Baking cakes to create wealth

For Nguavese Terfa-mamadu, Chief Executive Officer, Hobel cakes & Confectionery, selling baked goods is a good source of wealth creation. In this interview with our Correspondent, she shares the story of her humble beginnings that has transformed into the wealth she uses to provide for her family.
Picture submitted by Hobel Cakes & Confectionery
Please, tell us a little about yourself.
Picture submitted by Hobel Cakes & Confectionery
Nguavese Terfa-mamadu is my name. I graduated from Benue State University in the Department of English. I am the CEO of Hobel Cakes & Confectionery. I am married and blessed with two twin girls.

How long have you been into baking?
I started baking in 2011 for my family but turned it into a business in December 2014.

What really inspired you to go into cake making?
I wanted to engage my hands so as to bring creativity, because, I love hand craft. I also learnt beads and hat making but I chose baking because of my extreme love for food. Secondly, I sell cakes to create wealth and support my family.

Are you also into other aspects of catering services?
Yes. I am into catering services and Events management.

What makes a good wedding cake?
For me, a good wedding cake is about good taste and design. If the taste of your cake is nice and you are able to recreate exactly a design a bride wants, she will be happy. In addition, you will be happier as a baker and your confidence will increase.

Picture submitted by Hobel Cakes & Confectionery
What challenge(s) do you face in the course of your job?
The challenge is a client’s inability to pay for the worth of a cake. An average cake takes more than four hours to produce. However, clients feel it's about flour, sugar, eggs and butter, but they forget gas, energy, time, and creativity which translates to the value of a cake. It's a very big challenge because there are times you fall sick after producing a cake. If they don't pay well, which money will a baker use to seek medical attention?

Tell us your most memorable experience as a baker
My most memorable experience was when a client called, telling me of a cake she saw on my Facebook page. She wanted me to replicate it for her. I was so glad and it encouraged me never to give up despite the challenges that I face.

What's your advice to young entrepreneurs?
I am also a young entrepreneur. What I can say is that they should never give up on their dreams. Success does not come over night, you have to be patient, very hard working, and step up your game.
CEO of Hobel Cakes & Confectionery, Nguavese Terfa-mamadu

How can people contact you?
People can contact me through:
Address: 1 Agowke Oga Street, behind Government College, Makurdi.
Email: avesetwins13

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