Using makeup to tell a person’s story

In this interview with Wedding Trends, Kehinde Babalola leads you into how she ventured into the world of makeup artistry and submits that the best makeup is not just the painted face but the story it tells about the person. Excerpts:

Picture submitted by Kehinde Babalola showing her artistry

 Tell us in brief about yourself
My name is Kehinde Babalola, I'm 24 years old and a fresh graduate. I studied Business Administration at the University of Abuja and currently live in Ikotun, Lagos.

What inspired you to go into make-up artistry?
When I first started makeup in 2012, I wouldn't say that I was inspired, but I've always been into art,
Picture submitted by Kehinde Babalola showing her artistry
and I just loved the kind of creativity put into makeup, so, I went for a seminar. But over the years, my twin sister has been my major inspiration.  She is always pushing me to start something with the little knowledge that I have. She says to me, "Make money with this thing." And that's what I'm doing!!

At what point in your life did you decide to take up the challenge and obey your instinct?
I've always had a very strong instinct.  My instincts are powerful and are always right.  So I would say that I picked up the challenge at the point when I started to grow and I finally figured what I want for myself in life. I have never disobeyed my instincts because I know it would lead me right!

Is there any difference between making up for bridal shower and making up for the actual wedding?
Yes. There are differences in bridal makeup.

What is (are) the difference(s)?
You see, that's part of art. Understanding the art and displaying in a way of your own. Understanding is what makes you unique.

Bridal shower is usually a night thing; so, it's a night-time look.  Bold and colorful!
For an engagement look, the makeup should speak, that is having it in mind that the bride should look like a million bucks. Gele should be as loud as the makeup, except the bride wants it differently. We must respect her wish.

As for white wedding, it's always best to go for a natural/light makeup, simply, because as much as we want to make the bride exceptionally beautiful, we still want her to look Natural so that her husband can recognize her.

Picture submitted by Kehinde Babalola showing her artistry
Would you say being a make-up artiste is financially rewarding in Nigeria?
Yes. I would say being a Makeup artist is financially rewarding in Nigeria.  The measure at which you invest in it is the same measure at which you will get your reward.  You have to be at the top of your game and put in all you've got.  There is no way you won’t get your rewards.

What are the challenges you face in the course of your job as a make-up artiste?
The challenges are countless. For me, I just officially started as soon as I finished my NYSC and I'm building a brand not just doing makeup, as I have been doing make up artistry since 2013.  Apparently, I have lots of challenges.

Number one challenge is keeping up or getting better. You just have to keep improving on your artistic skill.
Then there is also the issue of dollar exchange. I can't get a deal because makeup is really expensive these days as a result of the dollar to Naira exchange rate.

Next is intense competition. That is where everyone struggles - getting jobs.  Getting job means
Picture submitted by Kehinde Babalola showing her artistry
getting paid. Finally, for me, is the challenge of getting resources. To get these things done, you need a lot of tools - camera, social media, photography skills and all that. And it can get pretty tough adding makeup struggle to the ones you already have. At times, my twin sister would tell me, "Kehinde, camera lo ku bayi."  (Meaning, camera is the only thing you need now) and you will move to another level.

Any advice for upcoming make-up artistes?
My advice for upcoming artistes, including myself, because, I'm not even close to calling myself a pro yet, is to please, ensure that you truly want to master the art. Don't just paint faces, tell a story. Bring happiness to your client. Lastly, do not drop! Keep doing it. It will pay off in the end.

Your last word.
My last words? Do not let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game! #JustDoIt!
Just in case you have forgotten, PRAYER fixes everything. And all peace comes from JESUS and JESUS alone.

Picture submitted by Kehinde Babalola showing her artistry
How can people contact you?
My phone numbers are...08072786591 / 08182398122
Instagram :@kieferofsoars
Business Facebook page:

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