Wedding Humor: The “Egusi” Cake

 This is a Guest post by Yvette R. Toko
Engagement Wedding cake by Dunas Party Planner
This one is a personal story and I hope it adds some humor to lighten the load of planning your wedding.

A few years ago, while planning my wedding, which by the way was cross-continental, some funny things arose.  One of them was regarding the wedding cake.  I am American born and my husband is African. He speaks French as his primary language.  

While making the wedding plans, I asked him what kind of cake we should have at the wedding.  He said, "Egusi Cake."  Hmmm, I know what egusi is but I thought, "Is egusi made in a sweet manner like wedding cake?”  I said, "Do you know the one from the patisserie?"  He said, "No, we don't eat that one too much for weddings in the village."  I asked in bewilderment, “No wedding cake? Are you serious? What's a bride to do?

Clearly this could have been a lesson on communication learned the hard way had I assumed the wedding cake would just be sweet. Oh well, my idea of the tall three-tiered wedding cake was out of the window to be tabled for a future wedding anniversary.  

What is your funny wedding story?  Please share it with us.  

Picture Source: Dunas Party Planner

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