Weddings Trends Celebrates Enock and Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar's 25th Anniversary

25 years ago on their wedding
Join Weddings Trends to Celebrate Enock and Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar on their 25 years wedding anniversary.

Elated Rosebrune shared her excitement recently on Facebook. She wrote on her wall, 
Today marks the 25th Anniversary since Enock and I were blessed to start life together. Through all the ups and downs we have chosen to continue the walk. However, the truth of the matter is without God's presence and guidance we wouldn't be able to celebrate. So, Nock for all that you are, patient, kind, strong character, giver, provider, good father, and grandfather, I thank you. You are my husband, my confident and friend and I love you!!! Happy 25th Anniversary. May the good Lord continues to shower us with all that is good and worthy.

Enock and Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar's going stronger after 25 years

Pictures credit: Rosebrune Sinsmyr-Vixamar's Facebook wall

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