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Olaoluwa Olowu

 Hey there beautiful bride-to-be! We are certain your reception plans are well underway; menu, setting, decor, you definitely have those handled.
You most likely have an excellent band or DJ to provide entertainment alongside a professional master of ceremony, but how about including something different- Wedding reception games!
Playing games at your wedding reception is sure to make your wedding non-forgettable. Your guests participate  in the games and this is sure to amp the fun and act as ice breakers for those who are strangers.
You can play them shortly after your guests have eaten or after your toasts have been raised. 
Interestingly, the game choices are vast depending on the theme of your wedding, guest list and personal preference.
Whether you're having an indoor or outdoor reception, these games will provide harmless fun for you and your guests.
1. Tic tac toe 
This is one of the best games for your indoor wedding reception. You can divide your guests into two halves and set up a large tic tac toe board with one half representing 'x' and the other representing 'o' and whichever team wins gets bragging rights.
Plus, an alternative way to play this game at your reception is to give out tic tac toe boards on each table and the winner of the table faces off with the winner of another table – like a mini competition and the last two winners standing play against the couple.
This is a great game to ease the tension among strangers in the reception. 

2. Sack race 
Perfect for an outdoor wedding, this game is sure to make your reception memorable one.
Get your groomsmen and groom into sacks and make them race across the yard or sand depending on your location. This is definitely going to entertain your guests.
Also, make sure your wedding photographer captures their expressions as they all try to win. 

3. Shoe game 
This game is meant to entertain your guests only – you and your groom are the players.
The couple sits backing each other in the center of the room and hold  one leg of each other's shoes. Guests ask some questions about their relationship and plans for married life ranging from cute questions like "who noticed the other first?" to hilarious questions like "who sleeps on the right side of the bed?" and of course, cringeworthy questions like "who leaves the toilet seat up?".
The couple answers by raising the corresponding shoe. 

4. Group shoe game 
You can get your guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate in the shoe game described above. But as opposed to holding up shoes (because there are only two pairs) you can get "bride" and "groom" signs for them to hold up when answering the questions. 

5. Crossword puzzles 
You can have this game for your indoor or outdoor reception.
Create a large crossword board with wedding themed names and you can include names of your guests. You can set up your guests into teams or simply make it open participation for interested guests.
Anyone or team that finds the most words gets a prize.
This is a definite ice breaker and conversation starter.

6. Booklets to fill in.
This is really no playing to this but it is equally entertaining and informative.
Place little booklets on each table for everyone- each of your guests must have a booklet and inside it ask them funny questions about you and your spouse or ask for advice about married life and other helpful information.
To make it more entertaining, read out the funny comments and advice. Remember to keep your guests anonymous while reading. 

7. I spy
This is a classic game that is bound to entertain you and your guests.
You can have the master of ceremony call out the spy items and watch as your guests get into a frenzy to identify the items.
Alternatively you can hand out lists for interested participants and give them disposable cameras to capture their findings, pictures from the game can be printed and pasted on a large photo board.
This is going to make your wedding a fond memory for your guests. 

8. Scrabble 
Get a custom made scrabble board and Tiles with the original design and letters.
This is a perfect game for an outdoor wedding. It is perfect as an ice breaker if you have a large wedding where your guests are likely to be strangers to each other.
It is also great to use for bonding time among your family and friends if you have a small guest list.  

9.  Spin the wheel
Following the standard rules of spinning the wheel, you can make the items related to your wedding theme or have hilarious prices and tasks placed on the wheel.
This is a great game to play if your guest list includes children and teenagers, so you can have innocent fun while getting entertained. 

10. Chess
Chess is a classic game and it's sure to be a hit among the young and old guests at your reception.
You can make it a mini competition between the guests if you're having an indoor wedding or you could make a large chess board for your outdoor reception.

Above all, give your guests a good laugh and make your wedding a memorable one with these wedding reception games that are sure to put the finishing touch to your perfect wedding. 

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