Loving company turns real love

It was just friendship in a loving company for Kehinde Adegbiyi, until she was wooed into making the dream of her friend, now husband, Jide Adegbiyi, become a reality in a holy matrimony. In her own words, Mrs. Adegbiyi narrated her love story below.
Kehinde and Jide Adegbiyi. Picture submitted by couple.

We met via Visafone Network chat. Before then, I had never subscribed to the chat services, I playfully did that day. Shortly after I subscribed, I got a notification that Jide from Lagos wanted to be my friend.  I accepted and we started chatting. During some of our chat sessions, I discovered we had so many things in common, like we were from the same state, our mothers are namesakes, my mum's name is Christianah Oluwafunmi Dada while his mum bears the same name(all three names). What a coincidence!

We both attend a monthly singles meeting in Lagos Island, although we never physically met through that platform. We talked for long periods on the phone and chatted endlessly online. All the while, I felt we were just friends. We agreed to meet physically during the next singles meeting. We met, and I must say that I wasn't attracted to him in any way, I just loved his company.
Mr. & Mrs. Adegiyi. Picture submitted by couple

I remembered that it rained after the meeting that day; I was under my umbrella. Meanwhile, he was in the rain. He didn't mince words, he told me, "I have always wanted to be with somebody that will ignite a spark in my heart, and I feel that I have met the person today." He said so many other things, like how much he really wanted to be with me and how happy he had been since he met me online. In my mind, I laughed really hard because he wasn't even close to the kind of picture I had painted about my dream man. I could see the hurt in his eyes when I told him no. 

We continued as friends, he had to go to work outside of Lagos, while I went for my National Youth Corp Service (NYSC). We got really into each other during that period. I could no longer hide the fact that I had fallen in love with him; hence, I gave him my consent. He was very happy on the day that he got my approval.
I had told some of my siblings about him. He called them on the phone. My parents were the last to know about him. Then, he gave me his mother's phone number. I sent his mother an SMS and she called me back. I could feel the joy and love of a mother in her excited voice on the other end of the phone, even though we had never met. 

Some months after my NYSC, he invited me to meet his parents. He told me over the phone that he would like me to go meet his parents since he wasn't in town and doesn't come home often. I agreed and they were all anxiously waiting to meet me. I can never forget that day. I was so scared and had mixed feelings. In fact, at a point, I almost turned back after embarking on the journey. But when I got there, the show of love that I got was beyond description. I fell in love with the family. Two years after, the wedding bells rang and we became Mr. and Mrs. Olajide Adegbiyi at a beautiful wedding ceremony. 

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