Marriage Tips By Yvette #5: Let's Talk About Sex

Let's talk about sex baby! Yes, let's talk about it. Sex is one of those taboo topics considered off limits for discussion generally because some of us may have been taught it is a "dirty" thing. However, I would reason that we all are here and reading this because our parents had sex. So sex is essential to the continuation of life. Some may consider sex only for procreation. Others consider it for procreation and pleasure. Moreover some consider it primarily for pleasure only.

Recently, I came across a tutorial for lack of better terms. It is sort of a poster titled, "The Periodic Table of Sex." This is the Kama Sutra simplified. Good sex and varied sexual positions can add to your boudoir excitement and keep things hot and steamy between the sheets. To view the poster, which is available for purchase online, it requires a word search of "periodic table of sex".

If your marriage could use some spicing up in the bedroom, don't be shy. Discuss it with your spouse. If they are open to the suggestion, then go for it. The goal is to have fun and add some excitement to your love making session, but if it is not fun or exciting, it may be reconsidered or revisited at another time.

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Yvette R. Toko is a published author, Christian life coach, trans-cultural marriage mentoring strategist, and wedding officiant. She uplifts, encourages and inspires.

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