Aso-Oke: The customers’ favorite at a maternal lineage fabric business

Layoapeke Fabrics a family lineage business. It is not surprising that Adewumi Adefunke, a third generation family member of the business owner, understands the intricacies of the fabrics, as well as, the challenges of the business she has known from cradle. In this interview with Wedding Trends, the fabric sales expert submits that Aso-Oke is the favorite of her clients.
Picture submitted by Adewunmi Adefunke
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name's Adewumi Adefunke, from a royal family in Ekiti State.
Picture submitted by Adewunmi Adefunke

What informed the idea of Layoapeke Fabrics?
Layo Apeke is an age long name that started with my late maternal grandmother, my late mum, and passed on to me, they were successful Aso oke and fabrics merchants.

How long have you been in the Aso-ebi business?
I took it up officially from my mum five years ago, but have been into it since I know how to call my name.

Who are your customers?
Everyone who loves to look good on their special days and also wants to pick something unique and specially woven for friends and family.

Which of your fabric is the customer’s favorite?
The Asooke is the customer’s favorite, because, we have modernized it in such a way that makes you the cynosure of all eyes.

Picture submitted by Adewunmi Adefunke
Do you provide Aso-ebi for both traditional and white weddings?
Yes, we do, and we put in cognizance of the economy by providing friendly pockets packages as Aso Ebi. You don’t have to break the bank to look good.

Do you do only special events clothing or also provide casual clothing?
Our main focus are for the celebrants, friends and family. We will be introducing our casual collections soon. However, people can order personally if they do have events to attend and need to look uniquely beautiful.

What are the challenges you experience as a fabric sales person in the Nigeria?
The prices are not stable due to fluctuations in dollar rates. That is a big challenge, because, we caught in between the clients and our suppliers.

Any word of advice for interested fabric sales person or upcoming aso-ebi organizer?
They should learn to understand the dynamics of fabrics and its prices. They also need to be ready to learn about colors’ combination.

Do you have any last words?
Picture submitted by Adewunmi Adefunke
Layoapeke fabrics is a one stop fabrics and aso-oke online shop you can trust, our name is our integrity.

How can customers find you?
We have our main shop in Idumota, I run the online arm of the business. I can be reached on: WhatsApp; 08025138330
Facebook; @muAsoebi,


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