Latest Wedding Cake Trends

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Getting a perfect wedding cake is one of the most important tasks in wedding planning. Not just because they serve as dessert, but they are symbolic during the wedding reception (cutting of the cake by the couple).
Due to their importance, they are often elaborate and beautiful with creative designs.
Couples go above and beyond in the process of selecting a wedding cake with unique designs that will stun the guests. Nevertheless, the cake usually reflects their personality types, classic white for a chic bride and bold colors for a modern bride.
However, some couples may choose to have cakes with a personalized touch while others may opt for trending cake designs. The past years have witnessed several wedding cake designs that range from mouthwatering beauties to completely artsy designs.
We have selected the best of the latest wedding cake trends to help you choose the perfect wedding cake for your reception.

1.     Metallic cakes
The perfect blend of elegant and trendy, metallic cakes are sure to amaze your guests and simultaneously make their mouths water. Modern brides looking for a dash of glam to the traditional wedding cake are going to love this cake trend.
 Metal-inspired colors give your cake a unique look and compliment any shade on your wedding color scheme. An additional effect to metallic cakes are cake stands in gold, silver or bronze with delicate details.

2.     Watercolor cakes
If you're looking for the perfect artsy touch to your wedding cake then this trend is perfect for you. Ever considered a painted cake? Your wedding cake can be designed with buttercream in colors of your choice to create a watercolor effect on the frosting. You can have almost any design transferred to your cake by using the watercolor frosting trend. If you decide to use this trend make sure your cake baker or designer has the right knowledge and experience of watercolor frosting.

3.     Geometric cakes 
This cool and smart looking cake is perfect for your wedding. Rather than having crystals, flowers or lace decorating your cake, you can have it covered in chevrons, triangles or any geometric shape of your choice. Let the shapes be designed with colors that compliment your wedding theme and color scheme.
For an elegant look, you can have the shapes in black against a white frosting base. 

4.     Traditional with a twist
If you don't want to change anything about the classic white round cake for your wedding, then there's no problem. However, you can add a little twist to the overall elegance of the traditional cake by using a colored glistening cake stand or having real white flowers decorating the cake.
Whatever fits your personality best can be placed on a traditional cake just to give it a modern twist.

5.     Cupcake fountain
It is not news that cakes are dessert, but rather than hauling the wedding cake away to be sliced or having to bake a replica for the guests, you can simply have a cupcake fountain.
Well-rounded cupcakes made with the same flavor, style and technique of the main wedding cake can be arranged to look like a fountain so that everyone can just grab a cupcake. You may also consider using different flavors and fondants for the cupcakes

6.     Unique shapes
Eight out of ten weddings has a round cake and the other two have square shaped cakes, but guess what? You don't have to follow in that pattern because a new trend has been introduced. 
As opposed to the standard cake shapes, this makes it easier and possible for your cake to come in any shape you so desire. So you can have an hexagonal cake or a triangular wedding cake.

7.     Ombré (flowers)
Ombré has been a trendy design in recent times but cake designers have taken the concept a step further.
Other than the popular ombré fondant cakes, ombré flowers have been introduced. Buttercream frosting or edible food paint is used to create a color gradient on the fondant flowers that are used in decorating the cake. You can have the ombré in your favorite colors or as a compliment to your color scheme.

8.     Ruffled cake
If you're looking for a cake that screams romance and elegance, then this is the perfect one for you. It's a design with delicate but simple details.
Cover your cake completely in ruffles. Made with buttercream, the ruffles envelope your cake and present a beautiful and elegant sight that's equally mouthwatering

9.     Naked cakes
Who needs frosting when you can go naked? Okay, not completely naked but, as opposed to standard frosting you can have a very thin layer of frosting covering the body of the cake.
To make up for the absence of fondant decorations, you can spruce up the style by adding berries to take an ounce off the otherwise rustic look of the wedding cake.

10.       Semi naked cakes
This is almost similar to the naked cake trend with only a few differences. This style involves a slightly thicker layer of frosting contrary to naked cakes. Berries, edible pearls and flowers can be used for decorating the cake.

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