Inspired to cook from childhood

For Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun, cooking good food is good business. In this interview with our Correspondent, the mother of a handsome young boy tells of how she transforms her God-given talent of cooking into a profession of repute.

Picture submitted by Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun
 Please, tell us briefly about yourself
I am Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun, a Nigerian from Ifon, Ondo State. I am the founder of Temmy Confectionary based in Sango area of Ogun State. I attended Grano School of Catering and Hotel management.
Picture submitted by Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun

How long have you been into baking?
I have been in the catering world since the past five years but not as a full timer. I became a professional caterer this year (2016).

What inspired you to go into catering services?
I love cooking from my childhood. I remembered how as a child, I would put together cans of different shapes and sizes to feign cooking for a large gathering of people. One thing that now strikes me each time I reminisce about that childhood episode is that I was always the leader of that cooking team. Now, I realize it's actually my God-given destiny to become a caterer.

Also, I notice that I am not always bored whenever I am in the kitchen. I love good and well-prepared meals such that even when I was not yet a full time caterer, I was still taking outdoor service and strove hard to make it perfect because I believe I am good in cooking. And that was what eventually inspired me to go into full time catering services.

Picture submitted by Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun
Are you also into other aspects of catering services?
Yes. I also do hall and outdoor decoration. We also engage in other aspects of catering service like cocktail drinks, snacks, cookies, intensive cookery which includes continental and intercontinental services.

Would you say you are enjoying what you do?
To God be the glory I am really enjoying my job and I am proud to be introduced as a caterer.

What differentiates a white wedding cake from traditional wedding cakes?
White wedding cakes always come in steps and mostly with white background color, while traditional wedding cakes have a traditional ambience such as a drummer and his drum, a fruit basket, a gourd of palm wine with kola nuts, and so on. However, the colors and shapes of a wedding cake is decided by the couple but we can only advice when the need arises.

Would you say baking is actually financially rewarding?
Picture submitted by Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun
Yes, it is financially rewarding if you are good at what you are doing. Your work projects you and announces you to prospective clients. For instance, if I cook for Mrs. A's wedding and her friends like my food and services, they would ask Mrs. A to connect them to me when it's their turn to wed too. That is how it works.

What challenge(s) do you face in course of your job?
Our major challenges now are two-fold; Economic cost of foodstuffs and the cost of labor. The times are hard and even though our clients know that, they want you beat down our price as much as possible.

Picture submitted by Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun
Tell us your most memorable experience as a baker.
My most memorable experience was when my servers disappointed me when I had to serve almost 200 guests with only two other people to help me. It was so demanding and tiring in the end.I thank God that I did it, but I'll never forget that day in my entire life.

What's your advice to young entrepreneurs?
My advice to young entrepreneurs is that they should add professionalism to whatever they are doing. Develop your God-given talent to a professional level. That way, you can profit from it.

How can people contact you?
My contacts are:
Phone:  08034261488, 08023600778
Facebook: Temmy Adedoyin
Instagram: @temmy5740
Picture submitted by Temitope Adedoyin Egbetokun

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