Bridal shower gift etiquettes

Being a guest at a bridal shower of a close friend or relative is easily one of the most memorable moments in a person's life. The planning, the games, and the whole day (or night as the case may be) makes up an event to be remembered.
Nevertheless, an important part of the bridal shower is the gifts.
Buying a bridal shower gift is a very exciting but delicate task. The options are seemingly endless because you can buy anything that ranges from cute, humorous to downright embarrassing.
Some showers may involve the bride-to-be opening the gifts in the presence of the guest while others let the bride-to-be open them at her own discretion.
The bride may have registered gifts in some stores, so that eases the gift selection task but it doesn't make it a walk in the park. There are certain codes of conduct when it comes to bridal shower gifts.
We have highlighted bridal shower gift etiquettes that will guide you on what to buy, how much to spend and effectively prevent you from being the clown of the party.

Appropriate gifts
There is no specified category of gifts that are considered acceptable at a bridal shower. Gifts usually range from something cute to something embarrassing based on the personality of the bride and age group of the guest list.
One of the most important things to consider when selecting a gift for a bridal shower is the age group of the people on the guest list and your closeness to the bride. You don't want to create an awkward moment by buying a funny sex toy for a bridal shower where the bride is a conservative person. It's best to understand who you're buying a gift for before going shopping. 

It's a bridal shower gift NOT a wedding gift.
Most people make the mistake of assuming that a bridal shower gift serves the same purpose as a wedding gift, that is quite wrong. Although, some brides won't make a fuss about that but it is expected that you bring a gift to the bridal shower and to the wedding reception.
Bridal shower gifts are typically smaller in size and a lot more personalized for the bride than wedding gifts. People that assume that a gift serves both purposes usually end up buying a gift that is too big for a bridal shower like, an oven whereas a perfect example of a bridal shower gift is photo coasters. When buying the bridal shower gift, remember that it's for a bridal shower not for a wedding.

Being the hostess is not a gift.
If you're the chief bridesmaid or bride's best friend then you are hosting the bridal shower. However, that does not mean you should not get a gift for the bride-to-be.
In a case whereby the budget of the bridal shower is high, you can ask the other bridesmaids or close relatives of the bride to assist in co-hosting the event. Having co-host(s) will ease your workload and the strain of finances hence, allowing you to buy a befitting bridal shower gift.
In fact, as the host of the bridal shower, your gift is expected to be outstanding!

For the bride or for the couple?
Traditionally, bridal showers are held for just the bride- as the name implies but in recent times there are "couple showers" held for the bride and groom-to-be. When buying a gift you want to be certain it's a bridal shower and no a couple shower.
Although, some brides don't mind receiving gifts that can be utilized by the couple. Bridal shower gifts are supposed to be specially for the bride or items that will make adapting to married life easier for her.

It's common knowledge that impressions are based on presentation. Wrapping and packing a gift for a bridal shower involves more detail than getting wrapping paper and tape. You should find out if there's a theme or color scheme for the event and wrap accordingly. Also, you should write your name inside the box or package in case the bride decides to open the gifts during the games. Writing your name helps the bride to keep record of who brought what.

In absentia.
You've been invited to a bridal shower but you won't be able to attend? That is bad.
Not sending a gift to the bride? That is worse.
If for certain reasons you won't be attending a bridal shower, that doesn't excuse you from buying a gift. In fact, not attending the event increases the need to buy and send a gift to the bride. It's a way of showing that you are sincere and that wish you could be there.

One major influencer when buying a bridal shower gift is your relationship to the bride. If you're very close to the bride, you'll have an insider's opinion  of her personality type. If you're not so close to the bride, it's best to buy a general bridal shower gift- something every bride needs (e.g a spa day). Also, you can ask someone else like her best friend or close relation on what is appropriate to buy for her.

Before you begin gift shopping for the bridal shower, make sure you have a budget and stick to it! Creating a range of prices for yourself gives you the opportunity to explore different gifts. Choose the best one for your budget and package it beautifully for the bridal shower. Using a budget helps you exercise discipline while making sure you don't buy a cheap gift for the bride-to-be.


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