10 bridal shower gifts for guest

Olaoluwa Olowu

Bridal showers gifts, though not a requirement, can help you set the tone and the theme of your bridal shower.
Besides, the gifts are a way of showing your guests how much you appreciate their support.
In fact, bridal shower gifts have a way of putting finishing touches on your shower and these gifts should be a lasting reminder of your special time together. More so, it should leave a lasting impression on your guest.
Regardless of your budget or theme, there are so many amazing bridal shower gift for your guests.
Here are some thoughtful bridal shower gifts ideas that you should consider. They will also in some way give you a head start on how you can start planning your bridal shower ahead of time.

1.       Manicures and pedicures
This is a tool set every woman should have at home for DIY nail pampering. Besides, heading to the nail salon can get costly and time consuming.
That’s why you should treat your guests to a new bottle of attractive bottle of nail polish. Your  guests will find this lovely and useful. Just be sure to opt for the one with a catchy colour.

2.   Kitchen Towel
You should consider giving each of your guests a personalised kitchen towel with funny and witty sayings. They'll love this new addition to their kitchen.

3.   Tumbler with straw
This is a lovely gift idea. You can gift the tumbler alone or fill them with a few candies inside. On the other hand,  you can choose a colour that best matches your shower theme.

4.   Hair Ties
A lady probably never has too many hair ties. Although they may cost a few pennies, yet they’re a rare commodity that women are always on the hunt for.
Get your guests some adorable hair tie packet customized with your name and the date of the bridal shower.

5.     Chocolate
This is one of those treats that goes with any bridal shower theme. Get your guests some tasty chocolate all wrapped up with a pretty bow. Your guests will be munching on these goodies before they are out of the your door.

6.   Sleep Mask
Looking for a practical gift that’s different from your typical bridal shower gift? A sleep mask will make a great gift for your bridal shower guests.
You know, everyone can use a little bit of help falling asleep – which is exactly what this mask are made for.

7.   Body Scrub
If you’re hosting a shower and you’d like to gift everyone with a unique bath and body themed gift, this is a great option.
Your guests will remember you the next time your guests are in the shower, they can scrub this all over to smoothen out rough spots skin and to promote even complexion.

8.   Hand Sanitizer
You can gift your guests a little “keep the germs at bay”. All you have to do is get them some small bottles of hand sanitizers. They will find this useful and handy to take along anywhere.

9.   Lip Balm
Pick from a variety of fresh flavours for lip balm bridal shower gifts, and customize the labels to fit the occasion or the guest. You could even give guests a few different flavours for extra variety.

10.Put together stunning photo books of friends and family.
And saving the best for the last, you could ask your guests for their emails and then compile memorable photos of the shower into beautiful online photo books that they can cherish.
You can also include between 30 and 366 photos — and share with  them on Facebook or Instagram
Above all, handing out bridal shower gifts is a great way to say thank you to those who attended and helped you with your bridal shower.

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