Love made in heaven

For Ronny and Angelica, it was love made in heaven. Both husband and wife believed that God answered their prayers to be matched with the one and only life partner. Ronny shares his love story with Angelica below.

Ronny and Angelica with their two sons, Tyronn and Byronn. All pictures submitted by couple.

Everything started when I prayed to the Lord to bless me with the only, and unique wife of my life. When I was a teenager, I had my girlfriends but nothing serious until I enrolled in college and met Angelica, who is now my lovely wife and the mother of two beautiful kids.
Ronny and Angelica on their wedding 16 years ago

In 1997, at the University UTESA in Dominican Republic, I met Angelica in one of my IT classes. At that moment, she was just one person in the group of people that I started meeting. There was nothing special or relevant that could call my attention. We were classmates for three months but we did not have that much interaction during the time. I used to see her around the campus and say, “Hi” but that was all. One day, I was sitting at one of the recreation areas of the campus when she passed by and said, “Hi” to me. We engaged in a conversation that made her sit to chat for a while with me until her new period of class began.

We talked for over two hours about everything and anything. I knew her more and she had the chance to know more about me. We had one friend in common, her aunt, Tete. It was a pleasant surprise. We did not know until I went to see Tete one day to help her with some Mathematics problems. By the way, I used to be good at Mathematician!

Angelica’s aunt, Tete liked me, not as a woman loves a man, but as good classmate. She thought that I was intelligent because I could solve any Mathematic problem. One day, when I went to study with Tete at her house, I saw Angelica there and I asked her, “What are you doing here?” Her response was that Tete was her aunt and she lived with her. It was nice to see Angelica there and also learned that we had one person in common. By that time, her aunt noticed that there was something going on between Angelica and I. However, we did not know yet. Angelica and I were friends only, there was not any interest in each other, we thought.

Ronny and Angelica
Angelica and I began to get very close every single day. I knew her class schedule even though we were not having any class together. I used to wait for her during her breaks and just talk and talk. Whenever I was passing a challenge in my life, I just told her every that was happening to me, to the point that she became my confidant and I became hers, without realizing we were falling for each other.

One day, when I accompanied Angelica to her aunt’s house who lived close to the university, I asked Angelica if she would like to be my girlfriend and she said, “Yessss!” She made me so happy and from there on, we began to date each other. We dated for about three years. Our relationship was good. Thankfully, aunt Tete helped me by introducing me to Angelica’s parents. Angelica’s mother liked me right away but her father was a little old school. He wanted me to bring my father and mother to talk to him. I was 20 years old and he still wanted me to bring my parents. I told him my dad was dead and that I would be able to bring only my mother. He approved of it. I was very clear and straight to him by telling him that I was the one dating his daughter, and not my parents. More so, I told him that I was matured enough to be responsible and that I loved his daughter.

He accepted our relationship but not hundred percent; he wanted to know more about me and my family before going farther. With time, he started to like me. At the turn of three years, I told Angelica that we were getting married. I told her the date that I chose but I never asked her for a date. Weird. Isn’t it?
The Marty's family

We got married in the year 2000. It was a big celebration. There were around 400 guests at the ceremony. We had a lovely honeymoon in a beautiful resort. After one year of marriage, we had our first child Tyronn. It was an amazing moment that I cannot describe with words - becoming a father for the first time is a blessing. Three years later, we had our second son, Byronn. It was also a great moment in our life. Our life was good - with ups and downs - but God was always with us. During the first four years of our marriage, we struggled with money. Thank God, Angelica’s mom was always there for us. She knew when we were out of money. She used to visit us and whenever she came, she brought food, and before leaving, she would leave an envelope with enough cash for us to pay the rent. I love my mother in law, she was a big support in our relationship. I don’t know how to pay her back for all the love and care she bestowed on us.

Couple's selfie
Now, we have been married for 16 years. God has been and is good to us; He is the Center of our lives. Without God in our lives, we would have been divorced by now. My wife have her character and I have mine, so, we just try to complement each other. God gave us a beautiful family; He keeps blessing us day by day.

During all these years, we have done lots of good stuff and gone to lots of places together as the great family that we are. When I say that God has been and is the Center of our lives, it is because it is totally true. Before I met Angelica, I asked God for my only and unique wife that He had in store for me. My wife asked God the same petition before meeting me. So, the Lord brought us together forever until death do us part.

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