5 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

If you’re reading this, chances are you are a bride- to-be or a bridesmaid on a quest to plan the ultimate bridal shower - and you've been thinking a lot about themes to make the day a memorable one.

Undeniably, the bridal shower tradition has evolved as an important part of wedding ceremony itself, perhaps, because it provides the bride an avenue to relax and have fun with her friends before the wedding.

Nevertheless, if you’ve never thrown a bridal shower before, it can be tad difficult to pull off one if not properly guided.

Fortunately, the internet is flooded with lots and lots of ideas on how to throw a bridal shower, all it takes is the internet and a device - which will eventually make your job a lot easier.

The trick to having a successful bridal shower is to organise a party the bride will remember for the rest of her life.

So if you want to make the shower unforgettable and special - and you're looking for some inspiration to throw an amazing bridal shower, keep reading.

We’ve outlined a few ideas that are unique and will make your bridal shower a memorable one.

1. A Couple Shower

You do not have to stick to tradition when it comes to planning your bridal shower you can go unconventional. This type of bridal party is open to both genders. The more the merrier right?. You can have your friends and his friends with nobody feeling left out. Especially if you like to do everything with your partner. It could be an outdoor or indoor event, just make sure you have enough activities that will accommodate both genders.

2. Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower
If you love adventures, then this is definitely for you. Head to the park or in your garden or any of your favourite part of the city and create a fun filled scavenger hunt for your friends. Scatter a lot of unusual but meaningful things around anywhere of your choice and let your friends find them. You could spice it up by dressing up as your favourite cartoon or tv characters.

3. Cooking Class Bridal shower
This is ideal for you if you love food like me. You and your friends will have fun while learning something new. It could be chef lead or you could look up cooking recipes online or look for a restaurant that offers cooking classes. Because it is just for a day you could probably try new appetizers. A perk to this will be the many array of foods that will be available after the cooking class.

4. Spa Day Bridal Shower
Escape to the spa with your friends and pamper yourselves with manicures, pedicures and general body massage. This is quite unusual but fun nonetheless. Create a charming invite probably a card attached to a massage oil or attached to a hand towel. This gives a full insight into what your friends should expect.

5. Destination Bridal Shower
This doesn’t have to be anywhere far and expensive. Choose a weekend and head out to the beach or a resort or even a hotel. Pack your makeup kits and do a makeover while at it. The idea is to get away from work and business and just have fun with your friends in a new place.

Whatever Idea you choose to use, Whether you are planning a bridal shower for yourself or for your friend, remember a bridal shower should be fun and interesting. Find out what you really like to do and tweak it into a masterpiece.

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How to Shop Bridal Shower Gifts

By Olaoluwa Olowu

Your friend’s big day is just around the corner, and she’s just invited you to her bridal shower. Of course, you’re excited for her but more than that, you want to get her a gift to celebrate the occasion appropriately. However, picking the right gift can often be a difficult task.

Most brides usually have a wedding gift registry for the wedding gifts they plan to receive which makes it easier to pick a wedding gift. This can be very helpful in selecting something to give her. Conversely, you may be more inclined to give the bride – who may be a close friend – something a little more personal and thoughtful. Wedding registries are often filled with functional gifts that are beneficial to the couple and may not provide options that have high sentimental value.

You can even get a little more creative with it by organizing a combination gift, such that the bridal shower gift works in conjunction with eventual wedding gift. For example, you might purchase a new set of pots & pans for the bridal shower that you then follow up with an oven.

Speaking of themes, some brides today are throwing themed bridal showers. In situations like these, brides often ask that guests bring gifts that are tied to a central theme. A bride might want only lingerie gifts, or only items for her new kitchen. She might even ask for items that are all in her favorite color. The hostess of the shower should be able to furnish you with any details you need about theme or etiquette.

Shopping for the perfect bridal shower gift can be made easy in these simple steps. Just follow them and you’ll have yourself a great gift that your host won’t soon forget.

1. Check for a registry
The first step in shopping for a wedding or bridal shower gift is to check if the bride has got a gift registry. If the bride has got a bridal shower registry, it’s pretty straightforward to pick out a gift for her. Just check the list for something that’s within your price range and go to a store where you can purchase it. It’s always a good idea to stick to the registry as they reflect the gifts the bride would most appreciate at that given time.

2. Consider your relationship with the bride
If she doesn’t have a registry or you wanna spice things up a notch by not selecting something from her registry, you can still ensure that you’re absolutely getting her something interesting and noteworthy.

Picking out something that’s not off a registry or predetermined list requires understanding your relationship with the bride. You want a gift that’s just right in that sweet spot between “I didn’t put much thought into this” and “I overdid it”. How much you should spend on a gift will intentionally or unintentionally reflect what you think of the bride as well as your relationship with her.

The personality of your gift as well as the cost will ultimately depend on the kind of relationship you and the bride have. If you’re best friends with the bride, you have a lot more leeway in terms of how off-brand or quirky you can make your gift. However, if you’re simply an office acquaintance, opting for the simple, classic gift is a great idea.

Lastly, the bride is expecting the best gifts from the people closest to her. Even if you mean well, upstaging her friends with your gift may very well not sit right with them. Get her something nice without giving off the impression you’re trying to steal her friends’ thunder.

3. Take a look at your budget
How much you should spend and how much you have to spend are in reality, two very different things. Make sure you have no reason to get into debt in trying to get the perfect gift.

If you’re low on funds, rather than borrowing to purchase the gift you have in mind, take time to really scour for something that has great sentimental value but low monetary cost.

4. Find out if there’s a theme
Bridal shower themes often mean a lot to the brides and getting a gift outside the theme is sure to indicate that you couldn’t care less about what you got her.

Reach out to the bride and find out if she’s going with a theme and what the theme is if she is. Once, you’ve gotten all the necessary details you need to understand the theme, get creative with your gifts and channel the spirit of the themed party.

5. Keep it simple
A bridal shower gift is usually a prelude to the main wedding gift. You want to save the best gift for last and most people expect you to give a better wedding gift.

Once you know what you wedding gift is, shop for a bridal shower gift that’s plays up your main gift even while still being an excellent gift in itself.

Shopping for gifts is an art that many have not mastered nor will ever master. Yet, with these tips in mind, you can shop for an excellent gift without breaking the bank. So, next time you’re invited for a bridal shower and need to get a gift, you’ll be ready!


How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress

By Olaoluwa Olowu

Just like a bride in a fairy-tale, you deserve to wear a perfect wedding dress of your own dreams.

So what better way can you do this? You can design your own wedding dress all by yourself!

You don’t have the experience right?

Here’s the good news, you can customize your own wedding dress to your own unique taste, all the way from start to finish, even though you are not a dress maker.

You can simply begin by finding out what details you would love and types of dresses that you know will flatter your figure.

Besides, designing your own wedding dress can be a really fun idea. All hail to the existence of computers and the internet, designing your own wedding dress have been made less a hassle – even if you have no first-hand idea of dress making.

More so, if you've never designed a dress, it's wise that you work with someone who is skilled and experienced.

So, if you are you a bride-to be that will love to customize every detail of her big day, we are willing to take you through the steps of designing your own dress. They are easy.

These days, many online wedding dress design websites have started surfacing, so you are spoilt for countless options.

Also, don't be afraid to ask for help or suggestions from friends and families.

Interestingly, the process is fun, meaningful, and really cool all the way! Here’s how you begin:

Search for wedding-dress inspiration
Gather the details and information on what you would love on your wedding dress like your favorite embellishments, patterns, and fabrics.

Also, check out some wedding dress look book for inspiration to help you with your design so that you can start the process without a hitch.

Explore the Internet
Secondly, all you have to do is explore the internet, find out how you can design your own wedding dress by yourself. Thank goodness we have tons of bridal websites where you can select different icons to design your own wedding dress to your own very taste.

Be sure to experiment with as many designs as you like so you can have tons to choose from. Remember to narrow your search down to your best two you

Work around the Icons

There are many icons to choose from that will assist you in designing that perfect wedding dress of your dreams. You are likely to find icons like these;

- bodice

- skirt

- Neckline

- Fabric

- Silhouette

- Sash

- Embellishments

However, because these icons are separate features, you’ll be able to get a see how you can mix and match these items before having to make the big decision of which design to settle for.

Save your design after that
Once you’ve played around with mixing and matching them to your satisfaction – and have gotten your choice, saved the combinations you prefer.

Your final choice can be saved aside or ordered when you finalise your wedding dress choice.

Make your purchase
So, after you’ve designed your dream dress and saved it, decide whether you want your completed design to be a dress or left as an inspiration for your own use. If you intend to purchase, make a payment and order your request.

In all, you can make any necessary changes to the design as much as you want so that at the end of it all, you'll have a truly unique and special wedding dress that will suit you.