How to start a wedding dress business

Olaoluwa Olowu

Elegant, glamorous or unique, every bride-to-be wants a perfect wedding
However, if you've decided to take up the task of delivering that perfection,
it's possible that you're a fashion designer going into wedding dress business or just a business savvy person.

Nevertheless, it may interest you to know that a wedding dress business is an enjoyable and high profit venture. Though starting it up is a big task and
coupled with the fact you need to have an eye for detail if you're going into
the wedding dress business.

As if that’s not enough, you will also be dealing with all kinds of brides and
their entourage: some will be emotional (cry over every single dress), some
will be loud and some will be rude. But it's your job to provide them with
beautiful dresses.

Apart from all these, there's more to a wedding dress business than having
beautiful dresses on racks.
That’s why we’ve put together a guideline that will help you start a wedding
dress business

1.       Research
Look before you leap! Don't get swept up with the excitement and plans you have for the business that you forget the most important part of the start
up- research.
Ask for advice from business professionals. Find out information about weddings, wedding dress designers, bridal shops and invest in wedding magazines.
More so, familiarize yourself with the dos and don'ts of the bridal fashion
industry (you don't want to be that store owner who doesn't know the
difference between tulle and chiffon).

2.   Location
This is one of the most important factors that attribute to the success or
failure of a business.
If you want your customers to feel comfortable in the environment where
your business is located, you may want to consider major roads where you
can easily be noticed or complexes where other wedding related businesses are located. Set up your business in an area where you will be recognized and patronized.
Take notice of the populace surrounding you and make sure you're within
the right crowd that will promote your business and attract customers.

3.   Interior Design
Your store or office must be designed to be aesthetically pleasing so that the aura can appeal to your client and her entourage. You want to go for
designs that exude elegance and glamour.
The seating arrangements in changing rooms must be convenient for both
small groups and large groups.
Your interior design speaks miles about your fashion sense which will
undoubtedly attract potential customers.

4.   Display
When planning your dress display, be sure to work with a scheme.
Put dresses with similar color, design or fabric on the same rack so that it's
easier for the bride-to-be to navigate through your store.
Also, try not to crowd the racks and you can hire an interior designer to help with floor management.
If you have a window display, do not display dresses of the same style at the same time so that potential customers don't assume that's the only design
you have to offer. Select a variety of dresses for your window display.

5.   Staff
Wedding dress business is not a task for one person. There are a lot of
logistics involved and they can't be handled by an individual.
You need to put together a team - formal or informal. A formal team would
consist of full time staff while an informal team would be a group of
However, among others, you need a receptionist/sales person, a fashion
designer and a fashion tailor (if you're not one). If you're planning to start a
big business in a large store, a valet would not be a bad idea.

6.   Social Media marketing
Social media is the hub of interactions in the 21st century. It is the fastest way to promote your business far and wide.
Create accounts for your business on social media platforms like Twitter,
Instagram and Facebook – and post your business online.
Keep the accounts active with pictures of your store and the items you have
for sale.
However, be cautious of online fraudsters. Always use watermarks for your pictures.

7.   Bridal Accessories
Being a wedding dress business doesn't restrict you to only dresses. Shoes,
hair accessories, tiaras, gloves and veils are important accessories for the wedding dress.
You should stock up on accessories for every type of bride and every
wedding dress you have for sale. If you have a set of accessories for every dress, your customers are definitely going to be impressed.

8.     Beverages
Shopping can be so tiring, moreso for a bride-to-be. Most stores offer champagne as beverage while dress shopping but there's no rule that says you can't be diverse.

Offer a variety of drinks to the bride and her entourage while the shopping is going on to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

9.   Network
Talk to people, create connections and put yourself and your business out
Go to events where people from the fashion industry or bridal fashion
industry will be present and promote your business. Interact with people so
you can get quality referrals and patronage.

We know that with these, you will be off to a good start in your wedding
dress business.
Remember! Don't stock up too much of the same design trend as they keep changing constantly. Also, make sure you get every available size of each design.  Good luck and success!



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