How to cut the cost of your wedding dress

The day you have always dreamed of is almost here and the ultimate dress for the occasion is still out there waiting for you but there’s a hitch - BUDGET!!!

A glamorous wedding dress is affordable, you don’t need to blow your budget to blow the mind of your groom. You can eat your cake and have it - not your wedding cake. But how can you save your money and save your wedding with a beautiful dress? We’ll be going through some ways by which you don’t need to break the bank to get that flawless dress.

1.    Be Simple!
 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In the wedding dress context, simple is not necessarily plain, it just implies less embroidery and more elegance. Choosing a simple dress is not only cost effective, but it also gives a classy look if chosen well. There is beauty in simplicity. Before you go shopping, keep simplicity in mind, come to think of it, Life is really simple.

 2.  Rent a dress 
Sophisticated dresses are very expensive, in addition to the fact that you will be wearing it only once in your life -at the possible best. You might begin to wonder if it’s worth it, well, there are websites and stores that rent out wedding dresses at the rate you won’t get it if you decide to own it. Coupled with that, you won’t need to think of how to preserve it cause you’ll be returning it immediately after use. You want that designer, you can’t afford it, rent it!.

 3. Look for bargains. 
Search on the web, ask, visit boutiques and wedding stores, there might be a special discount for that beautiful dress you find. Note, while searching, don’t try on dresses that are more than your budget, cut your cloth according to your coat. Who knows, you might find a big-name label for a small price-tag.

 4. Sample sales
There is always that time of the year where sample sales are held by different boutiques. You know those dresses you wear while you are browsing through the selections, yes, those are sample dresses.

The time comes when those high-end designer sample dresses are put up for sell. Be sure to do a detailed check of the dress, because the dresses might have a bit of wear-and-tie due to being tried on a number of times, and you definitely do not want to find out about that on the big day. You can check the web for when sample sales will be held. Another tip, make sure the dress can be altered easily for a perfect fit.

You can get a lot of DIY ideas on social sites like pinterest, like how to complement that simple dress with necessary accessories. Don’t give up while searching, there’s so much joy in knowing that you found a perfect dress with a slim budget, it’s a great bargain. The stunning and ideal dress is around the corner, you just have to be timely enough to recognise a great deal when you find one. After getting that special offer, you’ll have enough for the other things, like your cake, and other accessories.



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