Things to Note Before Marriage

Unwana Umosen

We are all different people, with different traits and attributes. Sometimes, it could be difficult to live with others and cope with handling conflict. Building a relationship and spending your whole life with someone else takes a lot of patience and understanding. Before saying “I do”, or kneeling to ask “Will You Marry Me?”, you should be absolutely sure you’re making the right decision.

  • Love Yourself: Before understanding someone else’s life and personality, you have to understand and love yourself. Your beliefs, values and what you stand for should guide you in finding the person you want to be with. It is always easier loving yourself before giving love to anyone else because if anything goes wrong, you have YOU to fall back on.
  • Friendship: The first thing you must do is create a room for friendship. Make sure you’re getting married to your friend, someone you’re ready to share experiences with and someone you can laugh with. Friendship is the foundation for every great relationship and it is also very important. You need to be with someone that knows you inside and out, to know what makes you angry and your favorite snack. It will be great spending the rest of your life with your best friend, right?
  • Find beauty beneath pretty: We all know the built guys attract the ladies, and a pretty face makes the men stare. Physical appearance shouldn’t be the primary reason for your feelings! When you get married, you’re going to see the ugliest parts and you will have to stick with it. Your spouse is going to fart, snore, and may look terrible while he/she is asleep. Love that person inside and out, for their personality and behaviors, and not looks.
  • Be prepared to watch your partner change: In about 20 years, your partner would be overwhelmed while coping with kids, a job and having time for you. Marriages are not always rosy, building a family can be stressful. With agreements and negotiations, things will always work out for you and your partner (if you marry your friend, of course!)
  • Understand your partner: Know when to stop an argument that will lead to a long fight. Know when to tease and know when to support. Understand everything about your partner. It always helps to keep a long relationship. Will your partner break up with you instantly if you have to work from another city? What kinds of activities does he/she support? Fears? Strengths? Know everything!

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