2018 wedding floral trends around the world

Just as wedding cakes are essential to a wedding, so are flowers.
The bride's bouquet is an important part of her outfit - same goes for the chief bridesmaid and sometimes the other bridesmaids.
 However, the past years have brought about an evolution in the use of flowers at weddings, as well as the styles and designs for venue decoration.
In addition, not only has flowers been introduced as centerpieces, they have also become a part of cake decorations.
In fact, elaborate bouquets with exotic flowers have become a norm in wedding ceremonies as well as themed decorated flower vases.
However, without further much ado, if your wedding is around the corner and you are feeling conflicted about what floral trend to use for your wedding, worry not, we've put together a list of floral trends that we think are going to be the rave around the world in 2018.

                                                                                    1.       Free form bouquet
This is a beautiful trend that is predicted to make waves in the next year. As the name suggests, free form bouquets can have all sorts of flowers and themes - free form bouquets will feature eclectic flowers with vibrant color palettes. Updated twists are also  expected on the classic white bouquets. Uncommon flowers as well as an assortment of different unrelated flowers will make up the bouquet.

2.  Floral crowns
Bridal headpieces made of flowers were introduced this year and this also looks like a promising trend for the next year.
Besides, brides whose personalities lean towards modern/hip love flower crowns! So it is the perfect balance of earthy and elegance.
The right arrangement and selection of flowers creates a beautiful head piece that adds the final touch to the outfits. So , if you are planning a summer or spring wedding, you should embrace the floral crowns.
on a different note, some brides may ditch the flower crowns but it can be worn by the bridesmaids.

3. Floral wall decorations
A trend that is sure to skyrocket in 2018 is decorating the walls of wedding receptions with flowers. The styles which this trend can be featured range from wall drapes made entirely of flowers to flower arrangements placed strategically on the walls. A unique way to use floral wall decorations is to include lights.
In addition, cover your venue with white daisies and arrange brightly colored lights amidst them to create an aesthetic effect during the wedding reception.

 4. Arbors
Arbors have been forecasted as one of the top floral trends for 2018.
If you're planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, pick a location with an arbor or a location that will be perfect to add an arbor. The arbor can serve as the perfect setting for your wedding altar. It creates the perfect natural aura for your wedding reception. If you're using a natural arbor (made of twisted branches) you can drape it with linens from your wedding color scheme. If you're buying or building an arbor, decorate it with your flowers that match your bouquet or your wedding theme.

5. Living greenery
Greenhouse plants are going to be a common sight at weddings in 2018. From bouquets to archways and table centerpieces, nature is making its presence known next year. Greenhouse themed wedding are also expected to compliment the living greenery trend.
Modern-style weddings will feature a vast range of beautifully decorated, nature-inspired bouquets and flower vases.

 6. Floral chandeliers
This is a trend that has been featured in the last few years and promises to make a wave in 2018.
Suspended flower arrangements are used in place of actual chandeliers. Floral chandeliers are beautiful decorations for reception venues and they influence the mood of the ceremony. Chandeliers made with flowers can be hung above the reception tables or at the center of the room.

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