Can a long-distance relationship work?

Unwana Umosen

After a long year of searching, you finally find someone you love. But during your relationship, your partner gets an opportunity, to study or work in another country or city. What do you do?

It is going to be frustrating, dealing with the reality that your partner would be away for a long while. You go around seeking advice from different people on what to do and they all have different things to say. “Long-distance is another word for self-deceit”, “You will still cheat at the end of the day”, “How can you date someone you won’t see for such a long time?”.

People won’t stop saying negative things concerning your situation. However, long-distance relationships take consistency and self-control, and not everyone can go through it. They can only be successful when two parties are willing to make it work. Many couples have a mutual understanding and break up because of the circumstance. They are blunt and sincere with themselves and decide to call it off. Meanwhile, some other couples make it through, no matter how long the wait is.

If you are still hanging on the edge, trying to make a decision, there are valid points you need to take note of. This will help you think it through. Relationships take about two months to realize if they want to call it off or keep pushing.

· Communication is key 

It is important that you speak to your partner every day. No matter how busy you are, even the time difference doesn’t change a thing. Always leave a message if he/she is unavailable. Let them know your every move; what you’re doing and what you’re up to. It brings a sense of belonging and peace. It reduces the chances of trust issues and overthinking.

· Trust 

A relationship without trust is on a highway to many problems. Relationships are built on trust. One of the major fears of being in a long-distance relationship is losing your partner to someone else. Discouraging thoughts may settle in your mind, concerning new friends and new people your partner gets used to. It is always best to discuss whatever bothers you.

· Embrace the use of technology 

We don’t have to wait months for that raven to come over at your porch with a handwritten note from your lover. It’s the modern age, where online calls, video calls, and social media exist. If your partner is a thousand miles away, you can always reach the person just by internet connection. Technology has made it easier for communication t be fun and easy. Make use of it and it will go a long way helping you and your relationship.

· Be distinct 

In whatever way you can, do something new to spice up your relationship. Always keep it in mind that it’s the little things that matter. Surprise your partner when it is least expected, either with a visit or a gift. Video call them while you’re at a party, if possible, on a roller coaster. Make memories last even when your miles away.

· Have a goal 

The wait is always easier when you are planning a future together. If that is the main aim of your relationship, then you will have something to look forward to. If you and your partner are on the same page, the distance wouldn’t seem so long anymore.

Long-distance relationships seem to be difficult, but with two consistent people, it will be a success.

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