Wedding on a Budget Ideas

Olaoluwa Olowu

A wedding ceremony should be a celebration of love, not an avenue to break the bank. However, most people have taken the scale up a few absurd notches and the current trend in weddings are lavish and extravagant.
The average cost of a wedding ceremony globally is equivalent to half the price of a Porsche Cayenne- Crazy, right?
Planning your wedding must be head tightening as you try to weigh the different available options in order to pick what's best, fits your budget and still stays within the trending styles. One thing you must however remember is that the we ding is YOURS, not the guests. So you shouldn't try to fit into their expectations of what it should be like.
If you're working without a blank check for your wedding, then that's completely okay. It doesn't mean you wouldn't have a beautiful ceremony and a memorable reception.
Simple and sweet is always warm and very memorable so you really don't need to be lavish if you're working with a budget.
We've highlighted some ideas that will help you create the perfectly beautiful wedding to celebrate your love while making sure you don't go bankrupt.

This is the core of any wedding because it determines every other aspect of the wedding planning process.
Before you begin drafting a budget, decide on the total amount you wish to spend so you have a form of bracket to streamline your expenses. On your budget, make sure to include only things which you can't get unless you pay for them, that is, unavoidable expenses.
Creating a budget is one thing, sticking to it strictly is another and of more importance.

Wedding outfits
The wedding dress, jewelry and other accessories actually cost a lot more than is expected, same for the groom's attire.
So to cut your costs, have a member of your family or a friend who has knowledge and passion for designing create a beautiful wedding dress for you.
An alternative to this is renting the outfit for the bride, groom and the bridal train. It is incomparably cheaper than buying while making sure your day turns out as beautiful as you dreamed. 


Perhaps your fantasy wedding takes place in an elaborately designed hall with all the works from chandeliers to expensive background. Regardless, you need to know that you can have a beautiful wedding reception with much less expense.
 Also, you don't have to have a destination wedding if your wedding is on a budget. You can use a pocket friendly events  hall and adorn it with beautiful decorations. If your preference is an  outdoor wedding, you can make use of a backyard or your local beach.

Catering for a large crowd at your reception can be a huge weight on your budget. So instead of inviting everyone you know, just make it a cozy affair so that you can cater for them well – whilst staying within the budget lines.
Your favorite local restaurant can be the alternative to hiring a caterer for your wedding reception. You just have to ensure that the dishes on the menu are creative, tasty and low priced.
Always remember to negotiate for the best prices you can get for any goods or services and be careful to avoid hidden charges.

The Master of Ceremony (MC) is another underrated expense in wedding planning.
Rather than pay a huge amount for a MC, have a family friend or relative who is good with words and has a good sense of humor do the job.  A local DJ or upcoming band is also a perfect replacement instead of hiring a high-end band to perform.
Also, if you don't want to deal with the expense of hiring a DJ or band, you can simply put up a deck with a playlist of popular songs.

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