How to find a couture wedding dress rental

The only thing that has a chance at competing with your wedding to-do list is the list of names you want for your future children (in regards to length and importance). Everything on the list is treated and completed with as much thoughtfulness and importance as the others.
However, if any task is known to top the others, it is getting the “perfect” wedding dress for your big day.
Having to buy a wedding dress is twice as much time and money consuming as it is to rent one. If your dream wedding dress has to be a couture dress, that makes the task a tad bit harder and a lot easier. Finding couture rentals are relatively easier but finding the particular style or designer can be exhausting.
Despite all the other things you have to do, searching for a wedding dress rental that offers couture dresses isn't another worry you need. Knowing this, we've made it easier for you.
Below are a few steps that will help you find a couture wedding dress rental with6 ease.

1.   Bridal stores
This is your first stop in the 'perfect dress hunt'. Recently, more bridal stores and wedding dress stores have begun to offer rental services and the only way to find out is to visit one.
To avoid going round all the bridal stores you know, narrow down the search by paying attention to only those that have the designer or brand you want.
Also, if you're looking for referrals, bridal stores are the best places to get one. Since they're in the bridal fashion industry, they'll know everything you need to know about where to go and what to get.

2.   Style
One of the worst things you can do while looking for a wedding dress-couture or not- is not having a style or design in mind. Being indecisive can make the entire process tiring for you and annoying for whoever you take along.
To be on the safe side, check the Internet for couture wedding dresses before starting out your adventure. That way, you'll be able to immediately decide after entering a wedding dress rental or online bridal rental store, if they'll have the dress style you wish for.

3.   Brand/Designer
Whether you're buying or renting, the most important thing about a couture wedding dress is the fashion designer. As it has already been established that you're renting, having a brand or designer in mind will help you narrow down your options of rentals.
The first place you should visit to start your dress hunt are stores that sell couture dresses or stock up that particular couture brand or designer you have in mind. It's very likely that they'll be able to direct you to bridal stores or wedding dress rentals that have that designer's dresses for rent.

4.   Magazines
It's expected that every bride-to-be should subscribe to at least 3 wedding magazines. They offer all the advice and suggestions that you need for every part of the wedding planning.
Most wedding magazines showcase wedding dresses and include the designer as well as stores you can get it from. Getting your hands on a magazine issue that displays couture dresses is one of the best things that can happen to you. Although, the magazine may not give you directions to a couture wedding dress rental, it eases the task of going from store to store.

5.   Professional endorsements
There are shows and programs that are based on wedding dresses and the pre-wedding preparations. Following these programs for a few weeks or months can really help you in your search for a couture wedding dress rental (depending on the amount of time you have leading up to the wedding).
The hosts of these shows are well grounded in the bridal fashion industry and the fashion industry at large. Based on this, you can trust their judgements when it comes to the best couture designer  or stores to rent your couture dream wedding dress.

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