10 DIY Bridal Shower Gifts

Gift buying is a delicate task that most people don't pay attention to. Buying gifts for a bridal shower? That's a daunting task. 
 There are different approaches to buying a bridal shower gift, you can decide to buy a cute gift, an embarrassing/ cringe-worthy gift or something the bride and groom will enjoy as a couple.
However, you can decide NOT to buy a gift and just make one yourself. 
A DIY (Do It Yourself) bridal shower gift is personalized and has all the qualities of the perfect gift - cute, memorable and thoughtful.
Above all, making a bridal shower gift involves a lot more effort than picking something at a store: but the result is worth the effort. 
To ease your gift making process, we've compiled a list of 10 DIY bridal shower gifts that will amaze both the bride and the guests.

1.    Photo coasters
These are very memorable and easy to make gifts for the bride- although they are used by the couple. You can buy a pack of ceramic coasters at your local store and cover the tops with pictures of the couple.
If the couple has done their pre-wedding shoot at the time of the bridal shower then you can use those pictures to cover the coasters.
After placing the pictures, you might want to use a sealant or plastic cover to avoid the pictures fading away with use.
This is a gift that will be well loved and appreciated by both the bride-to-be and her groom. 

2.   Wedding day survival kit 
This is sure to get you into the bride's top favorite list- if you are not there now.
If you're the type of person who can't get your creative juices flowing, most of these gifts that involve designing and inscribing aren't for you.
However, this is the perfect design-free gift that will amaze everyone.
Think about every little thing the bride might need during the wedding in case of an emergency; painkillers, stain wipes, tissues, bandages, bobby pins, safety pins and so on. These items are easy to get and you can place them in a plastic bag that will be easy to carry around. You will be forever ingrained in the bride's memory. 

3.   Food dice jars
This is a gift for every type of bride and you can definitely not go wrong with this.
First thing you need to do is get a list of the couple's favorite foods, pizza houses, restaurants and take out stores. Buy some dice and print each name on your list in sizes that will fit on the dice. Make sure you have enough dice for all the names on your list and then fix each name to a side of each die using strong adhesive. Get a jar and place the food dice in it.
You can also design a card for the cover of the jar that says "foodie", "menu" or something witty.
This gift is perfect because there are endless combinations to be gotten when the dice are rolled and will undoubtedly help with indecisiveness.  

4.   Wine basket 
This has got to be one of the easiest gifts you can make- with the right information. Get a selection of the couple's  favorite wines and place them in a designed basket.
On each bottle of wine add a tag that indicates the event during which the wine is meant to be taken. For instance, you can have wines for "wedding night" "first month anniversary" "first year anniversary" "first Christmas as a couple" "first thanksgiving as a couple". 

5.   Recipe box 
This is the perfect gift for a bride who has culinary skills.
Design and print custom made blank recipe notes and place them in a cardboard or wooden box designed with the color scheme for the wedding. The couple gets the opportunity to fill the blank notes with special recipes as they discover them in their married life.
You can throw in a few recipe suggestions to get them started. 

6.   Flute set
As opposed to buying a bottle of champagne with monogrammed his &hers glasses, you can get a set of champagne flutes.
Carefully inscribe the couple's initials and wedding dates under or around the body of the glass.
Alternative to inscribing, you can stencil their initials on the body of the glass.
Making a Do It Yourself gift is more about the effort that you put into it than the gift alone. 

7.   Cutting board
This is a practical and long term gift for a bride-to-be. Since she's just starting her home she can't have too much of everything. Think outside the box and make something that will be memorable to her and also be useful for years. 
Get your carpenter to make a standard cutting board and carve designs around the edges. You can inscribe their wedding date at the back of the board and carve their initials in a corner on the board. 

8.   Utensil caddy
If you're going for a practical approach in making your gift then this is the perfect gift. Rather than simply wrapping up a fancy set of kitchen utensils- which a lot of wedding guests will do, add some craft to your gift.
Purchase all kitchen utensils the bride can use from spatulas to measuring spoons and arrange them in a beautiful store bought or hand designed caddy. You can add a protective cover on the caddy if you're making the gift days before the bridal shower. 

9.   Wedding date frame 
This is one of the easiest and cutest gift you can give a bride-to-be.
Get a picture frame that has three slots and print out the date of the wedding in a size large enough to fill the slots.
Print each different part of the wedding date on a different page so that each part goes into each slot. Make use of quality colored paper for printing and try to get a frame with slots that aren't basic shapes. 

10.Thank you cards 
This is another simple gift that will get the attention of the bride because it's a time saving gift.
Design custom made "thank you for coming" cards and print them on stationery that is the same color scheme as the wedding will be.
If you have access to the wedding guest list, fill in the names of the guests so that all the bride has to do is send them. 
This gift is sure to impress and amaze the bride since the amount of thought that goes behind it is enormous. 

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