How to make 2 in 1 wedding dresses

Olaoluwa Olowu

The wedding fashion industry is one of the largest industries and this is simply because of the high demand for wedding outfits because,  what is a wedding without a beautiful dress and a perfect suit to go with it. Wedding dresses however, are one of the strongest stakeholders in the continued growth of the wedding fashion industry. This is simply as a result of the increasing demand for amazing designs that are unique while being beautiful couture.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with desiring a unique wedding dress for your big day but most brides often miss the point of uniqueness – or they just choose to ignore it. The past years have seen several  'unique' wedding dresses walked down the aisle by brides who didn't care that their dress created several cringes.
One unique wedding dress trends in the Wedding fashion industry that has been widely accepted and loved by designers and brides across the world is the 2-in-1 wedding dress! Typically,  a bride wears at least two dresses on her big day, the wedding dress and the reception dress. However,  the 2-in-1 dress saves the time, cost and energy it would take to make and change into two different dresses.
2-in-1 wedding dresses are simply dresses that can be easily converted into a different style with just a few alterations or removals from the main dress.  Most 2-in-1 dresses are made with long trails for the church wedding/ marriage ceremony which can be unclipped or removed to reveal a shorter hem beneath the dress. Another common type of 2-in-1 wedding dresses are those with detachable arms or tops that will make the dress more suitable for the reception.
To further impress you with the sheer brilliance of this fashion trend,  we'll be giving you a few tips and highlights on How To make 2-in-1 wedding dresses below.

In any wedding planning, the budget should be taken very seriously because it determines what can and cannot be done. When making a two in one wedding dress,  the limits of the budget should be considered because the quality of the material, the design and style all rely on how much is available to be spent. The budget serves as the centre of all decisions to be made concerning the wedding plan which,  of course, includes the wedding dress— or in this case,  the Two in one wedding dress!

The most important part about creating a 2-in-1 wedding dress is the transformation of the first dress into a different dress. This can be by un-clipping, untying or un-knotting the over skirt that covers the shorter length or whatever design lays beneath the full skirt. The fuller skirt,  which is usually made with tulle, is for the formal wedding ceremony and creates a ballgown effect for the wedding dress. Beneath the over skirt is the actual design of the dress which could be a shorter version of the full dress,  a jumpsuit or a high low dress. When the over skirt is taken away after the wedding ceremony,  the reception dress is revealed. 

Design and Style
The design and style for two in one dresses, although seemly similar,  come in various types.  The reception dress which is revealed later may not necessarily be a dress!  It could as well be a jumpsuit. Although the material of the over skirt must match the bodice of the dress, the lower part could be of a different design giving it a magical transformation.  Another way of creating a romantic look is to add a cape for either the version of the dress for the ceremony or the version for the reception.

 It is a fact that the theme of the wedding day determines a lot of things that go into the wedding like the light,  the decor,  the music and sometimes the cake. The wedding dress doesn't escape this same influence of the wedding theme because the theme is often based on the lifestyles and personality of the couple.  A two in one wedding dress should be made to fit the theme of the wedding— a chic or modern type of wedding should have an over skirt with a slit front that will reveal some part of the bride's leg during the ceremony while an elegant themed wedding would have an over skirt with full layers to create a Victorian look.

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