2016 Wedding Color Trends Around the World

By Olaoluwa Olowu
Bright, bold or beautiful, colors are one of the keys to creating your picture perfect wedding. The right wedding colors can create a wonderful memories while the slightest mix-up could be the cause apprehension. Thankfully, there are many competent decorators and designers, so you don’t have to worry about getting worked up over a color mix-up.

Interestingly, we’ll be focusing on the wedding color trends of 2016, and the amazing combinations that we were privileged to witness throughout that year. Some of them were striking and attention-grabbing, the kind of things that’ll make you stop in your tracks by simple virtue of their breath-taking beauty. Others were subtle and sophisticated, allowing you revel in their intricate simplicity.

The color trends weren’t just about stunning brides in their delicate dresses, they were on display in venue decorations, flower selection, confectionary and even jewellery.

Here are 10 colour trends that we were excited about from 2016.

Shades of Blue
Blue is too cool for school, you can’t go wrong with it. Most brides working with a blue palette opted for Sky blue or Navy blue as the base color for their wedding, but there are so many other cute shades of blue that you can work with if you’re open to it – including but not limited to Dusty blue and Turquoise.

Blue pairs fantastically well with pink and white, but if you’re using deep shades of Navy blue, yellow could also make for great accents.

A Peach mix
Two mixes of Peach were all the rave at the 2016 weddings – Peach Orange and Peach Echo. They’re bright, yet come in subtle enough shades for those who don’t want to look like neon signs. Both combine amazingly well with Mint to give you that chic, up-to-trend look that has everyone staring.

Shades of Pink
Pink is so, so underrated but it seems like more and more people are starting to tap into the awesomeness of this color. It was hot commodity for a lot of brides in 2016, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s pretty, subtle and just all around delightful to look at. Rose especially was a popular shade for most folk because of how well it worked with Blue and Mint – two very cool colors.

Shades of Purple
Regal, relaxed and oh so elegant, Purple was a huge hit at weddings in 2016. It’s rich, very bold, and great for making a statement in whatever way you choose to use it. Use in a monotone with light to deep shades or pair with silver for an even more royal touch.

A touch of Burgundy
Imagine purple had a cousin, that was just a little duller but still incredibly rich and elegant – that’s burgundy. An easy choice for those who are brave and willing risk takers, burgundy’s fame rose in 2016 as more and more brides opted for this very suave color for their wedding dresses and decorations.

A touch of Gold
Gold doesn’t need any introductions besides maybe mentioning that it was once again part of the top color trends at weddings in the 2016. It is shiny, wonderful to look at, and a great accent for anything.

A Neutral-Brown pairing
This is a 2-in-1 combo that might just rival white-and-black for the best 2-in-1 color combination. It’s becoming more popular and was a frequent choice for brides in 2016. No need to pair anything else with this magical combo, as they can provide a great color combo.

Flashes of Green
Green is the color of nature. It was also the color at a lot of weddings in 2016, either through natural vegetation or artificial means. The best thing about green is how easy it is to blend with outdoor settings. Even if you’re not having an outdoor wedding, green still serves as an excellent backdrop, and enough shades that you can find a dress in a color you love.

White with everything
White is king. Limitless, classy, and impossible to screw up – well, except you fall into a puddle. White is the color of all colors. Of course, even without choosing white for your color codes, it’ll still pop up a lot in shirts, dresses and other things. Instead of catching glimpses of it, why not give it front and center stage.

A major wedding colour trend throughout 2016 was a two color combination featuring white and any color of your choosing. It promises to be hot this year as well.

It’s a new year and we’re once again witnessing brides and designers do amazing things with weddings and colors. The color trends for 2017 promise to be incredible. You just wait for it!

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