The Hectic Life of a Wedding Planner

Unwana Umosen

Wedding planners bring a dream wedding to life, just like a director. A wedding planner is needed for the success of any wedding because neither the bride nor groom would handle all the plans for their wedding. Nobody wants to look their best at a wedding party, going to make sure all is in order. Therefore, the wedding planner does all the work.

Being a wedding planner is tough, and it isn’t something you’ve not heard before. If you are looking to become a wedding planner, these are five things you need to know.

1. Beware of clashing families
We all hear stories of the mothers of the bride and groom hate each other for some unknown reason. In most Nigerian homes, conflicts are centered around wealth, religion or tribes. At this point, it is an obvious competition between the two homes and in all this, the wedding planner at the center. It can be pathetic to watch, but it definitely happens.

2. Some clients will want to eat their cake and have it

Simply put, clients will want a large wedding with a tight budget. They request for the glamorous decorations, catering services with all kinds of food and a large hall. They want to have the kind of weddings they see on the internet but forget it takes a lot of money to achieve. The wedding planner is then required to find the cheaper vendors that offer great quality, and negotiate. which is quite difficult. These are clients who have a tight budget but are looking for the best vendors.

3. Inconsistent vendors
Be it decorators or catering services, they are all likely to disappoint. They make futile promises and show their previous jobs to woo you. On the wedding day, it’s always a different story. as a wedding planner, you will have to deal with this because the blame will be on you. Clients will start to question your work and it can be heartbreaking. At that point, you will have to deal with the transferred aggression from your clients and it could get worse.

4. Playing the psychologist role
In many cases, the bride is always the victim of fear. Your bride will think she has herself together, till the morning of the wedding. She gets nervous and starts to ask you questions you may not even have answers to. This is your part and your job, and if you don’t have an answer to her questions, you will have to find one. You’ll need to have the right words to say to make sure she is calm and prepared for the ceremony.

5. Professionalism
Your business must be kept professional, even if the bride is your best friend. Once those boundaries aren’t set, a lot could go wrong. From the budget to deadlines and the list goes on. Professionalism helps you avoid familiarity and facilitates an excellent job at the end of the day.

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