How to Find Ideas for Weddings on Pinterest

By Olaoluwa Olowu
Planning your wedding can be a real nightmare. On the one hand, you have the most incredible vision of what you want your wedding to be like. On the other hand, implementing it can be just a tad difficult. You know you want an outdoor wedding but do you know how you want the place decorated? You’re a sucker for flowers on your big day but it’s still a lot of trouble picking the perfect one.

It’s why organizing weddings can be so stressful. There are so many tiny details that need to be executed beyond knowing what song you want for the father-daughter dance, or the style of the wedding gown you want to wear on that day. Executing these details is much easier if you have a solid wedding theme or idea.

Countless freshly-cut flowers, numerous cream-filled cakes and a dozen dazzling dresses, you’re spoilt for choice when coming up with a detailed wedding plan. This is even more so with the abundance of information on the Internet. So, not only do you have to juggle the recommendations from friends and family, but you also have to weigh the multiple results that appear on Google when you search for ideas.

It could be easier though.

Getting married is such an amazing moment that shouldn’t be tainted by stressing over what colour combinations you’d prefer to use, or whatever else you need to sort out. Despite its tendency to overwhelm with information, the Internet can be a very useful tool when applied the right way.

Instead of having to sort through endless results from a random web search, head over to Pinterest for the most eye-catching ideas for your fairy-tale wedding. Pinterest is the world’s biggest idea board and it just keeps growing. There’s almost nothing you can’t find on it which means it’s the best place to find all the wacky, weird and wonderful ideas you may or may not have without any extra hassle.

There’s a catch though, if you don’t know how to use the website well, you’re likely to miss out on all the good stuff while being stuck with tons of information you don’t need.

So here’s a little guide for our brides-to-be who want to navigate the boundless water of Pinterest.

Set up your boards
If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you’ll obviously need to create one – it’s pretty easy and straightforward to do. Then, you’ll need to set up a board just for your wedding ideas so that you can actually save pins. Even if you already have an account, it’s still a good idea to set up a new board so your saved ideas don’t get lost in the clutter.

Start with the basic stuff
Once you’ve logged into Pinterest, start with a simple search like “wedding ideas” to get a grand picture of what you want. The results may not provide all the answers but it’s the best place to start. Browse through the results and find something that best captures the picture you have in your mind or simply open yourself up to discovering something you’d like from the wide array.

Break it down

Once you’ve gotten the grand picture of your wedding down – outdoor wedding, small amount of guests, beautiful backdrop of nature – it’s time to work out the intricate details that need to be carried out to make the wedding a success. Search for the smaller details – flowers, cake, seat designs, outdoor sites, etc. – that begin to make for a more complete and robust wedding idea. Don’t leave any detail out and ensure you enjoy the visual thrill of exploring your various options.

Don’t be afraid to get weird
This part is not for the faint of heart. Up your search game by looking for weird or unconventional ideas that you can borrow a touch from. Start out with a basic “weird wedding ideas” search before proceeding to look up any particular strange wedding trends you may have come across. Incorporate as much as you can without losing your overall vision to give your wedding an edgy touch.

Get someone to search with you
Two heads are better than one – as long as the second head actually knows anything about style and design. Get your friend who’s an expert in all things stylish to search with you. Mine her brain for creative ideas you both can search and even let her take the lead for a short while. You’ll be amazed at how much better someone else can be at visualizing your dream wedding.

Follow other Pinterest users
Done searching and saving your desired pins? You can follow a host of other Pinterest users or Pinterest boards that feature design ideas that you might be interested in. The profiles or boards you follow will show on your home feed and you can get notifications when someone adds a new design.

Save other ideas
You can also save ideas from all over the internet using Pinterest. See a fun design you might like to integrate into your plan, just click the Pinterest badge that appears on the image to save your “Wedding Ideas” board and you can check it out on Pinterest later.

Your wedding is your big day and you deserve the most head-turning, eye-catching, mouth-watering, jaw-dropping occasion. So start the long walk towards your dream wedding with Pinterest.


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