Weddings Trends Celebrates Renae and Daniel Sheppard on their Wedding

 Although umbrellas were up, the day was filled with showers from heaven as Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard and Daniel Sheppard tied the know recently in a holy matrimony. Join Weddings Trends to celebrate the couple for a blissful marriage. 

Weddings Trends to celebrate Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard and Daniel Sheppard for tying the knot recently in a holy matrimony in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The event was well attended y friends and families. In fact, some of their friends and families shared their joys for the couple on their Facebook wall in words and emojis.

La'Traicia Reliford posted on her Facebook wall, "😍😘 Sis Wedding.. Loving These Pics💪🏾☺️"
Showers of blessings in the form of rain accented the occasion. The hair stylist, Kate Hoyles, wroteRenae and Daniel's wedding day!!! It's a rainy day but we made the hair work. 😊🔥❤️"
The emotional picture for Alexis Ryan
on her Facebook wall, "It's come!

Excited Renae Elizabeth Kierra Sheppard  appreciated the photographer who captured the special moments when she wrote on her Facebook wall, "Thank you, Lexi, for so beautifully capturing our perfect day 💕"

Their Photographer, Alexis Ryan of Alexis Ryan Photography was also elated when he shared an emotional message with one of the pictures he posted on his Facebook wall when he wrote, "Can you guess how many times I've cried staring at this photo? These lovelies make my heart explode with happiness."

Picture CreditAlexisRyan Photography

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