Celebrate Lekan and Ronke Otufodunrin

Mr. & Mrs. Lekan and Ronke Otufodunrin.  Picture Credit: Mr. Otufodunrin Facebook wall
Join Weddings Trends to celebrate the Managing Editor, Nation Newspapers, Nigeria and CEO of Media Career, Lekan Otufodunrin and his wife, Ronke Otufodunrin on their 25th wedding anniversary.

The Weddings Trends team wish the couple a happy anniversary.

As a veteran with over two decades of experience in marriage, Mr. Otufodunrin has a piece of advice on how to enjoy a blissful marital life in what he titled, "Anniversary: Five lessons from 25 years of marriage" on his Facebook wall.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of our marriage, Olalekan Abayomi Otufodunrin and Aderonke Toluwanimi Otufodunrin ( nee Bashiru ), May 30, 1992- May 30, 2017, here are five of the major lessons I have learnt over the years.


He who finds a wife, the Bible says, finds a good thing and has obtained favour from The Lord. Very true.
But for favour, how do I explain meeting a young lady on a 'blind date' arranged by a friend, agree to be friends, married her few years later and have remained soul mates for the last 25 years. Its indeed the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in our eyes.

Someone once said marriage is like buying from a night market. Most times you are not sure how good what you bought is until you get home or the next day. I always joked with my Ronkusbaby that I had my eyes wide open while 'buying'.
The Grace of God has been sufficient to see me and my darling wife through the years.
Two imperfect people, from different backgrounds, with varied positions on issues, remaining married for 25 years, Grace is it.
Indeed, it is not of him that willeth or he that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy and grace.

A Church leader usually says he has not had the first quarrel with his wife. I can't claim not to have had misunderstandings with my wife, but what has kept us going is what the Church leader says is the secret of his quarrel- free marriage.
According to him and I agree based on my experience, the kind of love and understanding you need with your wife, is the one that forgives before the offense is committed.
There will be disagreements over, sometimes very minor issue like pasting posters on the wall of the living room, but understanding each other by disagreeing to agree is crucial in resolving disputes.
At some points in marriage, couples have to accept themselves for what they are.
You can always have your say, but you can't always have your way.

Complete Communication is defined as sending of information from the sender to the receiver and getting the expected feedback. The communication channel must be noise-free for the message to be rightly communicated.
In marriage, communication is key. Know how and when to communicate what you want. There is time to speak, there is time to shut up. Crack jokes when you have to and have laughter sessions.
Don't clutter your communication channel by your actions and inactions.


What makes a man the head and not the headache of his family is in addition to love, understanding and other factors, the ability to meet his obligations.
Even the Bible says he who is unable to provide for his household is worse than an infidel. Of course the wife is the helpmate, but the husband has a greater role to play financially and otherwise to justify being the head.

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