5 ways to hold a bridal shower on a budget

Olaoluwa Olowo

Bridal showers are considered a necessity for the bride before the wedding ceremony. It is organized for the bride-to-be and the guest list consists of her closest friends and female family members. 
However, whether you're the chief bridesmaid or the bride is your best friend and you are headlining the planning of the bridal shower, you’d definitely want your girl to have a good time and a memorable bridal shower for everyone in attendance.
Regardless of all this, there might be a problem- the budget. 
Being constrained within a budget may put a damper on your plans but fear not, we have come to your rescue!
Planning the bridal shower on a budget doesn't mean it has to be a dull event, and to prove that, we have highlighted 5 ways to hold a bridal shower on a budget and make it a unique, fun and memorable event!

1.  Venue
This is the biggest cut to your budget- the location of the bridal shower. You might have considered renting a lounge or hall but why not let the venue be someone's house! 
Meet with your co-planners or some of the guests and figure out whose house is large enough for the number of people guest list. Holding the bridal shower in an apartment creates a cozy feeling and takes away the pressure of picking the perfect location. 
The benefits also include familiarity, because most of the people on the guest list know each other and have probably been in the house before (so no one will get lost on the way to the kitchen or bathroom). 

    2.  Food   

Planning the menu for a bridal shower is a tricky and expensive part of your budget.
A simple and less-costing alternative is involving the guests on the menu- Potluck style! Pass the message around that everyone is expected to bring a dish and you can ask them to inform you -the head planner- of the dishes they'll be bringing to avoid having too much of the same dish.
This makes the event fun as each guest will want to try their best and bring a delicacy. For appetizers and desserts, you can order from a local restaurant rather than hire an expensive chef. 

3.    Decorations  
Now that you've tackled the problem of location, the next major issue is decorating the location. 
You can visit the local convenience store and party supply stores for simple yet fun and beautiful decorations that fit into the theme of the bridal shower. 
Look up DIY decoration ideas on the Internet and invite the other bridesmaids and some close friends for a girls night in where you can make creative decoration items inspired with the theme of the shower.  
Designing the decorations allows you to personalize them, for instance, you can make a photo booth or backdrop with a cardboard covered in a collage of pictures of the bride-to-be collected from her family and friends. 

4.  Games
These are a staple at bridal showers and they range from cute, hilarious to downright embarrassing and cringe worthy. Instead of buying an expensive and typical bridal shower games set, you can create your own games to make the event unique and memorable.
You can also settle for traditional games but include a twist to fit into the theme of the shower. If you're stuck on ideas for games you can create a list of questions for the guests to answer to show how much they know the bride or a list of questions for the bride to answer about her groom-to-be. You can also provide the guests with basic art supplies and have them design wedding dresses for the bride-to-be. 

5.    Invitations 
Sending out invitations for the bridal shower is considered a necessity that can't be ignored- but we can help you subsidize the cost. Rather than spending money on fancy stationery and posting, you can send out E-invites.
E-invites are invitations sent via email. Design the invitations on your computer (you can get design ideas on Pinterest) and mail them to each person. This method is faster than manual mailing. Also, you can design the E-invite with a short videoclip of the bride before the invitation displays. 

Throwing a beautiful bridal shower doesn't have to involve breaking the bank. Stay within your budget and have a fun, memorable time. Cheers!


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