Love sparked at NYSC orientation camp

Sam & Rose: Photo submitted by couple

How we met

We met for the first time at the Orientation Camp of the NYSC, Iseyin, Oyo State. That was sometime in 2000.

The attraction

I don't know what really attracted me to him but as soon as I set my eye on him, something told me, "this is your husband" and I was shocked. Mind you, while in my 300 level at the University of Ilorin, I was praying about whom to marry one day and God told me in clear terms that, "when your husband comes, you will know." I told my friends about the message I received from God then and held my peace concerning marriage. Then, I met him in camp and then we were always finding ourselves in the same place. Both of us were members of the editorial Unit of NCCF, we were posted to serve in Oyo Town, he became the Zonal Papa of the NCCF and I was Mama. Along the line, we became really close (platonic) friends almost like siblings. At a point, I saw myself falling in love with him and I couldn't explain why. I confided in some of my friends about this and the fact that I may be sinning by "lusting after a brother." They laughed at me and told me I should just guard my heart and know what God was telling me concerning the issue. Mind you, at this point, he had not proposed and I didn't know what was in his mind too.

Love at first sight

I would say it was love at first sight for me because I had never felt that way for any other man before. It was so sudden and I couldn't resist the urge to love him. The more I tried to run away from him, the stronger the love became.

His proposal

He invited me over to his place one day and handed me a special card he personally designed from the computer. It read, "Stolen my Heart, You are my Prime Suspect, Caught You." I was amazed but lacked the strength to ask question for a long time. When I eventually found my voice, I asked him what that meant and he requested I followed him to his house first. We got there and he started by saying he had been thinking a lot lately. I asked about what and he went straight to the point that he had been thinking about these three words. I was quiet. Then he looked into my eyes and said, I Love You and want you to be my wife. I was dumbfounded. I kept quiet. Couldn't respond for a while. I later told him to give me sometime to think about it. He agreed and I left.


It took me four days to respond to his proposal. I didn't have to waste his time at all because I already knew what the answer was. I gave him a Yes of course. He held me for the first time in a warm embrace. We went down on our knees and committed the rest of our journey to God in prayers.

Meeting my parents

As soon as I consented to his proposal, I went home and informed my parents about him. Initially, they were skeptical about the relationship because he is from far away Benue and even though I am from Kogi, we were based in Lagos. My parents thought Benue people are Hausas and it took me time to convince them. Eventually they agreed and asked me to invite him home. Fortunately for me, they liked him from the first day they set their eyes on him. He also told his parents about me too.

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