Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight for Victor Taiwo Senewo when he met his wife, Eniolajumokemi Comfort Senewo at a birthday party where he was a Youth Corper working as a protocol officer.
Victor Taiwo Senewo and Eniolajumokemi Comfort Senewo . Credit: Victor's Facebook page
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Senewo Victor Taiwo and my wife Eniolajumokemi Comfort Senewo, from Kabba in Kogi State Nigeria. I attended Agidingbi grammar school and University of Ilorin where I studied Microbiology. I work as a medical representative with Micronova Pharm. Ind. Ltd. Ikeja Lagos.

How did you meet your wife?
I was a Corper in Ibadan Oyo state, I missed my clearance that month due to late notice. When I got to our zonal office, I was asked to join the other corpers who also missed the clearance and we were told to come fully kitted to work as protocol officers at an Honourable Member of House of Representative's mother's birthday that was to hold that Sunday. 

During the ceremony, while servicing as protocol officer, I saw this beautiful damsel together with her younger ones walking into the hall. She walked straight to me and asked for where to seat, I got attracted to her almost immediately. That made me to try my best possible to get her contact even though she tried giving me a wrong number, I called the line immediately so she had to give me the right number.

What was the attraction?
Victor and Eniolajumoke with their kids

Her beauty and innocence.

Was it love at first sight or did the love grow with time?
To me it was love at first sight.

How long did it take you to propose and did you propose on bended knee?
To me, I knew where I was going and right from the beginning, we made up our minds to settle down together so we knew we were going to end up married.

(Wife) how long did it take you to respond to his proposal?
One month.

What was your courtship period like?
It was sweet, though we had a long courtship, four years to be precise.

Your first quarrel?
Hmmmmm... She traveled to Togo for about two months and when she came back, she discovered a new number on my phone and when she asked, I didn't respond then she got angry and walked away. It took the intervention of a friend to bring her back.

(Wife) how's your relationship with your in-laws?
Very sweet, we relate as parent to daughter I can't ask for more.

What's your experience about intra-tribal marriage?

It's awesome. The only thing is that you have to try as much as possible not to allow that to affect your children's vocabulary but there is a lot of understanding in the married due to same language.

Your advice to intending couples.
I advice them to be patient and not rush into marriage, they should be sure of what they want and go for it.

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