How to create unique wedding invitation cards.

 Olaoluwa Olowu

Wedding invitation cards are a preamble to the main event- they give your
guests a glimpse of what to expect at the ceremony/reception. 
Nevertheless, your invitation cards should be one-of-a-kind – you want your guests to anticipate your wedding ceremony and be inclined to attend. 
To create that perfectly unique card, you don't have to go for the
traditional designs or packaging style. 
Although, it can be a bit of an hassle to create that unique and
detailed invitation card, it's worth the reaction your guests will have
when they receive them. 
We've put together some steps you can take in creating unique wedding invitation cards that are sure to amaze your guests.
1. Style
This is an important aspect in creating a unique invitation card. You
may decide to go retro, vintage or hip with the style for the invitation
card – depending on your preference or the setting of your reception. 
Or you can get style inspiration from your wedding colour scheme or
Theme by using colours from your wedding scheme to create an
aesthetic effect.
You can make your card scroll style, round shaped, or anything you wish – the possibilities are endless and will definitely result in a one-of-a-kind invitation card. 
2. Design 
Go crazy with your cover designs – literally.
Use motifs that blend with your wedding theme and watch your card come alive. Let your card display your personality as best as you can. If you're a traditional, classics bride decorate the cover with elegant interwoven designs and if you're more of an eccentric, hip bride you can use contrasting colors for your cover design. Bottom line, design your card in such a way that your guests will see it as a reflection of your personality.
3.  Paper 
You may want to go for fancy papers for your cards but there are some things you have to consider before ordering a pack. Your design, text and colors must balance well on whatever paper you decide to use so it's advisable to do a test run before printing en masse. Go for quality rather than quantity. You want your guests to be able to keep your invitation card as reference.
4. Font
When picking a font for your invitation cards stay away from bold fonts that look fun and cool. Fonts like that will make your invitation flyer-like and too informal. Instead, go for elegant fonts that will make your invitation timeless. Fonts like Fournier or Allura will provide that formal, elegant grace to your words and make your card one-of-a-kind.
Also, you don't have to use the same font weight for all your details. Make your names, date and venue pop with different weights.
5. Packaging  
Who says you have to put your invitation card in an envelope with
minimum design?
Place your card in a box, in a scroll, wrap it silk or place it in a bag. Let your card package look just as attractive as the card itself- it's likely that your guests will judge your card by its package. For added effect, you can attach a save
the date balloon when sending the cards off.
6. Space management 
Do NOT overcrowd your invitation card. Some brides make the mistake of placing all the details on one side of the invitation card. Make your invitation card look classy with adequate spacing and font size. Restrict yourself to only the important details for the card and be sure to make the most of the paper space you have. 
Amaze your guests with the perfect, beautiful, unique wedding invitation card.

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