How to design your wedding dress online

Wedding planning is certainly not a walk in the park, rather, it’s rushing in
and out of several stores – Jewellery stores, wedding cake shops, flower
shops and the list goes on.

However, the most important stores you will visit repeatedly are wedding
dress stores because making the choice for the perfect dress is not an easy
task and it gets harder when you can't find your dream dress in any of the

Nevertheless, if you are considering crossing out wedding dress shopping on your
 to do list and designing your own dress online? Well, you can!
Designing your dress in the comfort of your home allows you to piece styles or 
patterns from different designers to create your unique and perfect
wedding dress online!
Albeit, there are some steps involved in designing your dress online but we
assure you that it's easier and faster than wedding dress shopping.

1.    Shape
This is the foundation of your design. It is arguably the most important
aspect of designing your wedding dress.
Any online design website you are using to create your wedding dress will
provide an option for the different shapes and bodice for your wedding
dress. When selecting the shape, consider shapes that flatter your body and 
emphasize you in the right ways while giving you a glamorous outlook.

Alternatively, you can search for the best dress shapes for your body
specifications to give you an idea.

2.     Measurements
Get your body measurements for the style of dress you are designing. Be accurate 
about the sleeves and necklines to avoid unnecessary alterations.
Upload your measurements to the website and be sure to save your progress in 
case you don't finish the design at once.

In a situation where there is an Increase or decrease before you complete the 
design, you can update the measurement on the website. If the change in measurement occurs after your design has been sent for sewing, contact the owner of the 
site or the fashion designer/tailor.

3.     Pattern
Pick your choice of designs and motifs for the dress. Some sites give you the option of arranging the patterns as you'd like them to be sewn while others give you 
suggestions which you select from.

When picking your pattern, you may want to consider the setting of your wedding. Your wedding dress must stand out so you don't want to pick a pattern that's 
similar to your wedding scheme motif.

4.   Fabric
One of the most significant aspects of your wedding dress- off the racks or
custom made is the fabric of the dress.
Choosing the fabric for your dress can be slightly tricky. While you want to
select a luxurious fabric, you have to pick one that will bring out all the
intricate details of your dress.
A fabric that will bring out the pattern and shape of your dress is the best
option for you when designing your wedding dress online.

5.   Submission
Done with your design? Make sure your measurements are updated, Cross
check everything- TWICE!.
Upload and submit your design to the website. It is advisable to send a mail
to them or call the contact available to ensure that it has been received so
that you can get your price quotation and speed up delivery in case of adjustments.

6.     Quotation
Based on your design, fabric, pattern and workmanship, the site owners or
the fashion tailor will send you a quotation of your final charges for the
wedding dress.
You may also have a means of correspondence with the fashion tailor, designer or
 site owner.

7.     Delivery
Delivery period depends on the intricacy of your dress although some sites have 
fixed times for deliveries (3-4 days most times).
Upon delivery, you're asked to confirm the details of your dress and try it on for 
In case of alteration(s) there will be a return address and if necessary, a
refund will be arranged for you.
If your dress turns out perfect, leave a recommendation for the site!

We hope you have fun designing your dress online. Have a beautiful, magical 
wedding ceremony!


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