be perfect and beautiful for their big day. This is why the bride is expected to go over the top and stun the guests with a beautiful wedding dress.
For most brides, this doesn't pose a problem at all. It is easy to find glamorous, lavish dresses in every bridal store – and most wedding dress designers boast of several of these types of dresses.
However, what happens to you the bride-to-be who is known for her simplicity and reserved lifestyle? Will you be able to wow them while looking like your personality deems? Yes! You can!
Modest wedding dresses are not as uncommon as most wedding planners might lead you to believe. With the dedication of a great designer, the simplicity of the dress will be maximized to a beautiful work of art.
So worry not, we have come to your rescue. After careful research and examination, we have highlighted some wedding dress designers who have created modest masterpieces among which we are certain you'll find your style!

Allure Bridals
Allure Bridals is a UK-based bridal store that features a range of stunning dresses for brides, bridesmaids and other formal gowns. The designers at allure bridals create styles that are well embellished with careful details and perfect draping.
Although, they feature dresses that have bold and dramatic designs, Allure Bridals also has amazing modest wedding dresses designed by professionals in the fashion industry to suit your taste perfectly.

Madeline Gardner
Globally renowned designer, Madeline Gardner, has created a perfect blend of her knowledge from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and her flair for beautiful details with her clothing line, Mori Lee.
The magical thing about Mori Lee bridal dresses is the beaded details and the sumptuous use of fabric by the designers. The modest  dresses featured under the Mori Lee line by Madeline Gardner are a dream come true for every bride because they have the ability to turn any bride to a princess for her big day.

Alyssa Kristin
Based in Chicago, Alyssa Kristin is a bridal store that provides refreshingly modern and timeless designs for brides and bridesmaids.
One major thing that makes Alyssa Kristin's designs stand out is the fact that the store offers low-cost customization for their gowns so that you can look beautiful in your own unique way without breaking your back with the bill.
Looking for a modest wedding dress designer? Alyssa Kristin offers a range of beautiful, sophisticated dresses with enough details to still make you look stunningly chic!

Esila Bridal
This bridal store in Texas specializes in modest dresses so you do not even have to stress about making alterations or customization for your dress of choice.  Esila Bridal provides a selection of modest dresses from a variety of designers that we are confident will make your day as complete and perfect as it should be.

Mon Cheri Bridals
Mon Cheri is an American bridal store that engages industry leading designers like Sophia Tolli and Martin Thornburg to create unique looks for every kind of bride.
The modest dresses that are available on the Mon Cheri collection are a beautiful to behold and without a doubt, we know they'll be perfect for your big day and you will definitely be the center of attention in a modest Mon Cheri dress.

Aire Barcelona
This Spanish bridal house was established in 1999 and it boasts of stylish wedding gowns at accessible price points. Every dress from Aire Barcelona is made perfect with a breathtaking silhouette and some of the sweetest lace details ever seen.
Some of their dresses also have detachable skirts which will help prevent the cost of getting another dress for the reception. Choosing a modest wedding dress by Aire Barcelona simply means you're getting a beautiful, elegant and intricately designed wedding dress that will ensure that all eyes remain on you.

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