Bridal Shower Gifts For The Bride Who Has Everything

Bridal shower gifts are typically the highlights of the bachelorette party or luncheon. The bride opens her gifts during the present opening segment of the bridal shower – which is usually after every other activity.  
These bridal shower gifts usually range from useful household items to funny and embarrassing gifts. 
Howbeit, picking out gifts for any occasion can be tasking, much more picking a gift for a bride-to-be who has everything. 
Is your girl's bridal shower soon and you've been stuck on what to get her? You must have run through every option for bridal shower gifts but it's possible that she already own these things or she's getting them at the shower?
No worries, we are here to help you think outside the box of the usual registered bridal shower gifts.  We've compiled a list of the most memorable bridal shower gifts for the bride who has everything 
                                                                 1. An extravagant gift 
The best way to create a lasting impression with your gift is to go big!. Get the couple a ticket for a luxurious honeymoon or settle the bill for the expenses incurred during the bridal shower. With such an extravagant gift, you'll surely leave a mark. If it's way out of your budget you can get the other bridesmaids (if you're a bridesmaid) or friends of the bride and make it a group gift. We are certain that no couple will forget someone who paid for their honeymoon.  
2. A memoir 
Are you a close friend of the bride? Or even her best friend? Then you should have no trouble with getting her a one-of-a-kind shower gift.
You can make a wall board of pictures from your childhood- or whenever your friendship began- till date, you can also include items which have significance in your friendship such as the tickets to the first concert you attended together or your cheerleading pompoms.
This sentimental gift will definitely make you an envy among the other guests.  
3. A practical gift 
 Rather than get a clich├ęd his and hers bathrobe set, why not buy something more practical like heavy blankets that act as insulators during winter or packs of bedcovers (a newly wed couple can never have too much sheets for their storage closet).
You can go even further in your practicality and rather than buy kitchen utensils, you can get an utensil holder that could be hung on the kitchen walls. The thoughtfulness behind a practical gift is sure to win you points with the couple. 
 4.  A time-saver 
The one thing a bride-to-be who has everything lacks is spare time. Even if she has hired a wedding planner to be in charge of all the preparations, she has to be present for selections, tastings and fittings.
A great memorable gift for a bride-to-be is something that helps her save time. You can take up the task of responding to her guests by buying a stack of thank you notes and posting to everyone who RSVP. 
You can also help her pack her honeymoon luggage (if your relationship with the bride is that close) just to help her save time. 
5.  A date night 
Yet-to-be-wedded, newly weds and even older couples will never say turn down a date night offer.
The days leading up to the wedding can be stressful and constantly tiring, an amazing gift you can give the couple is a night away from all the stress- all expense paid. Take care of whatever tasks they might have scheduled for the evening, book them a nice restaurant and help them catch a few cozy moments before the big day.
This short break is definitely going to be appreciated by both the bride and the groom. You can make it sentimental by booking them in the restaurant they had their first date. 
 6. A trendy appliance
This is perfect for the cool, classy and hip brides-to-be. Help her lighten up her new home with a totally trendy appliance like an espresso maker or state-of-the-art refrigerator. Go for quality and beauty when selecting the appliance you decide to be.
For the more sophisticated bride, you can buy her a modern vase which lights up when filled with water or a clock that has their marriage vows written on it.
7. A frame 
A double-sided picture frame can go from ordinary to extra with just a few alterations. Cover the back with cut outs of the couple's childhood pictures and on one side of the frame you can insert a copy of the wedding invitation or program and on the other side you can include your favorite photo of the couple.
This gift might not be presented until after the wedding so at the shower you can give the bride an elegant envelope with a note that has the date when the gift will be ready. The anticipation makes it a memorable gift. 
We're sure that you'll find the perfect gift for her among those listed above. Think outside of the box and make the bridal shower memorable for the bride-to-be.
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